Interview w/ Pete Rock and CL Smooth- The Mecca and Soul Brother Return

Pete Rock & CL Smooth Re-United and threw down in Oakland

We caught up w/ legendary Hip Hop figures Pete Rock and CL Smooth who have recently re-united and are currently on tour.

It’s been 8 years since we’ve seen the pair together here in the Bay Area, although both have been here numerous times separately. They came to support the Green For All activities that were taking place at Laney College in Oakland.

CL came on stage and gave a 15 minute speech about the importance of healthy living and going Green. Later on him and Pete came on stage and got busy for a good half hour. They rocked classics like Straighten Out and TROY.  Later that night they performed at the Mezzanine in SF where they ran through all their hits.

During our interview Pete talked to us about his producing outlook. He told us who he’s feeling, what he’s learned from others as well as what he feels he contributed to the game… He talked about the Bomb Squad and what he learned from working with them.. He also talked about who would be on his all star team of producers and rappers if he had to put together the ultimate album

CL talked about how he maintains his healthy outlook and spirit. He also talked about what its taken for him and Pete to come back together and work together. He says its like a marriage that requires one to pay close attention and care everyday…CL also talked about how he stays relevant with this new crop of emcees.

Here’s our interview


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4 comments on “Interview w/ Pete Rock and CL Smooth- The Mecca and Soul Brother Return

  1. It is so GREAT to see these two brothers back together! This is a really great article and interview you posted, Davey! It is good you posted this so that people can see a perfect example (one of many) of HipHop artists that are about HipHop and deal with meaningful issues, such as love for the earth, the environment, and clean, healthy living. I don’t mean to be negative, but too many times, I’ve heard and read people’s sentiments on how they feel that HipHop Culture, especially through the music, represents the worst part of society. Since day one these two have been all about love, showing respect, and simply being positive. Even here on this site, there are some people that post a reply and cannot say anything good about HipHop artist. You did an awesome interview with both of them, included a little of their performance, and all you hear is positive things coming from them. You don’t even hear any profanity at all during the interview. CL said his favorite song by the two of them is “Straighten It Out,” and that is exactly what they are doing. They are practicing what they preach! I definitely look forward to some new music from these two!

    Thanks, Bro. Davey!

    P.S. Whenever you post articles about a HipHop artist that may have done something wrong,or when you let us know about something unfortunate that has happened, which pertains to HipHop, in order to keep us informed (and you do and excellent job) I can’t help but notice how there are so many people with negative replies to those articles. There are people (and I won’t name anyone) that come to this site almost regularly, with absolutely NOTHING good to say about HipHop. So let this article/interview you’ve done with Pete& CL be and example of the goodness within HipHop.

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