The Ground Zero Debate: Islam Did Not Knock Down the Towers…Immortal Technique, Mos Def & Paris Remind Us Who Did

As we continue this senseless debate about the building of an Islamic Cultural Center near Ground Zero, we should keep a few important points in mind..

1-Islam did not knock down the towers…If it did then we best be prepared to shoulder the blame for ‘Christianity’ burning crosses and lynching thousands of Black people throughout the South. If Islam knocked down the towers, then we’re gonna have to accept the fact that ‘Catholics’ raped hundreds of little altar boys and we’re gonna have to accept that ‘Jews’ killed Jesus. I’m sure if we sit back and think for a minute we can find all sorts of evil things done in the name of God, Jehovah, Allah etc and conclude that an entire religion was responsible for the wrong doing..Obviously that would be wrong-headed, so lets not be selective in what we want to demonize.

2-This country was founded on Freedom of Religion.. It doesn’t matter if you wanna pray to Frosty the Snowman or Barney the Dinosaur, you have that right and no one should be allowed to prevent you from practicing especially when the worship is being done on private property and other people are not being physically harmed.

I realize being tolerant is hard for many to stomach, but too bad.  Feelings may be hurt and that’s understandable, we all have our feelings and opinions and we’re entitled to them.. However, that does not give anyone the right to stop someone from enjoying the main tenets this country was founded on. If someone doesn’t like the Islamic Center near Ground Zero being built because they feel the land around it is somehow sacred, then those folks with hurt feelings can walk right past it. You don’t have to visit it. You can go to the strip club that’s nearby and drown your sorrows in a healthy offering a naked dancers and porn.

3-Many Muslims died on 9-11 as did people of all races and religion. No one group gets to claim moral high ground or some sort of ultimate victim status. Many people lost family members on 9-11 and in the weeks, months and now years afterwards. Today we have first responders who are dying because of health issues related to 9-11 that wasn’t disclosed while they were doing clean up. There are thousands more who volunteered and joined the military and later perished on the battle fields of Iraq and Afghanistan. Those two wars were and are being fought under the guise of what took place on 9-11.

4-If folks really want to fight a battle about what should be built on and around Ground Zero, then do some homework. Initially many of the family members who lost loved ones came together and asked that the World Trade space be devoid of buildings and that space be made into a memorial park.

Sadly, that idea was shot down and ultimately rejected by developers and politicians who insisted that the best testament to America’s strength would be to replace those towers with new ones and essentially let the world know that America was back in business and would not compromise on her ideals..We didn’t hear one peep from anyone who is up in arms today. If people were so gung-ho they should’ve been riding for the family when they said lets have a ‘real sacred’ space. But since we decided to show the world America will rebuild and showcase her Freedom loving philosophy, its a shame to see that being shoved away by intolerance.  All these people crying and whining about the Islamic Center is not a good look for America.

5-Islam did not knock down the towers. The incompetence and political turf battles within important divisions of our Intelligence community led to 19 men with box cutters taking 3000 lives, damaging the Pentagon and creating Ground Zero. Maybe if Bush and his croonies had a better handle on things the warning signs and intelligence of Osama Bin Laden striking us would’ve been heeded.. but alas it wasn’t. Who knocked down the towers?

Immortal Technique and Mos Def got it right with their landmark song ‘Bin Laden

Immortal is not one to limit his thoughts to a record and not back up what he rapped about. He recently did an interview for Russia Today where he sheds further light on what thinks about 9-11.

Bay Area rapper Paris also spoke out forcefully about what took place on 9-11. He was probably the first of over 200 rap artists who eventually did songs on the incident. His opinion like many was and is starkly different then what was being pushed by George Bush and the White House.

Below is his song What Would YOu Do? and a link to an article he put forth with a challenge to debate anyone on the facts surrounding 9-11. He went on Fox News and a bunch of other places and handled business in terms of backing up his words and shutting folks down. He followed up his song with written responses to the questions folks had about  ‘What Would You Do?

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12 comments on “The Ground Zero Debate: Islam Did Not Knock Down the Towers…Immortal Technique, Mos Def & Paris Remind Us Who Did

  1. Great piece Davey D! Thanks for the videos, especially Immortal Technique! That brother was deep and right on it

    I’ve been waiting for any Muslims that don’t have the beliefs as the ones that committed the horrific crimes of 9/11. So, therefore is it loving to scorn a whole religious group of people based on the fact that some have started a sect to their religion? Or because of the color of their skin?

  2. This is one of those things that wouldn’t even be an issue if people didn’t know about it. You have two types of issues, ones that really affect our lives, like the economy, an entire region of the country being destroyed by a hurricane or oil spill, a terrorist attack that will certainly result in war, like 9/11, etc. These events, even if you don’t care or by some miracle managed to not be informed about them, would still affect you because they would have an economic impact, an increase in police action in some instances, etc. Then you have things that just come on the news, and Americans feel compelled to take a side. Gay marriage and the current debate of a Mosque two blocks from the WTC would be an examples of this. Immigration would be another example, as very few Americans have actually lost their jobs to illegal immigrants. The big issue affecting everyone right now is the economy. Yet it’s taken a back seat to this debate on all of the major news networks. This is just another example of the media distracting us from bigger issues by reporting on meaningless ones.

    About the Mosque, never mind the blatant violation of civil rights in not allowing it, it’s also noteworthy that the Mosque would be on a side street, two blocks from the WTC site, that sees little to no foot traffic of WTC tourists. Just another example of how much of a non issue this really is. Somebody’s stirring the pot.

  3. “especially Immortal Technique! That brother was deep”

    It’s not that he’s “deep” it’s just the bar is so low, it makes him look “smart”.

    He also calls himself a socialist (which is cute). But he’s really an opportunistic capitalist. He just does it in a way that lends to the image of being an “underdog”……which is how people like him make their money. And they make lots of it.

    The mosque is a non issue.

  4. REAL TALK.THIS IS SOME WHITE SUPREMACY BULLSHIT. IF A CHURCH OR A SYNAGOGUE WAS BUILT THERE THIS WOULDN”T BE AN ISSUE!!!!!! When timothy mcveigh or the white guy who flew his plane into the IRS building in Austin,Texas, they’re not terrorists, instead they’re so-called real Americans with a beef with the us government.GOD FORBID AMERIKKKA talks about her foreign policy,genocidal race wars against the native indians,the black africans they forced and kidnapped into 400 years of chattel slavery that started with the TRANS-ATLANTIC SLAVE TRADE.STRAIGHT MADNESS that this was done in the name of the white man’s mystery god.These people posting on here saying the mosque is a non-issue are full of shit because anyone can see what they’re doing.In their eyes all Muslims must be evil and all Christians must be good.REALLY??? Last time I checked there is radicals in every religion.Supposedly Amerikkka was founded as a christian nation.Might as well dig up the dead and gone slavemasters,KKK and the other white supremacists who who raped,killed,beat and tortured blacks and native indians while building their so-called great country on our backs.THIS COUNTRY THE USA ARE FOOLS WHO NEVER PRACTICE WHAT THEY PREACH!!!!!

  5. 1. It’s not a mosque it’s a cultural center.

    2. It would be at least 5 blocks from Ground Zero but these xenophobic idiots will have you believe it’s going to be on the same block which couldn’t be further from the truth.

    3. Republicans only claim to uphold the Constitution when it suits them but will trash it in a heartbeat as proven but their reactions to this cultural center.

  6. I wonder how these critics would feel if the indigenous residents’ native to this land started to raise hell about all the churches, malls, schools, prisons, etc. built on the bones of their ancestors and forefathers. Think they’d support their revolution against Christianity?

  7. crankpot, how much money does Immortal Technique make? Does he have a lucrative record deal, distribution? If so, with what company, and how big of a deal is he signed to?

  8. 3. “Republicans only claim to uphold the Constitution when it suits them but will trash it in a heartbeat as proven but their reactions to this cultural center.”


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  10. For their to be a continued debate on this issue, let me know this is deeper than a religious freedom issue. This is more of a racial issue, which is more sad & pathetic. Because you can’t reason with people with hate in their hearts, until God change them.
    It is obvious being in the USA, no one has the right to deny anyone the right to build a place to worship, no matter the race, creed, or religion.
    But, if we’re honest we still hold all Muslims responsible for 9/11. We don’t want to sit by them in a plane, we judge them just by their attire, and stay away from them.
    But because as Christians, Catholics, Lutherans, Pentecostal, Buddhist, Hinduism, & Jehovah’s Witnesses dress alike , but members have committed crimes. No one can single that group out because we all dress alike, and unless we tell them no one will know our religious affiliation.

    So, this is about hate. Until we can move past that, this subject is useless for those with hate in their hearts. Their intentions are to keep us divided and upset. Peace to all!

  11. This may not be a popular comment but here goes. As much as we would like to make this a racial issue or even an issue of Religious Freedom, it is not. This hullaballoo is nothing more than POLITICS.
    Those fighting this Community Center are portending various affronts but this is ridiculous.
    Those fighting this do not give two shits about the sanctity of the area as there is a strip club blocks from the proposed site.
    They don’t care about it being a Mosque, because it is not a Mosque, it is a commcen.
    This is not about the ‘atrocities’ perpetuated by ‘Muslims’, because 9/11 was not a Muslim act, and if they wanted to talk about inappropriate, then the Catholic Church should not build anywhere.
    This is all POLITICS.
    Please, do not get mad. Anger drowns out reason. Meet these idiots with reason, and that will shut them up.
    Meet them with anger and we become as worthless as they are.
    Peace for us all.

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