White Supremacists Are the Forces Behind Arizona’s New Apartheid-Like ‘Papers Please’ Law SB1070

We are just a day away from the implantation of SB1070 which many are calling Arizona’s Apartheid Law… Hundreds of thousands are descending on the state to protest.. while hundreds of racist minded individuals including Sheriff Joe Arpiao are perched to make full use of their police departments to start jamming up Brown skinned residents.. Below are a couple of videos that layout the key forces behind these anti-immigrant laws including the collusion of white supremacist forces and the bankrolling of these anti-immigrant movement via John Tantum


A short educational video revealing the forces behind the aniti-immigration movement in the United States.

Join the Center for New Community to make a stand for justice and equality in your community: www.newcomm.org



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5 comments on “White Supremacists Are the Forces Behind Arizona’s New Apartheid-Like ‘Papers Please’ Law SB1070

  1. Scott, can you please provide facts/sources that undocumented workers have stolen anything from anyone you know? Based on a report from the Washington Post you may owe undocumented workers an apology. Here is an excerpt from their report feel free to inform other instead of spewing tired republican rhetoric.

    “An investigation by the Washington Post shows that undocumented workers pay billions of dollars each year in taxes from which they receive no substantial benefit, including Social Security taxes they will never be able to collect.   While some may not pay taxes, most do so, and some do so gladly, feeling that they are benefiting from living and working in the US, even if in an undocumented status.”- http://www.visalaw.com/01apr3/15apr301.html

  2. What I don’t get is why some many that degry unjust treatment in this country still remain here, from gays to blacks to illegal aliens. Why even bother to continue to remain here and come here if all you are faced with at the end of the day is negativity, screwed up laws, and racist attacke all of the time? Why not raise up and go where you are welcomed?

  3. Well, it’s not breaking news! The crime stats that get brought up around illegal immigration are just a front. I’ve heard stats saying crime has gone down in the border states, so what’s the deal? As a matter of fact, some of these so-called illegal immigrants have been here since before the union even thought of “manifest destiny”. Karma can be a pretty mean b!tch!

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