Tea Party Candidate Says: ‘Minorities Prefer Drug Dealing’…Woman Stomped by Tea Party Supporters in Ky

Tea Party candidate Al Reynolds says minorities prefer drug dealing over college

With 6 days away from the election more and more racism and outrageous behavior is being blatantly displayed. Let’s start with this doozie. Here we have Tea Party candidate Al Reynolds who is running in the 52nd district in Illinois who during a candidate’s forum said minority men preferred drug dealing vs going to college.

“I’ve been in the city and the dichotomy of the women and the men in the minorities, there is a difference in the fact that most minority women, either the single parent or coming from a poor neighborhood, are motivated more so than the minority men,” Reynolds said, when asked what he would do to increase diversity at state colleges. “And it’s a pretty good reason. Most of the women who are single parents have to find work to support their family. The minority men find it more lucrative to be able to do drugs or other avenues rather than do education. It’s easier….We need to provide ways that are more incentive, other than just sports avenues, for the men for the minorities to want to go to college and get an education and better themselves before the women have to support them all.”

We’re not sure if he saw a BET comedy show or if watched one too many rap videos. Perhaps he overheard the rhetoric of one of those self hating token Black and Brown folks who are a part of the Tea Party. In any case, it’s an erroneous statement and quite offensive. It’s also indicative of the Tea Party and their supporters.

The big irony here is the other day after I put out my article about the parallel’s between the rise of the Tea Party and the rise of the Klan at the turn of the century when the movie ‘Birth of a Nation‘ was released, these Tea Party folks went and found a some Black guy to write a blog calling me a bonehead for speaking on their racism. My guess is he’ll defend these remarks. Thats how such folks usually do..


The other incident that has everyone talking involves Tim Profit a volunteer co-ordinator Kentucky Senator Tea Party candidate Rand Paul and a 23-year-old woman named Lauren Valle who is a member of MoveOn.org. A video shows Valle being stomped by a group of men who support Rand. Included in that footage is Profit actually stomping on her head.

Valle explained that she was in Kentucky to bring attention to Paul being a puppet of corporate interests and she has been using street theater as a way to get her message across. The night of the debate, when Valle got beat up, she was wearing a sign and wanted to satirically give Paul and ’employee of the month award’.

Paul supporters who knew who she was had surrounded her claiming they were doing ‘crowd control’ and might have to ‘take some one out’.

Valle describes what was shown in the footage;

When Rand Paul’s car arrived a couple of them stepped in front of me so I stepped off the curb to get around them to get back out front. At that point they started grabbing for me and I ran all the way around the car with them in pursuit. The footage is after I’ve run all the way around the car and I’m in front of the car and that is when they took me down. One or two people twisted my arms behind my back and took me down… It was about two-to-three seconds after that another person stomped on my head. And I lay there for 20 seconds or so and my partner Alex came and got me up and that’s the point where there is the media clip of me speaking.


So what we have at the end of the day is Tea Party members stating unabashedly that Black men prefer drug dealing over education and a young 23 year old woman who wearing a sign getting stomped by a group of men. This is the same Tea Party folks who were running around just a year ago disrupting Healthcare Debate Townhalls. Have people forgotten that?  Sadly the Tea Party is reminding the world that violence is a way of life for them. In the words of former SNCC member H. Rap Brown ‘Violence is as American as Apple pie’.  If you think that assertion is far-fetched we remind you of this infamous confrontation involving the Tea Party misfits confronting a man with Parkinson’s disease.

written by Davey D


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15 comments on “Tea Party Candidate Says: ‘Minorities Prefer Drug Dealing’…Woman Stomped by Tea Party Supporters in Ky

  1. These folks are examples of stating rationale or theories without logic or deep thinking. In a sane world, these types would’ve been laughed off of the MSM…

  2. Sadly Reynolds has a point. I have worked with at-risk young people for the last four years. My observation has been that girls are taking more responsibility but the boys aren’t. They are going down the wrong path. It is easy to call Reynolds because he is a white male saying these things, but as a professional African-American woman, I can tell you what he says is true.

  3. You know Davey, Birth of a Nation, like Day Without a Mexican or Ghostbusters, is a movie.

    But yeah, this is how a lot of America feels about black males, especially anyone under 25 years or so. If you want to get mad at me for saying that, so be it.

    My question to you would be, what are you going to do to prove them wrong?

  4. Its factually wrong.. Its like believing white boys cant play basketball or all gays are weak and limp wristed.. If u belive it than ur as dumb as they are and someone who embraces stereotypes…

    As for BON vs A day without Mexicans thats false on a number of levels.. starting with the fact that BON.. was landmark.. it was technically a great accomplishment and it fed into the racial sentiments of the days as evidence by the remarks of President Woodrow Wilson who said it was true.. There’s no denying the rise of the KKK afterwards, the hate crimes and riots.. Ghostbusters or Day w/o Mexicans had that sort of impact then we can write about that and examine the parallels..A more appropriate comparison would’ve been the movie colors which helped bring an introduction and eventual spreading of LA gangs all around the country.. Thats well documented and underscores the power of media..

  5. Hometown thats about as ridiculous as Reynolds.. If thats what you believe then you shouldn’t be working with kids.. He said ‘Minorities’.. he didn’t say at risk minorities.. Thats a prettuy big swath of people..Yes I can look out my window and see thugs on the corner and conclude all black people do is hang out, until I take myself downtown or do the nearest campus and find there’s 10 times many hanging on the campus than on the corner..Do some at risk kids go astray? Of course thats why they’re at risk.. Not every Black man is not at risk , meaning flirting with a career in criminality and drug dealing , even those of us who grew up in the hood poor..

  6. Hometown girl and Zbigniew Brzezinski…Seriously???

    Hometown, with all due respect, just because your a professional black woman as you’ve stated, doesn’t mean you don’t still have a lot to learn as we all do. Yes, it’s sad that there are young black men that go down this path, but have you ever stopped to wonder why or if it’s really true?

    Men like Reynolds believe that minority men prefer to sell drugs instead of getting an education because he believes that minority men hate to work which goes along with the racist stereotypes that black men are lazy and are criminal prone. He fails to mention the truths that education in this nation is a joke compared to other countries. He fails to mention that most people involved with drugs are not black and brown men, but white men. He fails to acknowledge the horrible truth behind the war on drugs. He fails to acknowledge that some people who deal drugs do it so that they can support their families especially most likely because either they are unable to get a job for one (good) reason or another, or the job they have doesn’t pay enough. For some of those young men, they are backed into a corner and the only way out is to deal drugs. It’s sad, but they feel they have no choice, and some really have no choice.

    In a country where money rules all, of course there will be people that will attain it even if it’s by what society considers the wrong means, and that includes drugs. Drugs did not come into this nation by means of the inner city black or brown male. It came in courtesy of the U.S. government. Why? It all boils down to money. Yet, they get away with it, while those at the bottom of the hierarchy are busted.

    Hometown, one thing I’ve learned is that white people think they know more about my race and I do. They think they know more about racism than the victims of racism do, and the bottom line is they don’t know diddly squat about either. This joker, Reynolds, think he knows what poor minority men are about, and I bet he learned from the media. In fact I know he learned from the media.

    Zbigniew Brzezinski, Birth of a Nation was more than just a movie as you believed. It’s a movie that reveals the racism embedded within the minds of white Americans, the same kind of racism that lives to this day believe it or not.

    Why do you think that America feels that way about black men under 25? If your response is because it’s true, then there is no need to continue this conversation any further as it’s impossible to argue with blatant ignorance.

    Why is it Davey D’s responsibility to prove them wrong? Why don’t you prove that statement to be wrong unless you believe it? Davey D’s been fighting for truth for a long time. Shouldn’t that be proof in of itself? Also, how can one prove that statement to be wrong when a lot of Americans prefer to believe in the lie? Many Americans are stuck in their own beliefs to where no matter how hard you try, you can not convince them otherwise. If you present evidence to the contrary, they will stil ignore it. They are closed-minded people that would rather live in their own little world where white is right and black is wack. Case closed.

    Bottom line, if anyone believes ANYTHING these Tea Party thugs are saying and excusing their violent actions, it’s no wonder this nation is coming apart. These morons are stuck in their glorified, false sense of justice and morality and want other people to join their “cause”. I find it funny that none of you mentioned the second half of this blog.

    In short I refuse to listen to what a white man says about my people especially a Tea Party candidate.

    Sorry for the long response Davey. Keep up the great work.

  7. ‘Why do you think that America feels that way about black men under 25?”

    That’s a great question.

    My response would be from personal real world experience. Not just the headlines of the latest Lovelle Mixon or those other packs of thugs that have been mugging and beating to death Asian senior citizen in the Bay Area, but from living and interacting in the Bay Area for the past 15 years and interacting with young black males that are walking racial stereotypes.

    Am I saying all black men under 25 behave that way? Of course not, but there is enough that do that warrants that kind of reputation.

    But a better question would be, how come America does not feel that same way about Chinese men under 25?

    How come America does not feel that same way about Korean men under 25?

    How come America does not feel that same way about Japanese men under 25?

    I think there’s a kernel of truth in that stereotype. Especially when all you have to do is walk outside to see the same people acting like a racial stereotype.

  8. @Jackson

    Trust me, there are plenty of American stereotypes in regards to Asian men, under or over 25. They may not sound as “dangerous” or look like boogymen such as those attributed to black/brown men, but that’s what you get in the States’ historical context (and yes, there are Asian gangs). By that Reynold’s logic, I could assume that white men under 25 are meth heads, klan boys, or “farm-rich” due to my area of the Appalachias. Is it true? Obviously not, since there is a university down the road.

  9. THAT WAS ABSOLUTELY STUPID JACKSON.. if you believe a stereotype its because you want to..plain and simple..and each and everyone of us have some sort of attribute that can be connected to a stereotype..

  10. Jackson, the reason why America, for the most part, believes that about black men under 25 is because they want to, and they seem hell bent in making everyone believe that too. They chose to believe in the worst of black men, plain and simple.

    By your “logic” you think the black men you’ve interacted with or the ones you see on the news represent most or all black men. That’s the essence of racism. The reality is that those thugs as you call them only represent a small portion of black men, and EVERY RACE, especially Asians, have their share of people that are corrupt. Still, people like you believe that most or all blacks are the same as those broadcasted on the news which is proven to be racially biased against blacks and browns.

    America has stereotypes about Asians, especially the ‘model minority’ bullshit as well as some negative stereotypes. If you’re not born a white male in this country, there will be mostly bad stereotypes about you. End of story.

  11. Tea baggers and other closet racists in general want me to be as angry as they are. I’ll never let it happen.

  12. Funny there is an assumption that black folks have a monopoly on selling drugs, white folks don’t sell drugs? Keep in mind the kids on the streets are the bottom of the pyramid not the top. Who is on the top??? It’s easy to fall for the blame game, but blame the right folks…

    There is also an assumption that selling drugs is somehow worse than sending over american youth to go kill 1000s of other poor folks for no reason but to fatten a privileged fews pockets…

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  14. Very efficiently written article. It will be beneficial to anyone who usess it, including me. Keep up the good work – can’r wait to read more posts.

  15. i’m hispanic, and this guy isn’t lying, at least in my case. i’d rather sell coke and weed too. i spent 6 years in community college and never was able to get my associates degree to transfer to a university. apart from that, it was boring as fuck studying. if i had connections and customers, i’d be dealing too. i’m not cut out for college or higher education.

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