How Low & How Blatantly Racist Will These Tea Party Campaign Ads Get

David Vitter

We got a lot of response from the article we penned the other days that showed how history might be repeating itself with respect to the rise of the Tea Party and what took place during the turn of the century when the movie Birth of a Nation came out. We made the case that the rhetoric associated with the Tea Party like that landmark movie has created a climate and opened the doors for racial hatred and intolerance. Needless to say, the article didn’t sit well with Tea Party folks who insisted that they weren’t racist and that such assertions were baseless.

Of course many of us have come to see things quite differently. The examples of their intolerance have been endless. Here’s a clear case involving Louisiana Senator David Vitter who recently signed a pledge to the North Central Louisiana TEA Party Patriots where he promised to conduct himself personally and professionally in a moral and socially appropriate manner.

Well take a look at this vile ad and you can clearly see what the Tea Party sees as moral and socially appropriate. People from all over the country, including religious leaders have denounced this ad and demanded that Vitter remove it. But not the Tea Party. In fact Vitter is supposed to do some forums with them. You take a look let us know what you think. And yes if those images look familiar, its because they’re the same ones used by Tea Party candidate Sharon Angle in Nevada.

check out the Colorline story on this topic.

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6 comments on “How Low & How Blatantly Racist Will These Tea Party Campaign Ads Get

  1. Isn’t Vitter one of those so-called “family values” types with skeletons in the closet? I guess to folks like us, the ad is misleading and frankly corny…

  2. Tha’ts like something you’d see in a mockementary like Day Without a Mexican. If politicians want to take it to this level and be taken less seriously, it’s their call.

  3. Next Friday, like Day Without a Mexican, is a movie. Designed to entertain and even in some cases educate, but entertain first and foremost. Political ads are supposed to be somewhat informative and there is nothing informative about a bunch of cholos sneaking across a border. There was a huge gang bust in Los Angeles about a year ago, targeting a Latino gang. Hundreds of people detained. Guess how many of them were here illegally? Zero. All American citizens, born and raised. Many of them were in their 30s and older, putting their birth dates far before the whole anchor baby debate came into play. That’s why we call them the minutemen types “Know Nothings”.

Let us know what u think..

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