Immortal Technique: ‘Slavery Was Once the Law-Would You have Supported that Back in the Days?’ Our Rock the Bells Interview

Click HERE to listen to our Breakdown FM interview w/ Immortal Technique at Rock the Bells 2010

During Rock the Bells in Mountainview we caught up with one of Hip Hop’s most profound and politically astute artists Immortal Technique. He swung through 10 deep with his famed Rebel Army and did not disappoint as they lit up the Paid Dues stage.

Later that night we talked to Immortal about some of the key issues of the day starting with his thoughts on Park 51, which is the Muslim Community center being protested by anti-Islamic mobs in New York City near Ground Zero.  We wanted Immortal’s thought on this because he had caused a bit of a stir a few years ago when he released the song Bin Laden where Mos Def and Jadakiss were  on the hook asserting that George Bush knocked down the Twin Towers. Later he did a remix where Chuck D and KRS were on the hook. He explained that it was hypocritical to demand that a group of people who did not fly planes into those buildings be asked to back down.. He said it was more than obvious the 9-11 hijackers did not represent Islam just like Christianity wasn’t represented when Timothy McVeigh blew up the Oklahoma Fed Building or when large groups of people were massacred during the Crusades.

The other big issue we broached was immigration and the debate around Arizona’s SB 1070.  He said ‘illegal immigration’ is more than just a legal issue. He said it’s a human rights issue in which people are seeking out better lives for themselves. Our foreign policies have unduly impacted many  of the places that people are fleeing. We’ve made no moves to correct that.  Immortal noted that many supporters of SB 1070 want the economic advantages that come from ‘undocumented labor’. They’re not making moves to remove themselves from that equation.

Immortal also pointed out that there’s a lot of hypocrisy in those who say they support laws like SB1070. He noted that many say that we must follow the law. “Well slavery was once the law”. Immortal pointed out;  “Would those same people have defended the institution of slavery if they was around back in those days”?

We concluded our interview by talking to Immortal about the orphanage he opened in Afghanistan and his recent trip to Haiti.  He said the idea of opening up an orphanage came during his participation at last year’s Rock the Bells where he met organizers who inspired him. He went out to Afghanistan for several weeks and avoided being embedded with the US military and instead was taken in by long time residents who took him all over the country. he said the trip was life altering.

He noted that his stay Haiti was much shorter and not as impactful compared to Afghanistan. He was disheartened by the extreme poverty and noted that there’s no excuse for this when Haiti is in our backyard.

You can listen our Breakdown FM interview with Immortal Technique by clicking the link below

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40 comments on “Immortal Technique: ‘Slavery Was Once the Law-Would You have Supported that Back in the Days?’ Our Rock the Bells Interview

  1. This is the very exact reason why you do not have “entertainers” speaking for the American people. Especially “hip-hop” entertainers. Comparing slavery to “illegal immigration” to make a point? The interviewer should have checked him or asked for clarification on that. ” The blind leading the blind”. Hip-hop can not teach our youth a damn thing!!! The same people who “own it” are the same people who finance illegal immigration and pro-Israel anit-Islam in America. Entertainers have “opinions” only. They are limited to what they can say. That’s why they can’t or should not be the President of Haiti or Congressmen of New York, they are “owned” by the “entertainment industry owners”.

  2. Yawn.. Robert.. dont be upset that no one pays u any mind compared to the rappers u hate.. Its ok my friend, one day u too will get a check from the zionist and be allowed to speak..and be taken seriously..

  3. Haha I’m dieing @ Davey D’s “yawn”

    Robert, is it? Next time you want to drop knowledge, educate yourself first. Your view that the opinions of entertainers are irrelevent, has it’s place. It’s place however, is without a DOUBT not in a conversation about Immortal Technique. I would pay good money to watch/hear/read you get embarassed by this GIANT of intellect. Immortal knows more about foreign and domestic policy/society/history/etc than you could ever hope to learn. That’s not a diss, my friend, that’s fact. His remark about illegal immigration & slavery is brilliant. He in no way claims the two are the same, but that respecting the ethics of both laws simply BECAUSE they are laws is, for lack of a better term, bullshit.
    Immortal Tcehnique isn’t owned by ANYone, including a label. Do yourself a favor and listen to “Got No Strings.”
    Lastly, hip hop is the genre that is most politically and socially outspoken- hands down. If you don’t like what they say that’s a seperate issue, but to say that they can’t teach anything is quite frankly a bit ignorant bro.
    **Immortal Technique for Pres** 🙂

  4. I have to agree agree with one of Robert’s opinions. It is asinine to compare illegal immigration laws with slavery, that is a seriously spurious logic there. I don’t know IT’s work very well, he seems to be a reasonably skilled rapper, but I can’t say I take his opinion serious. If he continues to disrespect my ancestors my minimizing their experiences, I can only hope his career declines to the point he is able to express these opinion on popular sites.

  5. First of Jamara, his ancestors are ur ancestors..enslaved..people.. so he can speak as he does both as a human being and someone who has slave blood in his veins via his ancestors..
    second, his logic was on how people respect a law one minuet and then don’t the next..what about that do u not understand?

    it’s the same logic many people use including us who will say we have all sorts of laws that are against are humanity.. so for one who sits here and whines that illegal immigration is wrong and tosses up the law in a country that had and still has laws smashing on us is beyond foolish..

    People not only used excuses about law and order to justify slavery, but they backed it up with the teachings from the Bible..So the sons and daughters of enslaved people should be the last to uphold any law from a country who’s founding fathers committed genocide while keeping us shackled..

  6. I agree with some of Immortal Technique’s logic. I must say that I admire his lyrics and I admire his dedication to the human struggle.

    You’re right Rachael he isn’t comparing the two, however, it does seem that he is piggybacking to make his point.

    I love Malcolm X but I don’t agree with everything that he said or his religious beliefs. So when it comes to Immortal Technique’s logic here’s my opinion:

    I agree:

    Throughout the years this country has oppressed humans of all races including whites.

    Political Decisions are based on monetary principles(no shit!!!)

    Alot of Christians, don’t really practice Christianity.

    I disagree with:

    Okay, when you say indigenous, my question is this: how many Hispanics can actually trace their bloodline to THIS COUNTRY?

    Believe me i’m just as bitter when it comes to my family history, but let’s put this white man shit behind us.

    Rachael I would love to talk with IT.

    My question to immortal technique is this: should America open the flood gates and allow every Mexican citizen to come into this country?

    International policies have affected mexico?, WTF, Mexico is full of professionals(trust me I know), who are both indigenous and mixed. I once lived with two Mexican lawyers and I learned all kinds of stuff about Mexico. It’s really not the white man who’s oppressing them. It is their fellow Mexican, as is the case with African countries.

    You are aware that Mexican Cartels make enough money to provide help and assistance to their citizens. As is the case with African Dictators.

    by the way, Immortal Technique said that Obama would lose the presidential race. BOY WAS HE WRONG!!!!!

  7. I think that the main reason why “the white man” is afraid of illegal immigration is because of overcrowding. Overcrowding = less jobs. Let’s face it, illegals drive work wages down, while driving the prices of home up(even in this bad market).

  8. I can’t believe i didn’t get a rebuttle from Davey D. he did do the interview didn’t he? Glenn beck, KRS-1, Mortal Combat or whoever, Davey D, ect., are all “owned” by who? THE TRUTH HURTS. And if you are Black sitting up listening to this guy compare slavery to illegal immigration in any way, you are ignorant and have no sense of Knowledge of Self. I am waiting, Davey D. I’m suprised you have not commented.

  9. Who is this Robert guy so that I can find out what he has said? Does it ever occur to you guys that actaully read this site that these “entertainers” are employed by the entertainment industry? And I read Davey D above that you were telling someone that they should be glad to be getting a check from these people like you. THIS SITE IS EXPOSING ITSELF WHAT IT IS REALLY DOING TO THE AFRICAN AMERICA COMMUNITY FOR DAVEY D’S EMPLOYERS. People read this site “now” because the want to hear opposition to the hip-hop propaganda, trust me. People are tired of being bombard like Hitler did the jews with this hip-hop crap propaganda and indoctrination.

  10. @ DaveyD I’m not concerned about his ancestors, they are not mine. He isn’t Black, he is Peruvian. Peru had very few African slaves and the few that they had were treated rather bad by both whites and the natives- being dark there still has negative connotations. I know we are supposed to be all comebyyuh these days, but I’m rather racial. While I recognize everyone’s humanity, I follow Garvey and believe race first. Thus his slavery remark was offensive and he has certainly lost a potential customer. In any event comparing something to slavery is like comparing one to Hitler, you essentially lose most credibility. Chattel slavery is among the earths great evil and shouldn’t be spoken of lightly.
    Mexico has rather stringent immigration laws, limiting the right of immigrants to their nation, yet America is supposed forfeit those same rights. That is illogical. Nothing was racist about Arizona’s law. Mexicans are not a race, many are white as any Anglo.

  11. “Mexicans are not a race (ehtnic group), many are white as any Anglo” – that is exactly why they are called the “hidden minority” and do not care no more for “Black people struggles” than any one esle in this world. Preach, Jamara.

  12. Jamara save it fam.. first Immortal is mixed.. second no one is asking you to be a customer.. slavery hit all of the americas.. genocide hit all of the americas and it came from folks at the hands of those in the so called new world.. stop trying to wear slavery like a badge as if it gives you some sort of moral authority.. it doesn’t fam..You’re a negro born here in the US like everyone else posting up here. you didn’t go through it so really bruh save it.. LOL we can all lay claim to our ancestors enslaved past.. Mine are saying right on immortal keep speaking.. . Ur bottom line here is you don’t like a group of people Mexicans and your acting like the very racist white people you supposed to be liberating yourself from.. now u can draw some border if you want.. thats gonna fly oh about 15 feet..No ones leaving this country, ur gonna have to adjust to that..

  13. Based on the email I got, Jamara, quit while you are ahead, because if you don’t agree with this guy on his site you’ll be deleted or even worst labeled a “racist”. I think Davey D is Black, I’m not sure. Be careful with this guy. 🙂

  14. First his ancestors were my ancestors, now I have no right to claim my ancestors struggles. Yet I should be concerned about the genocides carried about against his people. Either the past is the past to you or it is not. You can not have it both ways.
    Yes knowing my history and respecting it does give me moral authority over those who seek to disrespect it. I come from a glorious culture and will not let outsiders disrespect it. Immortal was speaking gibberish. Using slavery to validate a very argument in which had no substance. Mexicans get sent back all the time and many have fleeing Arizona. Doesn’t matter if I like Mexicans or not, but I neither like or dislike them. I speak objectively and if Mexicans can be particular about their migrants so can the US.
    @Blinded. I’m not concerned about being banned, such is life. I voice my opinion peacefully and leave it at that.

  15. No jamara.. u should be concerned with all humanity.. ur the one that came on here talking about u was offended and attempted to go down the road of slavery was this evil and no one can speak to it.. You didnt know immortal is of african descent and maybe just maybe he was speaking with a care and understanding as anyone else..

    Second pt this you seem like smart cat so don’t ignore the obvious.. which is plain and simple.. people have used the moral authority of the LAW to justify oppressive behavior throughout the years.. people said slavery was the law.. they said Jim crow was the law, they said women not being allowed to vote was law.. we can go through an entire list of laws that needed to be changed but people wouldn’t budged until pushed. You my friend just happen to be in along line of enablers who doesn’t want to be inconvienced politically or economically so you justify an oppressive law

    Some dimwit supporting sb 1070 is doing so on the basis of racism plain and simple and using all sorts of excuses to support it.. I assume you studied sb 1070 so you clearly understand who Russell Pearce is right? You know of his Nazi background right? you also know your boy Robert co-signed him on this..

    You say your a Garveyite and yet you support the offerings of a Nazi? You support the original provisions he had in sb 1070 which was to ban ethnic studies thus making it impossible to learn about Garvey in any of the state run universities and colleges..? That provision was made into a separate bill and passed a few days after sb 1070..You do know his initial target with these laws were black people right?

    This is not about Mexicans getting sent back. U of all people should understand that you dont support oppression..

  16. Is Davey D Black or jewish? Nazis? He never stands for anything “Black” except maybe some propaganda against white people. What is he?

    Davey D, if you fought that hard for you “own” race you’d be dangerous. I see why you collecting all those zionist dollars. DAVEY D, WHY ARE YOU OPPRESSING OUR PEOPLE WITH THIS SITE FULL OF MIS-INFORMATION? “You of all people should understand that you don’t support oppression”. 🙂 How the hell that person supporting oppressing by pointing out the fact that these people are here illegally? You can’t win with this guy on his site, Jamara. That’s why you have to see whose behind him and “financing” him to do this to Black people daily.. He’s getting his stories straight from their press to indoctrinate…

  17. I look at Immortal Technique the same way I look at the film Idiocracy.

    I can’t tell if Immortal Technique is “Joe” and is being theatrical and grandiose as a means to peddle what otherwise would be common sense – so his moron constituency “gets it” , or if he’s really is just an over-the-top-idiot himself.

    This is also how I look at “conscious Hip Hop” as a whole.

    It’s really fascinating in a weird fun way.

    I see the commonalities between Sara Palin and KRS ONE more than I see the differences.


  19. @ loverboy. Don’t know the role the West has played in “corrupting” Mexico but Western imperialism has definitely “corrupted” Africa and keeps Haiti & Jamaica impoverished. Peep the links:

    Secondly, I’m not so sure if it is an issue of overcrowing versus control and ownership of land and resources in the hands of an elite few. Companies pay low wages regardless of an illegal immigrant poulation and are hoarding cash by not hiring new workers.

  20. @Joe

    I said that we must stop blaming the American system for the problems in Mexico or any other country for that matter.

    If you study the history of most countries, it’s a few people who hoard the wealth in these small countries. Furthermore, they make raw deals with certain companies, watch the movie “Dogs of War”.

    You’re right Joe. Companies will not pay low wages if they don’t have the power to do so. The truth of the matter is this: Americans won’t do the jobs that illegals will do for the same price.

  21. The jews are going to sell you out, Davey D, just like they did the “Black Panther Party” in Oakland, who all eventually became “Crips and Bloods” Gangbangers in Oaktown thanks to Ice T’s record and the movie “Colors” , and Snoop Dog and N.W.A. and the rest of minstrels they employed..


  22. dave theres are some real monrons on this site. first of all Blinded by being stupid, hip hop was started by black people, not jews. You don’t know what your talking about. Funny, all the hip hop history I read, I don’t recall Kool Herc chillin with some Jews, in the Bronx. When did the Black Panters sell out to jews? You talk pro black but you talk down on the Panters?

  23. Brother, Crips and Bloods was around in L.A. way before Ice T, even thought about doing “Colors”. Hip hop wasn’t even around yet, the Crips was created in the late ’60s, Ice T’s “colors” or N.W.A came in 1988 and 1989, so you’re blame rappers for gangs that was around 20 years before their music?

  24. Stevie, Crips and Blood was in “LA”, the crap is nation-wide today. Like in New Jersey where Ice T is originally from. It was a “movie”, Bro. Study somethings about “subliminal propaganda” and how jews manipulate Black people, Stevie. Start with a book called “The Secret Relationship Betweeen Blacks and Jews”. Not the one they push sellingh as ss out Russell Simmons up to write for hip-hop. Jews are the one’s pushing this hip-hop crap. Might as well know the “truth”.

  25. A jew sold out the Black Panther Party, Stevie. Read right, fella. And know your history!

  26. Stevie, read “Source MAgazine” 1994, you’ll see Herc cooling with some jews, selling out our peoppple for a place in hip-hop made up history. Know your history, dude. I been teaching this thing since 1979.

  27. What I’m saying, you can’t blame the Crips and Bloods on Ice T. I know “colors” is a movie, fool! I’m from Texas and the Crips and Bloods crap came here, not because of no songs, but some those L.A gangbangers moved here, and brought that crap with them. Ok you telling Herc in the early 70’s was hanging around some jews, where youre proof? Rappers delight was release in 1979, it was the first hip hop record, but hip hop was around before then. Herc a d,j not a rapper, made hip hop thru parties and clubs, way before the Sugar Hill Gang made that record. The d.js paved the way for hip hop. You are talking about the record industry, hip hop was here years before they made records. Herc was just having fun when he starting spinning records, he never thought people would be making records.

  28. Stevie, you are lost. read a book called “The Secret Relatioship between Blacks and Jews”, not the one hip-hop put selling ass out Russell Simmons up to write. You never heard of copy cat? You nevert heard of subliminal perception either? You don’t understand the fact that jews run hip-hop, either? You don’t know about the Source Magazine deal in 1994, do you? The first hip-hop record was in like 1989, ther first Rap Album was in 1979. Hip-hop has been hear as long as white people create nursery rhymes in Europe. that is where the term “hip-hop” actually came from. Jews just used the term to sell record s to white people and globaly exploiting Black people as they did with “minstrel”. Got to know history, Stevie, because without that knowledge we can’t talk. YOu only know what Davey D has told you. you don’t know the “truth”.

  29. I just read what you said about Kool Herc chilling with some jews in 1994, and my reply is.. and? Fool, I was saying Herc wasn’t chilling with some jews in the early 70’s. If you think that hip hop started with “rappers delight”, may be you should listen to “South Bronx”.

    Unless J Edgar Hoover was a jew, then I don’t buy a jew soul out the Panters. The FBI and CIA got rid of the Black Panters, not a jew. If you know anything about history, jews was not treated to nice, during those days. I’m not a jew, but do u recall those 3 men who was killed in the deep south, in 1964? Those men I think was trying to help black vote, one of them was a jew, and was kill because he was a jew.


  31. Stevie, you don’t know history. You don’t know Oakland and the jew i’m referring to either.

  32. So Herc, Grandmaster Flash, Kool Moe all those brothers, who started hip hop, are lying? Hip hop didn’t start with a brother rapping or rhymin, like I said Kool Herc is not a rapper, he is a d.j. the D.js started hip hop, people didnt rap until years later. Kids was writing and breaking before any dude was rapping. The first rappers was the D.js, when a d.j did a party, he would get the crowd going. The first m.cs or rappers, started rappin’ like in 1976 or 77. The Sugar Hill Gang didn’t write “Rapper Delight”, another dude did. You don’t know what you’re talking about.

  33. Here what kill me, u do bring up songs like PE’s “Fight The Power”, what about “Stop the Violence” by BDP, “Color Blind” by Ice Cube. Hell, at the end of Ice T’s “Colors” song, he told brothers to stop the violence.

  34. Steve.. just ignore Robert.. He’s a man afraid to use his real name, show his picture and has no standing.. Most of all he knows very little about Hip Hop.. His fall back position is to blame everything on Jews and act Archie-bunker-like.. If u do choose to write about history.. do so for the benefit of others..who may be reading it.. Remember the one who yells out the loudest and attempts to be the most disruptive is usually the one who is part of the problem.. Its like all the anti-gay republicans who wind up being gay.. The same applies here.. Robert is running around making anti-semitic remarks.. accusing folks of getting money and funding from them as if thats bad and of course not being Black if they don’t espouse the same things he says.. Thats the sure sign of someone who is covering up something…

  35. @ Blinded By The Word “Racism”

    First Of All Felipe Andres (Immortal Technique) Coronel Is Not Owned By A Record Label That “are the same people who finance illegal immigration and pro-Israel anit-Islam in America.” He’s An Independant And Self Sustained Revolutionary Hip-Hop Artist So He’s Not Owned By Any Major Record Label That Is Owned By A White Man. Second Of All Hes Actually A Pretty Smart And Intelectual Man. He’s Working On His Major Degree In Political Science And Political Relations So I’m Pretty Sure He Knows The Foundation Of This Country And How It Was Founded By “Our” “Immigrant” Forefathers. Im A Mexican-American Serving In Our Armed Service And The Whole Immigrant Laws And Bans Is A Very Strong Subject Giving The Fact That My Mother Is “Illegal” But All Me And 4 Brothers Have Served In The US Military And Combat Zones Over The World.

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