While Glenn Beck Hijacks King-Hip Hop Attempts to Restore its Roots

While tens of thousands gathered for the Glenn Beck rally in Washington, DC another large crowd gathered in Columbia, MD. The 7th annual Rock the Bells concert welcomed mainstream and underground hip hop artists to the metropolitan area. Concert goers were concerned that mainstream rap music has contributed to the degradation of what some viewed as a powerful tool for mobilizing the black community; Hip hop. Now, hip hop fans are moving towards more political rap for inspiration.


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4 comments on “While Glenn Beck Hijacks King-Hip Hop Attempts to Restore its Roots

  1. “You can’t just wait and vote and cross your fingers and hope for the best that some magical president is gonna sprinkle fairy dust and make everything all right. That’s not how progressive, radical or revolutionary change has ever occurred. ” – Tom Morello.

    Mr Morello,
    The same thing that can be said of politicians can be said of silly rap and rock artists plunking on thay gee-tars.

    The only thing that will ever make anyone’s life better in this day and age is turning away from empty cliche’ talk and pursuing ones own vigilant independence.

    “Social change” is a concept everyone uses to peddle their own vague ideas, most are just as empty as the images and ideas they implicitly assume to hold contrast to.

    I don’t think anyone should buy into talk about “freedom and democracy”, and they shouldn’t buy into talk about “radical” or “revolutionary change” either.

    That is, unless you’re directly getting something out of it – because the people peddling those cliche’s ARE.

    There are “party goers” and “party throwers”, it’s true for rock the bells and it’s true for every other aspect of life.

    And it will be that way forever.

    So get on the side of the “party throwers”

    The rest is irrelevant.

  2. I encourage you all to watch the movie KYMATICA by Ben Stewart …

    Politics is a distraction meant to take us all away from being the change we wish to see.

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