Skin-Lightening Cream is Making a Comeback-Do We Really Hate Our Dark Skin?

I’m not sure if this is a resurgence from a bygone era or something thats always been around in some shape or form. But it looks like skin-lightening cream is making a comeback. Its obviously big business in India if Vaseline is making a special product for folks in that country. But even here at home we heard stories about prominent figures like Beyonce lightening their skin. We seen magazines frequently do this.. Of course we all know about Sammy Sosa and before him Michael Jackson.

Is being Black really that bad? Along with the skin-lightening do we bring with it an attitude that sees someone dark as inferior? Does this mean folks are gonna stop going out and getting tans? Next thing you know folks are gonna start straightening their hair and speaking with funny aristocratic accents to try and distance themselves from their roots… What a strange world we live in..

-Davey D-

Vaseline launches skin-whitening Facebook app for India

NEW DELHI (AFP) – Skincare group Vaseline has introduced a skin-lightening application for Facebook in India, enabling users to make their faces whiter in their profile pictures.

The download is designed to promote Vaseline’s range of skin-lightening creams for men, a huge and fast-growing market driven by fashion and a cultural preference for fairer skin.

The widget promises to “Transform Your Face On Facebook With Vaseline Men” in a campaign fronted by Bollywood actor Shahid Kapur, who is depicted with his face divided into dark and fair halves.

“We started campaign advertising (for the application) from the second week of June and the response has been pretty phenomenal,” Pankaj Parihar from global advertising firm Omnicom, which designed the campaign, told AFP.

Indian cosmetics giant Emami launched the first skin-whitening cream for men in 2005, called “Fair and Handsome” and advertised by Bollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan. It came 27 years after the first cream for women.

Baseball star Sammy Sosa Reminded us a couple of years ago there are many who can't stand to be dark-skinned

Since then a half dozen foreign brands have piled into the male market, including Garnier, L’Oreal and Nivea, which promote the seemingly magical lightening qualities of their products in ubiquitous advertising.

In 2009, a poll of nearly 12,000 people by online dating site, revealed that skin tone was considered the most important criteria when choosing a partner in three northern Indian states.

“More and more, there’s an anxiety in the mind of men about having fair skin,” sociology professor T. K. Oommen at the Jawaharlal Nehru University in New Delhi told AFP.

“Indians believe that if you have fair skin you belong to the higher caste, the Brahmins,” he added, explaining that a succession of light-skinned colonisers in India reinforced the association of fairness with power.

“The Aryans, who came from central Asia, in addition to the Portuguese, the French and the British colonisers ruled over the country and probably contributed to this negative perception of dark-skin.”

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14 comments on “Skin-Lightening Cream is Making a Comeback-Do We Really Hate Our Dark Skin?

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  2. I could see India being like that. They swinging from America’s nuts right now with their Bollywood thing. They see America by the white majority. Many of them still believe in the primitive caste system.

    Unlike white people who have blond, red, and light brown hair so their light skin tone matches it.; the Indians have dark hair and features and look like pasty when they whiten up.

    Sammy looks sick in photo number two. Like he’s in the Joker fan club or something.

    I think black men in America are comfortable being dark skinned, and even bald headed by choice. Except for a country nigga. A country nigga will walk around with the George Jefferson before they cut it all off.

    Anyway it must be sad to walk around wanting to look like somebody else. Might need some counseling or something.

  3. I was a child in the 1970’s. Blacks were PROUD to be black back then. They wore the Afro’s and waved the black fist. Red, Black, and Green (colors of the Moors and locations in Africa). They often wore African clothing and African shirts.

    Believe it or not, that was only 30 years ago.

    Now, it appears that almost every “African American’ does something to “get rid” of their African features. Let’s look at some of the many things we do:

    1) Wear our hear real short. No more Proud kinky (wooly-the substance of the Gods) Afros

    2) We process our hair. No more Naturals

    3) We lighten our skin. Yes I know Michael is dead. RIP. But he really embarassed Americans of African descent with his skin lightening. And no I don’t accept Jermaine’s excuse about a skin condition. It’s obvious that Michael Jackson was uncomfortable with being an American of African descent. But don’t get me wrong. Michael kept Africa (Egypt) alive in many of his videos and music.

    4) We cut off our own noses, lips, cheeks, and other areas. Not too long ago Racists were shooting and cutting these items off of ancient statues and pictures. The Racists were attempting to hide the fact of how powerful and great the “black (dark)” people were.

    5) We allow the white to milk up or milk down everything we do or believe in. Look out our religion. Christianity is based on white supremacy. Don’t believe me, just study your history and the Council of Nicea. Listen to our music. Lady Gaga? Come on man. I don’t like Justin, but at least he had a little soul. Now Madonna is definitely a reincarnated black person. So is sexy Kendra. Brittany Spears had that banging black body, so I’m giving her a pass. Slim Shady is the Bill Clinton and Elvis version of rap music.

    6) Basically just about everything an African American does is minimizing his/her African attributes to please “white” America.

    7) Oh yea, the weeves. I can’t be weeve it! Sorry ladies (and men wearing weeves and tu paes). I think the natural hair of the “black” woman is so attractive. Man, I be havin to clean up those weeve strays all in the bathroom, kitchen table. They be gettin every where.

    But seriously. It’s sad. But I no longer put any hope in this crazy world. God is slowly breaking this world down as we prepare for the 12-21-2012 change. Yea you black Africans and descendants of Africa, if you had not forgotten your God and fell to the white man’s gods, you would know what I was talking about.

    All Hail Akhenaten, Who Has Been Reborn To Save Us (John 3:14)

  4. it says something when a planet that relies on The Sun for life maintenance has people that do a 180 in terms of skin enhancement…:/

  5. HOW SAD !! Only fools feel pity for their oppressors. White supremacy really fucked the people in India along with their backwards caste system. The ancestors of the indian people going back 5000 years ago were black people from central Africa.As for bleaching and skin whitening, thats horrible.When black people bleach their skin,they look like they’re going through cancer treatment.Very pasty and sickly indeed like the people of India all of a sudden became albinos.JUST BE BLACK AND PROUD AND ACCEPT YOUR SELF AND STOP THIS FOOLISHNESS ABOUT LOOKING LIKE WHITE PASTY DEVILS!! LOOK AT THOSE CLOWNS LIKE BEYONCE AND SAMMY SOSA WHO BLEACH THEMSELVES TO BE ACCEPTED BY WHITES!IS IT REALLY WORTH IT?ANY ONE WHO BLEACHES THEMSELEVES AND IS BLACK IS TO GOD DAMN IGNORANT AND FULL OF SELF HATRED AND NO LOVE FOR SELF!!

  6. I’ve run the skin whitening/racism theory past Koreans and Chinese of my acquaintance in the past, including girls who have used such products, and they were baffled and amused at the suggestion.

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  8. Indian hair has its own inherent advantages: it is simultaneously thin and strong. The hair comes from Indian widows, who are required to shave their heads, and then put through an osmosis process where the color pigment is removed.

  9. Let me just say on the Michael Jackson front, there are many pictures of his skin being pink in many places and for years he would use make up to try and even out the blotches; imagine being the biggest entertainer the world has ever seen just releasing what is still the biggest selling album the world has ever seen then realize that parts of your body are white and pink and you are a black man. He felt the best decision was to de-pigamtise(turn the rest of his spotted black white) as he did not want to look like a spotted cow. Being black is much more than the colour of your skin. Michael respected his roots an you can see that with his dance, production of music and his heroes. Sorry for ranting but I don’t like it when people accuse Michael of wanting to look white when he has done so much for black people, he was so great he forced MTV to play a black mans music and pretty much took over MTV.

    Skin lightening in ethnic countries is very common and I think the views on tones will rear its ugly head in many different ways. I personally think that light skinned people are seen as more friendly to the general public. In african films the main good character is always light or mid toned and the bad dude is darker. Even in stuff like Aladin, he talked like an american and did not even look indian Jafar talked more with an accent was darker and uglier. Where im from in the UK some guys identify girls as ‘lightys’ and has given them there own sub group in black society as the more attractive ones.

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