A Look Back at Hurricane Katrina-The Sights & Sounds w/ Public Enemy, Kanye West vs George Bush & DJ Chela

Another take on the classic PE cut “I” that originally featured on THERE’S A POISON GOIN’ ON. Inspired by a trip to New Orleans in 2007, Chuck wanted to create a new version of the song and shoot a video as he explored the ruins of the lower 9th ward.


Public Enemy

Below are the audio archives from our last two Hard Knock radio Shows that focus the plight of Katrina survivors and their trials and tribulations..

Our guests on this show are New Orleans natives Rev Lennox Yearwood of the Hip Hop Caucus who was in New Orleans leading a march for poor people.. Our other guest is author Jordan Flaherty who wrote an incredible book called Floodlines. In his book he starts off by giving in depth accurate accounts of what really took place in the days after the Katrina. he dispels many of the myths about violence, rapes and lotting in the superdome. He points out who the real ‘First Responders‘ were during that time period. Click the Link below to hear the show..


Below is our Hard Knock Radio show with katrinba survivors… Spoken word artist Safari Ra and Black Dot Cafe owner Marcel Diallo. Safari relives the horric moments when his house was flooded and how he and his family stood on rooftops for several days desperately seeking help. We talk to him about what took place in the aftermath and what the climate was really like. He noted that the community in the 9th Ward came together. There wasnt all this drama that mainstream media lied about.

Marcel Diallo is a long time property owner who lost his home on the 9th Ward. he explains what its been like to recover and rebuild. He talks about all the red tape and all the drama that many have had to endure. Its haeratwrenching and frustrating..


Below is an audio mix that speaks for itself.. 5 years ago.. Monday August 29 2005 Black America got her own 9-11. She was hit with an act of terrorism in New Orleans that was just as devastating if not more than what took place when those Twin Towers were felled by planes… Yes, you read that correctly.. Most people mistakenly believe that the city of New Orleans was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina. Lets make sure folks understand this once and for all… Much of neighboring Mississippi was destroyed by HurricaneKatrina which hit the state with its full level 5 impact.

Click HERE to Listen to Audio Mix


DJ Chela’s Katrina Mix Testisfy ’05

Here’s an incredible collage of sounds..A *testimonial* to the struggle and devastating injustice experienced by the people of New Orleans in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. With spoken clips from Kanye West, David Banner, Rosa Clemente, New Orleans residents, Al Sharpton, Ray Nagin, George W Bush, and news journalists. From Dj Chela‘s 2006 mixtape “High Treason” hosted by M1 of dead prez.

Click HERE to Listen to DJ Chela's Hurricane Katrina Mix


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2 comments on “A Look Back at Hurricane Katrina-The Sights & Sounds w/ Public Enemy, Kanye West vs George Bush & DJ Chela

  1. Davey D I really appreciate your perspectives five years later about Katrina. I was really intrigued author Jordan Flaherty who wrote Floodlines & the comparison with Jena 6 and the impact citizens from Louisiana had on the outcome of the Jena 6. This is a book, I have to put on by to buy list real soon.
    I definitely agree with Rev Lennox Yearwood, when he state that everything is all about the dollar, and they forget about humanity. And we seriously failed on so many levels with the people of Katrina, first by calling them “refugees”! Therefore the media, government, and everyone that allowed this term didn’t see them as Americans, until they saw people of Mississippi other than African Americans were affected to see them as people.
    Then somehow if I’m not mistake it was Oral Roberts that said they deserved this because they were a city that represented Sodom & Gomorrah!
    It was blame central. Although everyone criticized Kanye West for saying “George Bush don’t care about black people”, we were all feeling that way before Katrina. 9th Ward is a prime example of those words.
    Without Mayor Nagin getting on the radio & acting like a straight up mad African American man, cursing & going off, there is no telling how long it would have taken for help to come.
    I will end with this, that some have chosen not to come back, due to better opportunities. I haven’t heard anyone mention anything about the hospitals, and being able to provide adequate health care. The government owe it to the city, where there shouldn’t be any homeless. And help with any government loans to provide business opportunities.
    Thanks again Davey D for the insight!


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