Victim of Eddie Long Sex Scandal Speaks out-Talks About How he Was Seduced

Jamal Parris

STORY LINK:… | For the first time, one of the men filing suit against Bishop Eddie Long is speaking out. In an exclusive interview with FOX 5 senior I-Team reporter Dale Russell, Jamal Parris tells a story of what he calls a love-hate relationship with a man he called “daddy.”

Following Bishop Long’s sermon on Sunday, Russell caught a plane to Colorado, which is home to Jamal Parris— the oldest of all the accusers in the case. In a parking lot, late at night, Parris told Russell a story of love, anger, and desire to protect other young men.

More video can be seen here..

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17 comments on “Victim of Eddie Long Sex Scandal Speaks out-Talks About How he Was Seduced

  1. I don’t know about the other complainants, but with every fiber of my being I believe Jamal Parris is telling the truth. When a person can look you in the eye like that and say those things, he seems to believable!

    Wow, this is so deep! So, much information is coming out as I expected it would as time passed.

    The thing that bothered me about Eddie Long is that he never said, he didn’t do it, or wasn’t guilty! It’s like he is choosing his words very carefully.

    God & everyone involved know the truth, I hope the truth is revealed. But, you reap what you sow, whether the public is aware of all the facts or not.

    Peace, Love, & Prayer especially for the victims!

  2. Prayers go out to this young man and the others. This is sad to hear. Children should be protected not taken advantage of for selfishness! I hope that they can recover from this and lead a normal life. The first step in their healing is to not be silent. Good for them for having the courage to speak out.

    I agree with the previous poster when she wrote about how God and those jnvolved know the truth. I’ll add that what didn’t come out in the wash will surely come out in the rinse!

    Sending peace and prayers to the boys and their families!

  3. Eddie Long has been *Preying …(The wrong kind of Praying). I feel sorry for the boys and all the Parishioners that have been following this False *Profit..$. New Birth and All Mega Church’s are about Money …. Nobody can take your money or your soul if you are an Agnostic.

  4. Compelling!!!

    Being an Atlantian, believe me when I tell you that MANY people in the area are NOT surprised by this (even many New Birth members aren’t surprised, quiet as its kept).

    On one hand, you have a grouping of people who can’t differentiate the line where their pastor ends and where God begins, therefore, in their mind, to doubt their pastor is to doubt God.

    On the other hand, there are many who have witnesses “the Bishop” parlaying around the ATL in Bentley’s with lots of “young men” in questionable places; which isn’t illegal, however, is pretty peculiar and seemingly inappropriate.

    The biggest surprise is why this issue wasn’t raised sooner. But then again, when you become aware of the power that this man weilds (and trust me, this dude is nothing short of a demi-god in “The A”), only then can you understand the relectuance to speak out against him.

    Bishop Eddie Long said in his speech that he feels like he is David against Goliath, but really its the other way around; the victims are David, and their revelations are the stones.

    God-Allah-Buddha-Ra-Jah bless them all.


  5. In the past pedophiles had to get an ice cream truck to attack children, now they just need a Bible. I don’t think many AA’s could think this could happen to “Black Pastors.” I believe that we thought that molestation was confinded to Roman Catholic priests, a white thing. Unfortuantely it isn’t an isolated incident that we can determine the factors. I wonder if he is convicted will he serve prison time/ if he will still be able to retain the church where these transgressions manifested.

  6. Kevin Lately your play on words is lol. The only thing about being agnostic is while it may be appropriate to turn from religion; do you know where to look for your own soul?

    Eddie lying-all-a Long is guilty, if he wasn’t you would see a man going nuts right now. I’d be busting up in CNN Atlanta studios everyday; shouting. Every newspaper, magazine and media outlet would be on my radar. I’d be out there like it was the last week of a political race or something. Plus the first thing I would say is – I didn’t do this.

    He’s in bad shape. Not only is it homosexual, but we ain’t even talking about some love partner stuff. We are talking age inappropriate boys; manipulation and possibly coercion. Maybe even rape. Not to mention the misappropriation of non-profit funds. He was buying them shit with church money I bet.

  7. I agree with the first person who posted on this issue; he did not actually say he did or didn’t do it; he just started out saying he is not a perfect man and that he is going to fight it; When I first heard about it I didn’t pass any judgement because I wanted to wait to hear what he was going to say first. I have known of cases where if someone gets upset with a pastor they will say something to ruin him; At the same time the way he responded makes me think he might be guilty. I just want to hear him say flat out I did not do it. I grew up in a “cult” like environment where the pastor was controlling everything everybody done to the point where he told my mother that God is showing him my dad was not her husband. She never grew up in church and was a baby christian so she thought she was trying to obey GOD. My family is broke up to this day because of “false prophesying”. There are a lot of people in the church who use this as a way to control people; some people do have the gift but they need to allow GOD some time to break and make them so that they are only saying what GOD is saying and he is not always talking about giving you a house and cars. Sometimes he is telling you that you need to get your stuff together. A lot of leaders and people in the church don’t want to wait on the right season for GOD to exalt them and that is why there is so much corruption. For years I didn’t even go to church because I was so mad about the things that happened to break up my family, which was very painful; I confided in a pastor I trusted one time so secret things that were really getting the best of me at the time and that I needed help with them; he evidently told his wife; and on Sunday morning she got up in the pulpit and pointed right at me and said you need to stop tripping in your mind and proceeded to tell all the secret stuff I confided. It was things that happened to me as a child. I felt so embarassed. I did not go to church for 2 years after that and I was so angry about it. This stuff was eating me up so bad that I started praying to GOD on my own and getting up reading my Bible for myself and seeking God and he told me he was going to heal me and eventually lead me to another congregation that had a totally different atmosphere. I do not try to replace my relationship with GOD with the church. You can be lead estray if you expect a man to do what only GOD can.
    Good day!

  8. Applause to the great performance on the video. Do I believe Long had relations with these dudes? YEP. From what I hear, they were all over 18 when anything physical began. When I was 18, I was a GROWN ass man. If somebody dangled a rolex in my face and said you gotta suck this to get it, he would have got socked and then I would’ve jacked him for his rolex. That’s what happened (my opinion) in this case. They not only happily took all gifts and trips, but did it over and over again. They knew good and well what they were doing. What they didn’t like was getting cut-off. That’s right, I said it. Once the money and attention went elsewhere, it was time for some get-back. Sorry yall, but you can’t rape the willing.

  9. So it’s not about money, but yet one of the first things this cats mentions is the famous people he was meeting, the cars he was driving, and that jazz and states that he was afraid of losing those material things. Then he happens to mention towards the end that “oh yeah i thought of him as a father”.

    I do believe that Long more then likely did have so inappropriate relations with the kids, but this cat ain’t right either.

  10. Darvin you’re right. That’s basically what the boy said. He said once the bishop got tired of them he cut off communication.

    Honestly, I’m starting to wonder if there is some sort black homosexual fraternity. Even T.D jakes has been accused of being a closet homosexual. In fact, he has been seen in the gay area of Dallas(i live in Texas).

    I remember going to shcool with his son, and that dude is a flaming faggot for real.

    My question is this: Why are they suing him. Why not just go to the media with the stories and the evidence(hopefully a video).

  11. LOL@ some of these comments. I’m trying to stay out of it regardless, but d@mn if this story isn’t terrible. This is no better than watching the fall of Jim Baker and Jimmy Swaggart (though still around). The others just get a curious look such as Creflo Dollar and Benny Hinn. I’m sure glad my family members weren’t freaks when it came to Christianity…

  12. I cannot cast any stone, I am sorry to hear about this but let God be the judge. I hope that it is not true for the sake of his Ministry and his family and let God arise and let the enemy be scattered. I pray that god will deliver the Bishop from this scandal.

  13. The fact that it’s even being debated whether or not Long is a sick pervert is even more proof that we need as much separation from church and state as possible. And Christians want the 10 commandments in court rooms? Are you fucking nuts? After this shit? Defending a bishop that molests children…because he’s a bishop? ‘fuck outta here. You’re lucky we even allow public offices and schools to recognize Christmas anymore. Christians deserve mockery, not recognition by the state.

  14. I don’t know Sunny you have a point about Eddi Long, but you came out pretty ignorant with the rant; I assume directed at Modicia. She didn’t blog here to get cussed at by your keyboard. This isn’t about the church it’s about a man abusing his power.

    Also whether you believe it or not faith in God was the building block of this country, men like George Washington, Ben Franklin, and Thomas Jefferson moved on their faith; it was the driving inspiration for their belief in a successful revolution, it was their bond, in spite of other differences, and it was their fortitude when things got rough. This country was founded as a safehaven for faiths. Now that we are the comfortable superpower and we have made scientific gains we should not forget where we came from. It certainty isn’t the atheist position you represent.

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  16. I rebuke you Satan, concerning Bishop Long. Your plan to soil his ministry is failing now in Jesus name. Satan take your filthy hands away from his ministry and calling. All you agents sent to kill the ministry of this Bishop, fall down and die in Jesus name.

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