Corporations are People: This is How that Effects Hip Hop & Enslaves You

Major props to Young Guru one of Jay-Z‘s top producers. He drops some hard-hitting jewels that every single artist in the industry needs to listen to over and over and over again. What Young Guru is talking about goes beyond music. If you want to know how this country is working, then you need to pay close attention to what he is saying about corporations. His breakdown on this is accurate, insightful and more important irrefutable. Again what Young Guru is speaking on is HOW AMERICA WORKS.. Please understand this lesson.

Lastly what’s great about this clip is Guru provides us with a solution. He starts off his remarks by explaining simply how you need to approach corporations. Again this goes beyond the music industry. Please share this with friends and family. This is true Hip Hop where the 5th element-Knowledge is being displayed .

Shout out to Hakim Green of Channel Live for putting this together.

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8 comments on “Corporations are People: This is How that Effects Hip Hop & Enslaves You

  1. Probably not the most stand-out line of the vid…but I love the jewel dropped by Young Guru that we need to stop mystifying our enemy. Thank You!!!

    I have been saying that for a while in my critique of cats who are quick to jump on the illuminati, NWO, Trilateral, Bilderburg, CFR tip (or corporations in general). Tagging the enemy or blaming things on very over-arching, very mystic, boogey-man sounding groups and organizations is a disservice to the struggle. Are there people who make back room deals? All the damn time! But we talk about groups like they are some ghost in the sky that we must point at, instead of humans that can be fought and defeated.

    You don’t have to stop using these terms but realize that there are real people behind them real people who work for and run these groups.

    Once you bring them down to human level you can fight them.

    That is why, despite all their language to the contrary, I have called folks like Alex Jones to biggest agents for these groups (whether they know it or not). If you have your listeners staring up into the sky at chemtrails and for the ominous NWO, they are NOT looking at eye level…not looking at the true enemies or the people they should be fighting for.

    Lemme get off this soap box now lol.

  2. Thank you so much Davey D for posting this & Guru for breaking this down for us. My cousin is trying to get in the business, and I will make sure he read this!


  3. Excellent post about doing for self and becoming an entrepreneur regardless of the industry you pursue. Individuals should learn and master their crafts so that they could establish a self-sustaining independent entity. Given how the current economy has revealed everyone’s true colors, it is very important to take your skills and knowledge, and venture on your own.

  4. If it wasn’t for record and media corporations pushing these rappers crap on people nobody would care about any of it. So ironically in that regard, record companies have done these people a favor by helping to culturally popularize what they do and basically helping them plaster their face and dumb music everywhere.

    I think young guru was trying to spit out the concept of limited liability for corporations in addition to the legality of person hood. If I was funding this bullshit music I would want limited liability too!

  5. Great information!

    I would like to add on to this a bit. The media and the entertainment industry are powerful tools for the powers that be. This is because they know how the mind works….they know about planting images in the subconscious and how this can affect the person. So messages of materialism, self-destruction and self hate are constantly bombarded into the minds of the public through their various outlets (video, radio, t.v., movies, etc). As a result the value system becomes warped. Instead of people, in particular the youth, valuing things like good character and high standard of morals and ethics…….we value fashion, cars, clubbing, etc.

    There’s an agenda and these corporations help carry out these agendas. When you speak of the Bilderberg, Trilateral Commission, CFR, etc., They have people posted in positions at these large corporations and are in control of government, entertainment, education, etc. They help shape the policies which in turn shapes the environments that influences the attitudes and behavior of the people.

    It’s about control and power. It’s history repeating itself……which is what the scriptures warn us about. But a person needs to have faith so they can see the signs and make the connections to what’s really going on. After all, the physical world that we “see” is just a manifestation of the spiritual world that we don’t “see”. Doesn’t mean that the spiritual world doesn’t exist……we all know that man senses are limited and only grasp a small amount of reality. To truly see involves using the spiritual eyes, ears and understanding.


  6. @Justin

    You pretty much nailed what I’ve been thinking.

    I used to browse content from Alex Jones and “What Really Happened” just for some alternative stuff to the MSM. After a while, it got redundant, hearing about these schemes, backroom shenanigans, etc. Some folks treat the likes of the Bilderbergs, Rothchilds, Koch Bros, etc. like they are intergalactic henchmen. They, like the people they treat in all sorts of ways, are basically human (Cheney included!) as they have been since they got all of that supposed power. I’ll toss an idea out there that one of the 1st things that needs to be taken cared of before “jumping the gates” is to tweak that mentality or do cognitive studies. As long as folks think that these “corporations” are superhumans, much isn’t going to get done due to the inferiority complex.

  7. @CDF

    That is exactly the appeal of folks like Alex Jones. For many folks, especially 18-24 year olds, Jones is often the first non-MSM individual they come across….and it’s damn refreshing. A lot of people know that MSM is b.s., so hearing ideas from the likes of Jones is a breathe of fresh air and folks latch on. The issue is, as refreshing as it may be, you still gotta be critical.

    I get the sense you are in the same boat I am. I thought Jones was cope at first…I mean he was only cat calling America fascist and speaking out against a police state. However, digging deeper when I realized both a) how everything leads to the same tired old NWO and b) how he has very different reasons for speaking out against prisons etc. then I do.

    And you’re right on about the inferiority complex. It’s so disarming from the get go to aim at boogeymen companies.

  8. @ Justin and CF

    There is no doubt people out there that go a bit too far with some conspiracies. However, don’t some of the information that Alex Jones and others put out lead to an understanding that there is a mis-use and/or abuse of power?

    People put their trust in most of these elected officials, who in turn are loyal to special interest. Why are these people all affiliated with CFR, Bilderberg, Trilateral Commission, etc.? How is it that there is a revolving door between government and corporations? For instance, Dick Cheney worked at Haliburton….leaves there to be the Vice-President. Then Dick pushes for war and we see Haliburton getting Billion dollar contracts…….not to mention Dick Cheney was a member of CFR.

    As far as the entertainment industry is concerned…..who are some of the most powerful people in our society? These entertainers are very influential and this power can be used to help shape attitudes as well as behavior…..just like all these celebs went to bat for Obama when he was running for president. I think with a little critical thinking one can see how entertainment can be used by those in power to manipulate.

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