Giants Win the World Series… Here are Photos from Last Night’s Celebrations

City Hall lit up in Orange as Soon as Giants Won World Series

Rapper Big Rich Uplifted SF last year with His SF Anthem.. he was on hand with lots of fans follwing him.. He said his father a life ong Giant fan died before he could see this

This says it all.. 56 long years -the first in San Fran

I'm not a big Giants fan but after watching the Texas Rangers beat my beloved Yankees I quickly jumped on the bandwagon to seek revenge.. I thank the city of San Francisco for holding it down.. I will now hold a special place in my heart for the crew that beat my crew.. Go Giants.. LOL

Damn speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi's opponent showed up with a big ass sign showing his love for the Giants .. Wake Up Dems where was the Pelosi Crew? 10 thousand people at City Halll that was a big miss..

You can peep out more photos by clicking HERE:

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