Fear of a Brown Planet:Leading Republicans want to Eliminate Citizenship for Those Born in the US


Republicans want review of birthright citizenship


By BEN EVANS, Associated Press Writer Ben Evans, Associated Press Writer – Tue Aug 3, 6:25 pm ET

John McCain

WASHINGTON– Leading Republicans are joining a push to reconsider the constitutional amendment that grants automatic citizenship to people born in the United States.

Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky said Tuesday he supports holding hearings on the 14th Amendment right, although he emphasized that Washington’s immigration focus should remain on border security.

His comments came as other Republicans in recent days have questioned or challenged birthright citizenship, embracing a cause that had largely been confined to the far right.

The senators include Arizona’s John McCain, the party’s 2008 presidential nominee; Arizona’s Jon Kyl, the Republicans’ second-ranking senator; Alabama’s Jeff Sessions, the top Republican on the Judiciary Committee, and Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, a leading negotiator on immigration legislation.

“I’m not sure exactly what the drafters of the (14th) amendment had in mind, but I doubt it was that somebody could fly in from Brazil and have a child and fly back home with that child, and that child is forever an American citizen,” Sessions said.

Legal experts say repealing the citizenship right can be done only through constitutional amendment, which would require approval by two-thirds majorities in both chambers of Congress and by three-fourths of the states. Legislation to amend the right, introduced previously in the House, has stalled.

The proposals are sure to appeal to conservative voters as immigration so far is playing a central role in November’s elections. They also could carry risks by alienating Hispanic voters and alarming moderates who could view constitutional challenges as extreme. Hispanics have become the largest minority group in the United States, and many are highly driven by the illegal immigrant debate.

McConnell and McCain seemed to recognize the risk by offering guarded statements Tuesday.

McCain, who faces a challenge from the right in his re-election bid, said he supports reviewing citizenship rights. He emphasized, however, that amending the Constitution is a serious matter.

“I believe that the Constitution is a strong, complete and carefully crafted document that has successfully governed our nation for centuries and any proposal to amend the Constitution should receive extensive and thoughtful consideration,” he said.

At a news conference, McConnell refused to endorse Graham’s suggestion that citizenship rights be repealed for children of illegal immigrants. While refusing to take questions, he suggested instead that he would look narrowly into reports of businesses that help immigrants arrange to have babies in the United States in order to win their children U.S. citizenship.

The 14th Amendment, adopted in 1868 in the aftermath of the Civil War, granted citizenship to “all persons born or naturalized in the United States,” including recently freed slaves.

Defenders of the amendment say altering it would weaken a fundamental American value while doing little to deter illegal immigration. They also say it would create bureaucratic hardships for parents giving birth.

Quoting a newspaper columnist, Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid of Nevada said Republicans were “either taking leave of their senses or their principles” in advocating repeal.

An estimated 10.8 million illegal immigrants were living in the U.S. as of January 2009, according to the Homeland Security Department. The Pew Hispanic Center estimates that as of 2008, there were 3.8 million illegal immigrants in this country whose children are U.S. citizens.

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21 comments on “Fear of a Brown Planet:Leading Republicans want to Eliminate Citizenship for Those Born in the US

  1. Whitey is scared. Real scared. His birth rates are steadily declining, so he gotta take action fast. It’s like watching a short man chop the legs off a tall man in the hopes that he will then cease to be a short man.

  2. Now I’m scared. This is tackling any immigration problems in an entirely wrong way. It’s like throwing out all the cheese because you think there might be mice.

  3. I thought it was about enforcing the laws as they are. Now they want to change the law? Makes one wonder if it was never about the law in the first place, and if it was really about their ideology.

  4. Actually, the law that says that children of immigrants may gain citizenship was actually designed for slaves. If you read the law carefully it says that it only applies to immigrants that have no known country of origin(slaves). So technically, immigrants are here illegally.

  5. Technically, they’re here legally. Theoretically they’re here illegally, is what you mean. And your theory seems far fetched anyway. A lot of laws today don’t address what they were designed for. The law, as it stands, makes anyone born in America a legal citizen. One of the war cries of the anti immigrant movement of modern day is, “enforce the law”. Now it’s change the law? Fair enough. How about we change the law to give more amnesty to immigrants who are here to work? Hypocrites.

  6. I still say all of this stuff is bogus and is a weak front for “real Americans” to maintain the status quo (or actually scale it back)…and don’t get me started on the so-called Drug Wars in Mexico (fighting over U.S. profits)!

  7. Gust, I could care less. As to wheter they are here legally or illegally. My voice and your voice don’t count. It is the politician who doesent represent me or you who gets the say so! The law as it stands or the law as they enforce it? You tripped up on your own words by saying that it means one thing but it isn’t enforce entirly. The truth is the truth! Look the law up on your own.

  8. r u talkin bout thoz same brown folks who r racist against black folks? cuz u kno, you find black/white couple bfore u spot black/brown couple! anyways, davey, ima disagree w/you on almost everythin politically, but i admire ur perseverance. bcuz of so, i hope one day we can meet in the middle

  9. No Publc nme I’m talking abt the Brown folks who are friends, cousins, familily and comrads in the struggle on various levels..The ones who live next door, down the street and around the corner.. The ones I went to school with and the ones I work with.. The ones I find in barrios in Cali and Texas and the ones I find in NY or Philly.. The Brown Puerto Ricans, Dominicans, Palestinians, Mexicans, Brazilians, El Slavadorians etc.. I roll with those who understand the concept of principled unity and those who recognize the humanity in all of us..

    Now are there some mentally colonized Brown folks who hate Black folks.. I’m sure there are.. but they don’t define the Brown experience no more than the Black hater who snatched my auntie’s purse the other day, define the Black experience…Are there brown gang bangers in some cities who hate on us? Sure… I’m not sure how different they are then the ones who demand we wear red or Blue or wants us to choose between peeps and folks or Bx or Bk..

    And I’m certain my Brown folks are being asked about why they rolling with the Black folks in other parts of the country who prey on them ie like the two cats in Brooklyn who beat the Ecudorian cat to death..we all have tales..

    I’m pretty clear that the legacy of racism colonization, slavery has left many of us confused and fucked up in our collective outlooks that would include those who brought into white supremacy..You support or stand in opposition to a law or system that denies our humanity.. SB 1070 and proposed anti-anchor baby laws are the result of a scared group of people clinging to old oppressive ways and who see profit before people..

    As far as couples go..I have no idea where u live..but I see Brown-Black couples everywhere as long as two people love each other than more power to them

  10. I saw a black/brown couple right in the heart of what was supposed to be a hot bed of black/brown violence in Los Angeles, on Figueroa and 43rd avenue in Highland Park. I think the media is trying to play up this black/brown thing. It’s prison drama that spilled out to the streets, and some people on the outside are manipulating it for political purposes.

  11. davey & rob thomas:
    i ddnt say there arent blk/brn cples, i said u’d find a blk/wht b4 a blk/brwn; otha thing, we cant just call ppl racist and not undastnd why they do what they do, especially if 70% of that state agrees w sb1070. same in ca’s prop 8- it’s a local issue and me in fla or sittng hi & mighty in my judicial seat shldnt b overridn what the locals want. that tells me “we the ppl” means nothin and special intrsts hav precedence (howeva that word’s splld). come on fellas: look past the rhtorc n tlkn points. btw, tribes were enslavn each otha long b4 racial colonization. it aint bout race cuz evn on this site i read the nastiness among peers who only disagree,
    so i can only imagn if they had weapnz… diffs r cool 4 diff purpses. lookn at nature, even god likes variety.

  12. Publ ne where do u find Black white couples b4 Black-Brown? In New York City? Or Seattle… Houston Tx or Phoenix? In the movies or in your head?

    Second as for prop 8 u don’t vote on peoples civil rights.. Most people according to polls didn’t believe in intergration.. They were against Interracial dating and at one point they didn’t believe women should be allowed to vote.. Yes when those issues came up We the PPL didn’t count and shouldn’t count.. thats just plain stupid..

    If we don’t like the judges.. then its up to all of us to make sure judges aren’t appointed for life long terms.. which last I checked we voted on.. I guess since its not going ur way, u wanna toss it out

  13. this bill has little chance of passing, since it would severely alter the Constitution in fundamental ways, besides creating a legal nightmare, since you’d be upholding a double standard for those who have citizenship already vs. those who dont.

    as far as someone flying in from Brazil and giving birth to an American citizen then jetting out, why it gotta be Brazil? isnt this just as likely for someone from Iceland, Norway, England, or Ireland?

    it is a little scary how the Tea Partiers have forced the GOP to take complete leave of their senses.

    and i have to agree with Davey that nme is totally off-base. i doubt it would be possible to cite any statistical proof of that claim that there are more black/white couples than black/brown overall, and certainly in densely-populated urban environments with a racially-diverse demographic, this is not the case.

    Latinos in Texas, for example, outnumber both whites and blacks, and this will be the case in California within five years.

    Historically, there have always been brown/black people as well as brown/red people in America–at least since the early 1800s…what we’re seeing now is more multiethnic combos which were rare before, like asian/black or asian/latino.

    on the prop 8 topic, anyone who believes it’s a “local issue” needs to have their head examined. setting aside the fact that primary funding came from out of state (Mormons in Utah), it’s unconstitutional to deny anyone civil rights or to attempt to institutionalize discrimination. to do so is illegal, and there are no legal arguments which can mitigate this, which is essentially what the judge ruled.

    Prop 8 should never even have been placed on the ballot as it has an inherently illegal premise.

    and fyi, the Constitution is the highest law of the land. there is not a separate US Constitution for Arizona or Florida or Utah or North Carolina or Texas than for California. States cannot legislate something which is unconstitutional short of seceding from the union. and, honestly, Arizona couldn’t make it on its own, since it is heavily dependent on federal pork to artificially inflate its economy, not to mention a reliance on cheap labor from–you guessed it–migrant workers who crossed the border.

    Republicans and white supremacists can complain all they want, but since their rights as citizens are guaranteed by this same document, the law must provide equal protection for all. if they dont like it they can always move to North Korea or Saudi Arabia.

  14. davey:
    i just dont like whn ppl r bein targetd as “racists” or any otha labl whn so convenient for one side; we’re suppsd to b “adults” but still act like childrn. u and i can go bck and foth on that and not accomplsh nada. however, on the basis of rite/wrng, there r lines. illegal, n lets call it wut it is- illegal immgrtn isnt allwd in ANY country. this is human trffckng (can u say “slavery”) where politicians (votes)n corps (cheap labor) benefit. hell, even obama’s general motors buildn a plant in mexico while all the workrs here lose- thats plain wrong! “the brown” (mexico) even has tight bordr patrol n measurz alng thier so. bordr. couple yrs ago in MA aftr factory raid, all illegal immgrnt jobs were filld by residnts.
    supremists come in all colors, parties, walks of life. whn we decide to look past those labels, only thn can we bcome mature; othawise, we stay trappd in a moment of time as today passes us by. u were made to b greater than that.
    i agree w u far as the judges… n any otha officials;i just wish they would consider the peoplz’ will.
    btw, how can anyone b for the blck community but b for lifestyles that kill us off such as homosexuality (anti-procreation) and abortion (convenience)?

  15. Homesexuality does not kill us off fam… thats a beyond ridiculous statement..as for procreation we have lots of babies and have even more that are in need of good loving parents..
    Again if u are really against immigration then man up and make sure u DON’t BUY any of the goods made by companies that use them.. Its not that hard why spend throusands on a wal when u can simply with hold thousands on the retain level.. Don’t buy the inexpensive lettuce..etc.. When most folks who are so against immigration are offered this choice they freeze up and run away.. why? because its not really about what they claim..

    It’s real simple for me.. the minute I find out a business is support SB 1070 I don’t spend my money with them.. So you will not see me or any business I have a budget for purchase something at Target.. I wont support the Diamond Backs and you wont see me at PF Changs..Obviously its not that simple for the Hate immigrant crowd

  16. i’m an immigrant; thnk i hate myself? itz the ILLEGALS (more specifclly, brown) that i’m against skppn da procss while my ppl go thru proper chnnls (papers, time, money, etc).
    sb1070 also spprtd by many browns- do they hate immigrants?
    davey, did u undastand the “slavery” point? c’mon buddy; i thnk
    u know betta thn wut u type. u sound like a just man like me (xcept u mite b lot mor educatd) so i wld thnk u dnt want 2 lead
    othaz astray thru emotionz but nstead thru righteousnss n love (long-suffrng, kind, w/o envy, not selfish or easily provokd, bears/believz/hopes/endures all thngs, not plottng). rememba: da truth aint neva hurt nobody; itz da lies.
    peace 2 u n da fam alwayz…

  17. Everybody in the US is an immigrant don’t try to claim something as if ur unique. Second, I dont care how many Brown folks support sb1070 so what? To answer ur question, if they are supporting sb 1070 then they hate immigrants.. its plain its simple.. They are taking the position of ‘I got mine, get yours..

    As far as emotions its simple..I’m for human rights..everyone has a right to basic needs and if it doesn’t exist in one place then they should be able to go to another place to find it..I dont care how many borders they cross..

    The solution to illegal immigration is simple Publc nme.. if u feel that strong about it..put ur money where ur mouth is.. stop purchasing goods, services and supplies from ANY and ALL businesses that use undocumented labor.. I would think you would want to support American made things. You should want to support buzinesses that honor the rules..

    So I will ask you again are u willing to support SB1070 with your dollars? In this entire convo, you have avoided embracing that. Thats been the case of most supporters of SB 1070.. Ask them to pay a regular price not an exploited price and they balk.. Until then I can only conclude this is not a sincere discussion..Its one based around greed and one being selective.

  18. davey,
    i apprcte u takn the time 4 this convo n it iz my pleazur for this opprtunity whcheva way we go from here. howeva, let me clarify sumthn:
    i was not born here so therefore i am not a native, i am an immigrant, but legally.
    this is not about emotions, cuz they alwayz tend 2 get u in troubl!
    sb1070 is not about money- it is a mirror of fed law at the state level.
    let me illustrate it this way:
    my neighbor breaks into our home. just bcuz she makes my brothaz bed evry morning, dad doesnt call authorities. soon she’s takn ice from our freezer evry day back to HER house. our water bill goes higher as a result n now dad’s complnin and telln us that WE gotta cut back on showers! a cple times, her nephew snuck in, stole my vid game and broke a window. i get tired of this so now i call cops on this woman bfore my emotions hav me kill her.
    she’s not a guest; dad’s usin her for lazy bro; my complnts are not bein heard in my own home; my room is vandlzd (actually, home is); i do what i blieve is rite thng that shoulda been done long time ago.
    i ask u- am i in fear of my neighbor?
    as far as human rites, u dnt run from place to place to find it: no one can take away wut u dont give. (see: mlk)
    if it was about human rites, i dont thnk ppl will take risks to come to a place some consider unfair. it is the opportunities; not GUARANTEED, but nonetheless opportunities.
    we shldnt peddle victimhood. u and i are victors, which means respnsblities. same would b for anyone else.
    it aint where u from or where u at- itz where u goin and wut u doin to get there.
    dude, like i said, ur hearts in the rite place; i just thnk ur offcourse.
    my convo w/you was selective (lol!). thnx agn for the opprtunity.

  19. If we follow ur logic..of someone breaking into my house and making the bed.. lets take it a step further.. If that person pays me a part of the rent and I wind up with extra money then I am complicit in the ‘crime’ . We cant have it both ways.. If u are of the position that immigration is wrong then simply boycott any business that uses undocumented labor.. Are you willing to do that even if it means paying a higher price? There’s a sizeable adult population that contributes to the tax base both in sales tax and even in income tax if they have an ID.. this is a fact in spite what opponents suggest.. If we were to not have those extra dollars in taxes if we discover we are short on revenue?

    As for being off course.. quite the contrary I’m right on.. I oppose the law and am doing everything in my power to fight it.. I see this as a human rights issue so you will not see or hear me complaining about folks being here..Others are complaining and are fighting to put this law in place.. we’ll see if they are will to endure the cost.. Most cant on the simple discipline of not supporting any bizness thats in violation.. That says alot

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