Let’s Reconsider Celebrating Columbus Day

Christopher Columbus the Killer

Tomorrow many folks throughout this country will take the day off to pay tribute to a man who set the stage for genocide and the slave trade here in the United States. Yes we’re talking about the man they call Christopher Columbus who is still being taught to us in schools as the guy who ‘discovered’ America. Folks need to seriously reconsider.

It’s interesting to note that while many far right tea Party types are hard at work rewriting text books and removing from its curriculum discussion about slavery and iconic figures like Supreme Court justice Thurgood Marshall and United Farm Worker leaders Cesar Chavez and Dolores Huerta, they are hell-bent on keeping the myth of Columbus going. There’s no mention of any of heinous crimes or the fact that he was an inept explorer who got lost and wound up on this country he supposedly discovered..

The only thing worse then perpetuating the benign myth of Columbus is not talking about how our founding fathers were slave owners.. Thomas Jefferson’s mistress Sally Hemmings was a slave. When the Declaration of Independence was signed with the edicts ‘All men are Created Equal’ those who were enslaved were seen as 3/5th human. Yes we must reconsider Columbus Day.


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  1. I don’t know of too many who celebrate it. I only know of government workers who get the day off work, but don’t really celebrate any more than they do on a typical Saturday. But you are right – I can think of a dozen more people more deserving of a national day off work than Christopher Columbus.

  2. He didn’t even discover America. He discovered, like, the West Indies or something. Nor was he the first person who thought the world was round– plenty of people at that time were starting to recognize this, and anyway if you’re out at sea you can see the curve of the earth. Plus he completely disrespected the native people.
    Yeah, I’m not a fan of the guy.

  3. Two holidays that need to be revealed for what they are: Columbus Day and Thanksgiving…It doesn’t bother me that some people reserve these days as holidays, reserve whatever you want, but making it a national holiday is what gets me. What bothers me most is the fact that we still teach our children lies. Both holidays celebrate the genocide and rape of Africans. and while yes people who don’t care can say, “move on”, but how can we when every year there is a reminder. Moving on would mean removing the “holiday” from our calendars.

  4. I agree that Columbus is overrated. But blaming the guy for everything from slavery to genocide? Are you saying that the majority of, say, US citizens are not from european origin? Are mexicans not mestizos?

    I don’t like the way things happened, but I can;t deny that I have a mixed heritage, with one part coming from the europeans. Should I feel proud given the history of massacre and slavery? Well, no. Should I deny my origins? Well, not either.

    Yes, genocide is not fine. Slavery is not fine. But Columbus did not invent those. Just like he did not discover that the Earth was round. Just as he did not “discover” the Americas.

    I agree that we should not celebrate Columbus. I disagree with blaming the man for being a product of his society. If not Columbus, someone else would …

  5. blah, blah, blah, blah…. Columbus is credited by historians long before you and I came along. It’s the movement of Chrisitianity and Western civilization to a new world… let’s keep the date on the books much like all other holidays we have now and respect the choice of previous generations…

  6. Hello?

    Here’s a guy who’s last name is really Colombo (Italians don’t have names that end in a consonant)

    So he’s using an alias… Very cool

    He talks queen Isa (whom he’s having sex with) into getting her husband (King Ferd) to finance his expedition to the new world..He screws up, most of his men die, he is almost killed in a mutiny, somehow gets to the west indies, rapes and pillages, spreads disease steals as much as he can, sails back and is made a national hero of Spain..

    And…he gets unjust credit for discovering the Americas!!!
    Come on, a guy like this deserves his own day!!!!


  7. Well I am not come from States. I don’t even know there is such a holiday to honor Columbus. I agree with the post that we should not celebrate him. But we should understand his performance in history is unavoidable, like gobo said, if it was not Columbus, someone else would.. He was just the “lucky” one who start everything..What has happened cant undo..

  8. I think there are bigger issues then whether or not we celebrate Columbus day. I have never celebrated it, I have had a paid day off from work, of which I was thankful for. If you take a look at many different cultures from that time you would find that many participated in slavery. Natives took prisoners from other tribes during battle, Africans did the same, and Jews, well I think they have suffered the most out of any race, from being enslaved by Egyptians in Africa to the holocaust. No race is really innocent. It more just the way things were. Life was more barbaric, and there were more wars as different civilizations tried to grow and takeover the next. I say, it is men in general who are to blame. Columbus was just a victim of society and the current times. Did he discover America? I really don’t care, I’m here aren’t I, to me that’s all that matters. Live for the future not for the past. I am not going to be held responsible for what people did over 200 years ago. Was it unfortunate yes, but what can I do to change it nothing, how is dwelling on it going to change anything? Its not!

  9. Thomas Jefferson’s mistress Sally Hemmings was a slave.

    She was also his wife’s half sister.

    “Lies my Teacher told Me” and ” A People’s History”

    are a great alternative to the drivel in public school texts.
    To move on you should know where you were, our previous generation didn’t always make the best choices.
    Teach truth not Euro-centric tradition.

  10. why don’t you get over it. you don’t even know your history. people like you just want to ripp this country appart. if it wasn’t for the founding father, soliders who died for you and al gore, you won’t even have the right to talk the silly talk you do. please leave if you have a problem every thing this country has done wrong. good luck finding one that is better you little lib ween.

    can’t waite for you to focus on the spelling and gramer of this post insead of it messge.

  11. I agree with this post and especially the whitewashed way this history is taught. I also agree with six on LIES MY TEACHER TOLD ME. I recommend this to anyone who would like something to think about.

    It really would be a good idea to teach about history’s mistakes right next to our successes. It’s too easy for us to get an overblown sense of ourselves as a people. We have not just done admirable things. Our motives have not always been pristine. Loving your country means loving it even though you know its flaws.

    Columbus Day can go as far as I’m concerned. I would like to see Thanksgiving stay, just because I love the meal…but let’s take the fairy-tale history away and just call it the day of feast and football!

    Great post! Thank you!

  12. I’ve always wondered why columbus is worshipped as a hero by some people. What happened to the natives of America afterwards was terrible?

    Im german – we germans have been taking the issue “world war II” very seriously. We’ve been discussing it in public for 60 years now. Maybe US citizens should do so about their past aswell?

    Shared this on facebook and twitter 😉

  13. As I am typing this, I notice a rather nasty comment above it. Now more than ever, it seems that people are searching for things which divide us. The angry people getting in my face oon that video, and the Right-winger I just referred to.

    We have a history. Some of it good, some of it bad. That’s what history is: telling a story about what happened, not about what should have or could have happened. It is true that the winners get to write the history books, but people ought to be enlightened enough to have a reasoned discussion. Here is my attempt at contributing to that end:

    Columbus discovered America for the Europeans. Saying he discovered America without the prepositional phrase at the end of the sentence is so obvious that it needn’t be included.

    Columbus took a risk in his search for a trade route to India (for the Europeans. Other people were trading with India at the time and required no seaway travel.) Now why would anyone want to read a history book that has to put in all the obvious facts I placed in the parenthises?

    Jesus had no way of foreseeing the Inquisition any more than Columbus knew that h was carrying “invisible bugs” with him that was going to reak mass death upon the people he met.

    Charles Darwin could not foresee that his book would be an inspiration for the Third Reich.

    The person who invented the (first and second) wheel–one wheel is of little use–could not foresee the good and evil for which it would be used. That’s history.

  14. It’s “worse than” not “worse then” and please, blaming Columbus for slavery? Why not blame the BLACK people in Africa who were selling their own people into slavery? Why is there no blame placed there? It’s not Columbus’ fault, and who cares HOW he discovered it!!! Lots of cool inventions were accidents, so what? They were still invented.

  15. I feel the same way about Thanksgiving. It’s OK to celebrate either, as long as equal time is given to the truth behind these factlets of history. These are great times to honor Native Americans and a culture that was all but obliterated in the name of geographic expansion.

  16. Ooh Mia, let’s not start out with any adhominen statements. So the guy misspelled a word. (By the way, do you know how to spell “adhominen” because MS word is telling me that it doesn’t exist.) Anyway, you said pretty much the same thing I did, only more concisely. Yes, it is a very imperfect world. Some folks don’t want celebrations for Christ or Mohandas Gandhi.

  17. Let’s understand that it’s unfair for us to hold historical figures to our current moral standards. The idea of equality of all humans is a recent one and would not have been comprehensible, let alone acceptable, to the people of Columbus’s time.

    In comparison, look at the societies that Columbus discovered. Were the Aztecs and Inca so much more moral than Spain or the rest of Europe? The tribes living under the thumb of the Aztecs helped Cortez in the conquest of Mexico because they were tired of being the source of human sacrifices.

    Columbus was a showman, but only someone like that could have pulled off the voyage. Was the discovery of America worthwhile? Speaking only for the United States of America, the answer is yes. Just like Columbus, we haven’t been flawless, but on the whole, we have become a great nation, one that is also getting better.

  18. Did Columbus discover America? Of course he did.
    From dictionary.com the definition of discover is “to see, get knowledge of, learn of, find, or find out; gain sight or knowledge of (something previously unseen or unknown)” From the pov of the part of the world he came from, he certainly did discover America. He brought the knowledge of something unknown to the greater part of the world.

  19. It is always sad when people apply modern standards to ancient peoples in a vain attempt to further their agenda.

  20. This apparently, is a very touchy subject. It really brought the ignorance and anger out in some people, while others had very intelligent things to say. Good job writing a topic that sparks discussion among the wordpress community!

  21. To Reed Smith,
    I agree that th article is an agenda. If it were not, the author would have placed the caption “Christopher Columbus, hero or villain?” instead of “Christopher Columbus Killer.”

    By the way, I wonder how many deaths have resulted from Hip Hop? Just asking.

  22. Another arm chair bigot speaks again. The race card is your only tool.
    Was it the weed that had you dream up that the tea party is rewriting text books and removing from its curriculum discussion about slavery and iconic figures like Supreme Court justice Thurgood Marshall and United Farm Worker leaders Cesar Chavez and Dolores Huerta. This is crap and you know it. Where is your proof that this is what the tea party wants? Do you know that there are African Americans in the tea party? You probably haven’t even read any text books lately, yet you are an expert – right?
    Get over the slavery crap as well, that ended 150 years ago. Everyone’s ancestors were salves somewhere. It does not make it right but it is not an excuse for your issues. Not unless you will rather sit and do nothing demanding handouts and cry about ghosts. You’re the real bigot and race hater – you should talk fellowship and what’s right to make things better, not cry because your great-great grandfather was a slave. We have a black president, Oprah is the biggest TV show, there are scores and scores of successful black business people, the same with athletes, singers, actors and artists. People of all races love them and are grateful for their wonderful contributions. Why aren’t you talking them up to inspire others? No, people like you would rather try to spread the hate and lies and perpetuate your bigotry – you are the real trash.
    How much free money and services do you get from the hard working tax payers? Get a life and stop trying to ruin others.

  23. Yes, a lot of history has been whitewashed, and true, Christopher Columbus was not a perfect man, but it would seem that you’ve still not got all of your facts straight. In fact, you’re perpetuating many of the myths you claim to be “revealing”.

    And as to the Tea Party and educational curriculum… proof please. Where’s the links to evidence to back up your spurious claims?

    This article made it to Fresh Pressed?! Yeesh. Pathetic racism disguised as fresh, counter-“the man” thinking.

  24. Just the mere fact that the holiday is on the calendar is enough to disgust me. The man discovered nothing and destroyed everything in his path of glory. Nothing has been the same since his arrival. Have any of you out there even seen a 100% pure blooded Indian? Thanks to Columbus you probably never will.

  25. No one cares whose name is on the holiday; Christmas is no longer about Christ’s birth, but about a jolly fat man in a red suit delivering gifts to children who have done good things in their life. People just care about getting a day off. That’s all that Labor Day really means to many people and basically the same for Memorial Day and Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Yes, many people reflect and remember what MLK Jr. did, but the majority of people seem to just care about the day off.

    And what typically goes overlooked by many people who hold grudges against Christopher Columbus is that had he not done what he had done, we might not have been alive. Eventually, yes, someone would have come along and brought European culture to the Americas one way or another, but Columbus did instead and with certain influential and powerful people that spawned a wave of explorers this way. Not all of it was pretty for Natives or African Americans – or basically anyone with any kind of skin color. But it happened and it produced us.

    I’m half Cherokee and videos like the one you posted are supposed to make me feel hateful towards guys like Christopher Columbus. I’m supposed to rekindle my non-existent grudge for the forerunner of slavery and white supremism. But wait a minute… those things have existed for thousands and thousands of years! Going by this logic to hate Columbus, we should hate every major historical figure that ever owned a slave or condoned slavery.

    No, the underlying logic to this “rethink Columbus Day” crap is exactly that: crap. It causes me to look over my shoulder to hundreds of years behind me instead of looking ahead to move on. The more time we spend on yesterday, the more time we waste in dealing with what we have before us today. If it means so much to a lot of people to have “Columbus Day” changed to something else, then keep your grudge alive for the rest of your life because that’s probably how long it’s going to be before the day gets changed. As for me and the rest of the world who would like to move on, we’ll focus on today’s problems.

  26. Great post. What I think most people are missing is this; how do you discover a “new” land if there are people on it? Um, didn’t they discover it first? And when we use the word ‘discovered’, doesn’t this only mean from the European perspective? See papal bull Romanus Pontifex in 1452 or inter caetera on wiki if you wish to learn more of the then European perspective and its impact on today.

    Check out my website for other lesser known truths on my medical school if interested http://aucunknowntruths.wordpress.com.

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  28. Actually Jeremy, there are many natives whom I know in North America who still struggle with getting recognition of their rights and the recognition of their dignity as human beings. The ‘reconsidering’ is not simply about the person of Columbus, but all that was initiated as a result of him landing in the Americas, the impact of which is still felt today by SO many. The reorientation of our minds in understanding the history of the Americas is exactly the key in moving forward – it disrupts our willful ignorance of the violence that brought the destruction of nations – nations – of individuals, and helps us to turn to those whose people have suffered from such violence to hopefully make reparations and recognize their dignity as human beings and the original inhabitants and of land that we benefit from. Our celebration of the man who brought that sort of violence is reprehensible and a step backward in the recognition of people North American society have *shoved* to the fringes.

  29. A total genocide. People should really rethink about certain aspects. I do agree with Jeremy about move and see the future, but also I think we must no forget that European came to America to kill thousand and thousand of people.

  30. Mr S,
    Aren’t you linking Columbus with the Conquestadors? Columbus was searching for a sea lane to India.

    As far as the “Conquerors” were concerned . . . well the name pretty much says it all. I am not certain whether they were more interested in gold or the glory of warfare. One thing is certain, when they got here, they found people who were in the midst of killing each other. Sadly, that is what people do.

  31. @ MuslimAct: Yeah, I totally agree that we should not be ignorant of what actually happened in history – especially areas of minorities being snuffed out. And I still hear of the side effects of the Allotment Act and how many Natives are fighting to find a way to thrive in the U.S. My dad – whom I’ve never known – was a drug addict, one among the many Native drug addicts. It is a serious issue that does need to be dealt with, but where my disagreement with the attacking Columbus lies is that it seems as though it’s trying to cause people to cling to a grudge that they may have never had or have already let go of. Dwelling on yesterday isn’t going to get anything done. Studying yesterday with the purpose of making tomorrow better, however, will. I just don’t think this “rethink Columbus Day” commercial really does a good job of promoting that. It attempts to appeal to my emotions, my anger, against all the horrible things done to Natives throughout history. But that doesn’t do anybody any good. It just promotes a different target to hate.

  32. Whatever one might think of the practices of the people at the time, it’s still peculiar to be celebrating Columbus Day for ol’ Chris ‘discovering’ the Americas, when Viking sailor Leif Ericcson stumbled across them a couple of centuries before. The Vikings were the first Europeans to try and settle in North America.

  33. If you look at the origin of anything really, you’ll find plenty of evidence to complain about, dismiss it, or “rethink it” However that does nothing to correct the problem, this is just another video highlighting the problem. The important thing it that we are here, and if it were not for what it was we would not be here, simple… so be greatfull for what you have because of those who suffered as opposed to complain about what could have been and wasn’t.

  34. Sorry, Columbus did not set the stage for genocide and slavery. He was simply an explorer. If anything, the King and Queen of Spain who sponsored him were much more responsible for that. Sadly, at that time Europe was ready to jump on the bandwagon and take over the “new world”. They wanted to expand, the word got out there was a lot of land available for the taking, and the time was right (for them) to move on in. Many countries and explorers had been to America before then, it was just not feasible to expand until Columbus came along, European countries got the news about America and had the wherewithal to expand. He certainly should not be blamed.

    I agree that textbooks should not be omitting Thurgood Marshall, Cesar Chavez, et al., and I think the “discovery” of America should be rewritten, with Columbus in the mix, but also with the Chinese (much eariler) and others noted, and the expansion of Europe being mentioned instrumental in the colonization of America by “others”, when there was already an indigenous group of people living here. Blaming Columbus is not the answer. I think our reconsideration should come by expanding our knowledge to include what really happened to form the America of today.

  35. Slavery, cruelty, depravity and genocide all existed in the “New World” before Columbus arrived. To ascribe all of these evils to him is just plain dishonest. It sounds like you have a serious case of “guilt by ancestry”. What crimes against humanity did your ancestors commit? You may not want to know the answer.

    Looking at your rant and your modern day heroes it seems clear that you are simply another disgruntled leftist who doesn’t like the current political landscape and is looking for someone to blame. Columbus is easy beacuse he is not here to defend himself. I guess you just got tired of blaming Bush.

    BTW: Didn’t your guy Barack fix everything for you yet? If not, just sit tight, I’m sure the welfare check is in the mail!

  36. “How about Amerigo Vespucci Day?

    I agree 100% with Crystal, because from what I been taught in school…Columbus never set foot on America soil…Shame on Americans keeping the lie about him going!
    Amerigo Vespucci, wasn’t a nice man neither, but he pinpointed this region called America…Precisely!

    Please try to read a book entitled Lies My Teacher, Told Me…

  37. “BTW: Didn’t your guy Barack fix everything for you yet? If not, just sit tight, I’m sure the welfare check is in the mail!”
    Just Two Names “bush” and “cheney!”

    I’am of Irish descent, but you can say the same thing to me to…Because those two knuckleheads called bush and cheney

    (I don’t capitalize those two boobs names because I don’t think that they deserve respect…)

    will soon have me on living on skid-row…Once again, some “white” Americans being “blind” and “lying” to themselves…

    Because they can’t see the recession and debt that those two knuckleheads left behind!

  38. Wow, I usually post and keep it moving, but I was curious to see what the responses would be. I’m surprised that people are so defensive. I don’t think this post was about putting the blame on Columbus. The point, is that the fact that it’s still reserved as a national holiday means that there are still lies being sold in textbooks and taught to our children.

    “If not him it would have been someone else,” may be true, but that doesn’t make it right. It seems this country will never understand that most of the issues that we have here comes from mis-education.

  39. Funny how some people think of ‘America’ as just the US. We celebrate it here in Argentina too. America has many countries 😉

    There’s a TV docummentary on the History Channel explaining all the travels to America that took place before Columbus arrived. People from China, Ireland, Norway, Japan, all arived before him. Are they to blame to?

  40. You cannot judge people who did things in 1492 by today’s standards. Sorry, you can’t. The history of mankind is the history of war and conquest, that is just what humans do, whether we, sitting here in 2010, like it or not.

  41. Are you kidding me? What a puttz! I love how the German poster compared Columbus to his own countrymen Adolph Hitler. Seriously if you want to talk about genocide lets talk about the self decline of the Mayan empire, the human sacrifices, the war between tribes. Just another American hater who doesn’t realize Columbus day has little to do with the USA nationality. Yes and of course some vikings did it before but nothing ever followed. What followed after Columbus was a the dawning of trans-Atlantic exploration. That’s why Columbus is remembered. Of course if your bitterness and hatred for all things USA and anglo-saxon, keeps you happy in your ignorance than by all means remain as you are…But wait a second why are you wasting your breath on a blog…Isn’t Obama down with you all who see America as a land of atrocity and oppression? I mean why aren’t you demanding he do something about Columbus day… I mean he is the President of the United States of America.

  42. Matt, this has nothing to do with Obama.

    And sorry, most Italians celebrate Columbus day, even though he sailed for Spain, not Italy.

    What the Spanish did, what Americans did, as they conquered this continent were horrible, but within context, please.

  43. Come on, times bring times. We can not judge Alexander for invade Asia. O end histories of the Romans’s generals for their cruelty. Or the same American tribes, they use to
    attack others. Perhaps we would have done the same at that time and in such circumstances.

    We al ready have to many problems.

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  45. Burning Spear’s take on the subject:

    We should celebrate each day we awake alive, free and in our right mind!!!


  46. While I appreciate your point of view, I have to say, I can think of a bunch of more relevant and deserving folks we could be celebrating. And taking things a step further, I think our kids don’t need any more days off from school. Maybe if we could go to school more often, they could actually afford to take time out for recess!

    Truly, Columbus Day is an antiquated holiday which no-one celebrates. Oh, except my mother. She went to the mall and took advantage of the 20% off sales.

  47. I taught on the Navajo reservation. I can’t think of a better place with a better reason NOT to celebrate Columbus Day. NO, I’m not blaming Columbus, but yeah, he had absolutely no respect for the native people, and the subsequent arrival of Europeans spawned fatalities of holocaust proportions.

  48. The holiday should be renamed: Second Place Is Okay Too Day – as in the Chinese were the first to discover the Americas and Columbus was second. He got lost on his way to INDIA (the moron) and landed in a country that was already inhabited by a noble people living in equilibrium with nature. But hey, he led the way for Europeans to rob, pillage, and rape it away from them, fair and square I guess, so hey, second place is okay too!

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  50. To all of the people stating that you cannot judge people who did things in 1492 by today’s standards, ask yourself this: 100 years from now, would you really appreciate someone stating that same response to what happened 9/11/01? I do not think so. Slavery and murder are two different things, but commonly wrong. And I’m sure textbooks will have students misinformed one way or another on that tragic day as well.

    Yes, we all need to move on, but you cannot see the future unless you know your past, as well as history’s past. Plain and simple.

  51. You may not like to think he discovered these western lands, but he did for the people who sent him. I appreciate his voyages, because I was born here in this great country–the USA–from descendants of immigrants.

    As for the “3/5 human” line, you are way off! Even Frederick Douglass figured this out. Slaves weren’t 3/5 “human” as you mistakenly write.

    This provision was a compromise. The southern states wanted to count slaves as constituents for more representatives in Congress. The northern states argued that the south didn’t even consider slaves to be people, they were property, so how could they count them for representative purposes.

    The north didn’t want to count slaves at all, but they compromised and allowed the south to count each slave as 3/5 of a constituent. Do you see? If you counted the slaves in the south, which the south considered property not human, then the south has greater power in Congress. The north was trying to limit the power of the southern slave states. It was a compromise to get the Constitution written and ratified.

  52. It’s Columbus Day, people! Let’s all celebrate by walking into other people’s homes and saying we live there! –but I jest–has anyone else heard the research a few years back on the Genoan that discovered the continent that wasn’t lost? He was actually a Catalonian mercenary. He funded his little excursion by sucking up to one of the dual crowns of the throne of Spain–Aragon and Castilla were rivals, who always kept an eye out for ways to give their own House the upper hand. I heard the Sons of Italy, etc, were a bit surprised, as well. They should be relieved that Cristobal Colon and his Expedition of Death was not their countryman after all.

  53. Each of us has our own beliefs, and respect it. On my part, it is not more on if this day should be celebrated or not – but if it should not be celebrated, that is the real challenge. How will you start a reconsideration move for this holiday if it is already being celebrated for countless years? It will be very difficult to change it.

    BTW, I came from the Philippines, where is was also said to be “discovered” by Columbus’ co-explorer, Magellan. We don’t celebrate Magellan’s day though (as far as I know 🙂 ).

  54. To michaelsrosaries, black people have always ever been 100% human, by the way, even as slaves. The pre-Civil War issue for the northern states was that if slaves were going to be considered constituents at all, they should have been allowed to vote for their representatives in Congress, otherwise the courts would have to hear why several Northern dressmaker’s dummies (who also appear 3/5 – 4/5 human) shouldn’t be counted as constituents also–well, this was going to happen in the South over enfranchised white people’s dead bodies–so it did. The South seceded, the American Civil War began, and then Lincoln did the moral thing by emancipating the slaves and dared to call Negroes 5/5 human! This is one story that has a very good ending: the immoral, treasonous Americans lost and the good guys won.

  55. There are so many young women and men in America with positions, voice and the ear of so many human beings, why not take these issues to Federal Court specifically the Human Rights violations of the millions of poor people who made America wealthy? The issue of “celebrating” lies is time wasting. What is needed is to stop the abuses of the poor in the United States. Take some of your money, file a complaint in Federal Court and help the decendants of slaves out of the poverty. We understand that human rights violations are criminal acts, however, there is a choice to file Civil matters that will address the reason why there are so many poor people who are “black”. There is an expectation that the younger well financed individuals will use the system(s) to recover and rescue the millions who are suffering in poverty as a result of slavery. Most importantly, contact your elected officials, let them know how you feel about the millions of disabled poor who have no idea where their next meal is coming from. That is my concern.

  56. @Caroline Linscott when you say everyone practice slavery just are telling a half truth. Chattle slavery is the type of slavery that was created in America. Other civilizations granted their slaves some forms of citizenship (some slaves even had slaves). The Social Construct of Race is a new concept… In Africa (and other parts of the world) tribes did not think of themselves as 1 race because they practiced different religions, spoke different languages and had different customs. So while Europeans just said oh its an entire contenint of Black people. The African there were very much different, quite like Americans are with the British.

  57. Thomas Jefferson and his supposed mistress have nothing to do with Columbus day. We shouldn’t discount the good things people do becuase they have a little evil in them. Otherwise, we could discount any good you said here because of your sketchy statements about Thomas Jefferson somehow being connected to Christopher Columbus. Evil acts aside, there was much good brought forth because of Columbus’ misadventures.

  58. Learner, on October 11, 2010 at 11:58 am Said:

    I tip my hate to you.


    LOL. I’m sure this is a typo, but it’s still funny, considering the topic.

  59. Obviously some idiotic Knights of Columbus blog directed its lemmings over here, considering the number of comments. But anyway. These Columbus apologists keep saying that black people should talk about the contributions of black people instead of complaining about white people. Well then, why don’t you Columbus guys talk about the contributions of Columbus instead of telling black people how to feel about him? Could it be because you know Columbus didn’t contribute anything positive to the world, and was nothing more than a self serving opportunist?

  60. Loved the post, I read a response where someone was questioning whether we know our history. Well, I do and have read and purchased many books to prove it. So, many people are hell bent on America, ‘being saved,’ but from what. Much of the climate we have is a by-product from many years of our country trying to make it look like the greatest country on earth when in reality it has as many skeletons as any other country in the world.

  61. Great blog. I’ve been saying it for years. We should NOT celebrate columbus’ “day.”

    Where is the native americans’ day? Where is Sacagawea’s day??

    How can we get America to change this?

  62. To Carmen,

    “To michaelsrosaries, black people have always ever been 100% human, by the way, even as slaves.”

    That was my point, Carmen! Re-read what I wrote. The south wanted to count slaves as constituents even though they considered them property not people. The slaves would not have enjoyed any benefits of citizenship. The northern states wanted to limit the power of the slave states. The south said “no way” to not counting the slaves at all. 3/5 was a compromise to get this Constitution written/ratified. They continued to push to end slavery. John Q. Adams spoke against it constantly while he was in office. Eventually, Abe Lincoln was taken under his wing as the new guy in the Congress, and when he eventually became president, he was able to bring slavery to an end.


  64. All history is misleading, partial or a flat out lie in a manner that reflects the orator or writer. It’s inherent in our “DNA” to present it as such.

    You will never find the “truth” – just your own self serving form of projected confusion.

    So Have fun!….and happy Columbus day!

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  66. LMAO@ all these comments. This is the most I’ve ever seen on the blog, most of which were “misdirected”. All the other issues written about in this blog needing addressed, but here are the so-called defenders of Columbus…WTF?!

  67. This guy means nothing to me!. Christopher Columbus is an evil coldblooded genocidal serial killer. I really don’t care if a man on the street throws a bucket of fake blood over a Columbus statue. Columbus is a bloody murderer !.

  68. Christopher Columbus is an evil pig-brained genocidal murderer who enslaved and murdered native American. He is also a grand thief

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