Battle of the NFL Fight Songs; Raiders Vs Steelers- Where the Niners At?

Ok today its time to throw down the gauntlet.. Battle of the NFL songs.. Today some fool had the nerve to send me the song they considered the pride and joy of the Steeler Nation.. I listened to it and to say the least I was not impressed…We checked to see if there were any good songs from the 49ers.. there were none and that city is home to hella rappers.. We checked to see if there were songs for the Patriots..Sadly with all the talented musicians in Bean town, none stepped to the plate.

We now see the NY Giants are doing like every other NY team and attaching themselves to Jay-Z and Alicia Keye’s Empire State song.. I guess they realized Jim Jone‘s Balling got played out quick..We in the Raider nation are willing to take on all comers.. Until then..let’s laugh at the wackness of these Pittsburgh Steeler fight songs

Here the Steeler Nation song actually there’s so weak I’m gonna let you hear both..

here’s the other song..

Below is the Raider Nation songs.. This one by Ice Cube..

This one is from the Luniz the group that gave us ‘I Got 5 on It’

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4 comments on “Battle of the NFL Fight Songs; Raiders Vs Steelers- Where the Niners At?

  1. Dawg, I watch da fucking Raiders and Forty Niners while I sip my henny , eat goldfish crackers and spank my beeches ass!!

    Mufuckas betta keep it reals and sheeet!

    Hokey American Sports Fan fo’ life and sheeeet!.

    I even like nascar!

  2. Here is a Steeler fight song I wrote. It is on You Tube. The link is below. What do you think of it?
    Al Viviano
    (502) 741-0042

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