A Conversation w/ Dr Cornel West: Immigration Reform, Black & Brown Unity, President Obama & the Midterm Elections & Bishop Eddie Long

A Conversation w/ Cornel West pt1

It’s always enlightening to catch up with Princeton Professor and author Dr Cornel West . Many of us know him for his books ‘Race Matters‘, ‘Democracy Matters’ andKeeping Faith: Philosophy and Race in America’ to name a few. He always has some keen insight to loan and he’s good at breaking down complex issue for us to understand. He also comes from a place of love and compassion. He truly wants to see us do better.

We caught up with him the other day and spoke to him about his recent projects. Currently him and long time friend and fellow author/ activist Tavis Smiley are doing a radio show they just launched called Smiley and West.He also finished up his autobiography. He’s also doing some work on an academic book about  Jay-Z

During our interview Dr West spoke to him about his recent trip to Arizona. There he met with leaders in the Chicano & Mexicano community who have been on the front lines fighting the Draconian Law racial profiling, anti-immigrant law SB 1070.

During our convo we spoke about the oppression facing Black & Brown communities and how some have tried to hijack the legacy of the Civil Rights Movement. He noted that some have erroneously asserted the Civil Rights movement was only for Black people when in fact it was a movement for justice that included all oppressed people.


A Conversation w/ Cornel West pt2

We continue our interview w/ Professor Cornel West who goes in on President Obama and his lack of policies toward poor people… Cornel talks about the public spat they had where Obama stepped to him and let him know he didn’t like what he said about him in a Playboy magazine interview..

According to Cornel, Obama was upset that he was being criticized for not being progressive. West felt Obama was out-of-order and wish the two could sit down and discuss the matter behind closed doors.

Cornel talks about the state of poverty in this country and why he’s been critical of Obama who he feels has been too cozy with corporate interests. He says he will not silence himself for Obama and that too many leaders bow down after getting a phone call from the White House.

Cornel also talks about the legacy of Dr Martin Luther King and challenges president Obama to be more King-like with his policies

We ask Cornel if folks should vote in the mid-term elections and whether or not Democrats have been too passive. He gives some keen insight as to how we should see the election and deal with groups like the Tea Party


A Conversation w/ Cornel West pt3

We continue our interview w/ Professor Cornel West.. Here Cornel goes in on the Black church and how its been severely compromised. He also talks about the controversy surrounding Bishop Eddie Long.. Here he explains the difference between Prophetic and liberation theologies and the current wave of Prosperity Gospel teachings. He talks to us about what we as Christians and members of a Black Church should ideally be doing during these times.

Professor West  also talks about the new album he’s been working on with funk legend Bootsy Collins.. He says he’s taking it to the next level..


Below is a link to the full podcast where you can also hear the dope songs Cornel has on his last two albums “Sketches of My Culture”“Never Forget: A Journey of Revelations”. The songs feature everyone from KRS-One to Andre 3000 to M-1 of Dead Prez to name a few.

Here’s the link to the Full Interview…

Full Interview w/ Dr Cornel West

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7 comments on “A Conversation w/ Dr Cornel West: Immigration Reform, Black & Brown Unity, President Obama & the Midterm Elections & Bishop Eddie Long

  1. Criticism is good, however, Dr.West is on a tangent. It’s easy to throw political jabs.

    Why is he preaching the gospel of Martin Luther King, I don’t want to be like him(Dr.King), and I don’t want our president to be like him either. I want to like Jesus, and I want him to be like Jesus as well.

  2. Tangents say it real…I am glad Dr. West is in this world, speaking from the heart and we have to have people throwing political jabs, as the politicians are known to be incredible and not fulfilling their promises…. Freedom of speech and GhettoPhysics gives Dr. West another view into the psyche of people’s experience!

  3. True, but what does it accomplish. It’s only preaching the story of David and Goliath to the choir. What does it accomplish?

    Nothing will change until PEOPLE fight for their rights. Sadly, people are more concerned with their favorite degenerate TV shows(housewives of ATL), sports and etc.

    When you do speak up, you get called the angry black man or ungrateful nigga.

  4. What does it accomplish? Cornel was by far the most read story on all my sites.. by far.. what he said resonates with folks and to the degree it affirms and inspires is a good thing..

  5. You’re right DD! Inspiration is good. I love Dr.West. Race Matters was one of the first books that I ever read.

    He has opened my eyes for years. However, as Stockly Carmicheal said “Mobilzation, without organization is pointless”.

    With that being said, is he going to organization us and attack the president. If so, I will join. I love Obama, but I feel that he has been afraid to associate himself with us and he is hitting the right areas.


  6. I rthink Cornel laid it out that one should hold folks accountable.. How much organizing does that take.. he;’s put out videos and even did a petition..

Let us know what u think..

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