12 White Cops Beat up 1 Black Skinny Kid in Boston-What’s Going on Here?

Once again the spectre of police terrorism rears its ugly head. Last week it was the police killing un-armed, Pace College football star Denroy DJ Henry in front of scores of friends in Westchester county NY. This week we catch 12 white police officers beating down a skinny 16 year old kid on a college campus. Twice the kids who were filming were told to put their cameras away, as we see more and more police attempted to intimidate those who film. 12 states have passed laws making it illegal to film cops.

Below is footage from two different angles of this 16 year old getting beaten.



Here’s a press release for a press conference and demands in the wake of this beating

Boston, MA – Local Community Organizers and Activists join with clergy and members of the NAACP and National Action Network to address the latest incidents of violence and police brutality.  In light of recent acts of violence as well as the worldwide release of video depicting the Boston Police in an act of excessive force and police brutality committed against a 16 yr. old African-American male, community groups are joining in a call for the Mayor and Police Commissioner of the City of Boston to listen to and implement the suggestions and recommended strategies of the community.

Jamarhl Crawford, one of the organizers of the group stated, “This press conference has been called after repeated attempts and pleas for the Mayor and Commissioner to open the table to new ideas from fresh voices in order to combat all violence in the city, which includes criminal activity, gun violence as well as police brutality.”  Crawford continued, “We have asked publicly at meetings and privately through emails, letters and staff. We have demonstrated our sincerity and commitment through hard work which is documented and cannot be dismissed. We are community members and we have families that live, work, vote and pay taxes in Boston. Each time we are ignored another incident occurs which only highlights the problems and proves the importance and urgency of the message.”

The group calls for Mayor Menino and Commissioner Ed Davis to immediately take the following steps:

A. Reinstate the CO-OP (Community Ombudsman Oversight Panel) as well as create a Community Civilian Review Board and grant both bodies subpoena powers as well as the ability to initiate their own independent investigations.

B. Thoroughly follow through on past public promises in other cases of questionable police actions ie: Police shooting of Manuel DaVeiga (age 19) in which the results of the investigation were promised to be made public and to date have not been released.

C. Commit to a Public Town Hall style Community meeting to discuss the relationship between the Boston Police Department and communities of color in order to promote healing and restore public faith.

D. Implement the recommendations of MAMLEO (Mass. Assoc. of Minority Law Enforcement Officers) which include 1) appointing officers of color to positions of authority within communities of color as well as 2) utilizing officers of color in both the police and public response to high profile crimes in communities of color.

Contact: Jamarhl Crawford cell: 617-297-7721   email:  blackstonian@verizon.net

Here’s video of community response to this beating

http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=10150110311798452&ref=mf pt1

http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=10150110347563452&ref=mf pt2


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9 comments on “12 White Cops Beat up 1 Black Skinny Kid in Boston-What’s Going on Here?

  1. I just can’t take this anymore!! I’m so sick and tired our black men being treated worse than animals! Peta would be all over the police for treating any animal in any half of the force of this has happened. This is senseless and make no sense at all!!

    Do every police department in the Unites States need to be re-trained and taken over by new people from a selection panel like the do the Supreme Court Justices? Maybe we will have half of a chance of our community getting a fair chance. This is out of control!!

  2. I think that the lack of responses is due to the fact that people are exhausted by the lack of change. Black lives are still considered insignificant. They are tired of talking about it and not seeing it get better. They’re discouraged….dejected….denigrated….and disgusted.

    We’re waiting to be saved – waiting on Superman – waiting for someone to stand up for us.

    But it won’t happen. Not until we stand up for ourselves.


  3. Goof article. I agreed with everything but step D. I firmly beleive that things such as affirmative action only fuel the fire of racism.

  4. The only thing I can offer is just don’t give the police ANY reason to be suspicous. Otherwise, anything short of a militia, self-defense network (old-school BP’s), or a horde of hawk-like advocates on the street level isn’t going to do much.

  5. I’m sorry I would have jumped on them crackers, this generation is a bunch of bitches. Sometimes people have to sacrifice their life for freedom and equality, so just do it!

  6. I think these punks should get there asses kicked. I also think that white people are so sick of the blacks that shoot and rob Innocent people. They are nothing but a drain on society. All they think about is sex and how to get free stuff. No matter what it takes to get it. I’m damn sick and tired of going to work every day to support these low life lazy drug dealing idiots. Well what can you expect from a race that can’t speak proper English and have an IQ of about 85. This will never change till we cut off all entitlement programs and when they start looting and burning down there city’s go in with the army and put an end this once and for all.

  7. The Mr. james surman tell your gay white men to stop trying have sex with our young Black men.. The white people are the drain on Society. For you to sit there and say that is black men that deal drugs shoot and rob innocent people you are a lair. Oh sorry all the little wonderful white children are perfect BS. I have a college degree and I’m doing everything that I can to save as many Black people as I can. I’m Damn sick of the shady ass White cops thinking that they are above the law. But let me tell you this I should have shot the little white boy and his two cracker friends trying break into my house Two of them got away but one was held by gun point until the place got there. So in other words the same way you feel about blacks I feel even strong about some of you sorry ass white people..

    Now for us as black people we need to stick together and help support each other and lift our race to the next level.

  8. Answer these questions and be honest and I’ll try and understand your thinking.
    Why is it that Blacks between the ages of 18 to 25 that make up 3% of the population commit 33% of the crimes? Why is it when there is a disaster like Katrina you niggers think it is a free shopping day so you go out and loot and steal everything in site? Why is it when Rodney King got his ass kicked you niggers went out and burned and looted and beat white people up? And what’s up with you niggers committing these flash mob robberies? Hey why don’t you pull your fucking pants up learn how to speak proper English and get jobs and stop leeching off hard working Americans. I was born in America and I call myself an American not a European American. But your race wants to be called African Americans. So you separate yourselves. Bottom line here is if we could get rid of all you fucking niggers and Mexicans we could prosper and be a country that we all could be proud off. I watched my town turn into a ghetto when niggers started moving in the area. I watch you fucking niggers throwing your garbage out of your car windows. Your to fucking lazy to take care of your property you turn nice towns into ghettos. You bring our property values down. You are a useless race and you are destroying our country. I have lived in my house for 30 years and used to sleep with my doors and windows unlocked and now that there are so many niggers living here our crime rate has exploded. Now we have to lock everything up and have security lights everywhere so we don’t get robbed. Now I have to sleep with a gun on both sides of the bed. And you better believe this if I ever catch one of you fucking low life shit heads breaking into my house you will be leaving in a body bag. You fucking people amaze me you don’t teach your children right from wrong and let them be in gangs. Then when they get shot and killed by another nigger gang banger I see the mothers on TV crying oh lordy Jesus my poor little boy got shot. I just laugh and say good one more nigger thug gone that won’t be pumping out 12 fucking nigglets that I have to support! We cannot continue to support your drugs alcohol and all these fucking baby’s that the fathers won’t support. And that you fucking dumb ass nigger is the truth. You will be the extermination of your own race.

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