Here’s a Hard Hitting Revolutionary version of Rick Ross’s BMF

I love when someone does a rap song that results in multiple remixes and versions of that same song.. Back in the days we saw this kick off with songs like Roxanne Roxanne’ by UTFO which spawned over 30 remixes. Later we saw numerous variations of the Inspector Gadget theme culminating with ‘The Show‘ by Doug E Fresh.

We saw this earlier this year with Jay Electronica’s ‘Exhibit C‘.. We recently saw that with Rick Ross’s ‘BMF‘…Jumping into the fray is Oakland rapper Lord Rab. As he describes it.. This is not the average BMF remix! Lord Rab gives praise to the Black leaders who deserve it and always were prepared for revolution! Homeboy was not kidding , Tight lyrics and good imagery make this one of the best BMF remixes to date.. Who knows maybe Rick Ross himself will wanna jump on the track and give this his blessing and go in on the revolution tip the way Lord Rab does..

-Davey D-

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