Killer Cop Johannes Mehserle Writes an Apology Letter-Is it a Sincere or Calculated Gesture?

So Johannes Mehserle wrote a letter of apology for killing Oscar Grant.. Is it the start of him trying to redeem himself? Is he truly remorseful or is this a perfectly timed gesture designed to get public sympathy and help lessen his sentence by making him appear a bit more humane in the eyes of the judge..The Grant family thinks its too little too late.. Most of us agree..

Yesterday during our Hard Knock Radio show, former Green Party vice presidential candidate Rosa Clemente noted that if Mehserle was really sorry, how about pleading guilty and serving time for the crime he committed.  I would add to that suggestion and say that Mehserle if he was really sorry would testify against his lying partners Tony Pirone and Marysol Dominici.

This man had plenty of time to apologize and yet he waited to the 11th hour when he’s about to be sentenced to apologize.. Sounds like straight bullshit to most of us.. But since he’s in the introspective apologetic mood, lets see if he’ll extend that apology to all the people who witnessed his actions and were traumaticized further when his lying partner rushed onto the BART train snatching cell phones from people who filmed the incident.

Will Mehserle apologize to Kenneth Carrethers the 41 year old Black man he beat 6 weeks prior to killing Grant? An apology with no action to help heal are just hallow words

-Davey D-

Killer cop Johannes Mehersele wrote a letter of apology..Is that enough to heal wonds?

SAN FRANCISCO — The former San Francisco Bay area police officer convicted of killing an unarmed black man in an Oakland train station wrote a letter apologizing to the victim’s family, saying he’ll forever “live, breathe, sleep and not sleep” with memories of the “terrible event,” according to a copy released by his lawyer Friday.

Johannes Mehserle said in the handwritten letter that he “never intended” to shoot 22-year-old Oscar Grant, who died of a gunshot wound to the back after being pulled off a Bay Area Rapid Transit train on New Year’s Day 2009.

The emotional letter is dated July 4, four days before a Los Angeles jury convicted him of involuntary manslaughter.

“For now, and forever I will live, breathe, sleep, and not sleep with the memory of Mr. Grant screaming “You shot me” and putting my hands on the bullet wound thinking the pressure would help while I kept telling him “You’ll be okay!” Mehserle said in the letter, released by attorney Michael Rains.

Thursday’s verdict outraged Grant’s family and touched off violent protest in Oakland, where the case has enflamed racial tensions.

Mehserle, 28, testified during his trial that he struggled with Grant and saw him digging in his pocket as officers responded to reports of a fight at a train station.

Fearing Grant may have a weapon, Mehserle said he decided to shock Grant with his Taser but pulled his .40-caliber handgun instead. Grant was shot as he lay face-down.

The jury found that Mehserle didn’t mean to kill Grant, but that his behavior was still so negligent that it was criminal.

Mehserle’s letter made no mention of his intention to pull a Taser. He also said he had wanted to communicate with Grant’s family in the days after the shooting but was prevented by death threats to him and his family and friends.

“I have and will continue to live everyday of my life knowing that Mr. Grant should not have been shot,” he wrote. “It saddens me knowing that my actions cost Mr. Grant his life, no words express how truly sorry I am.”

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6 comments on “Killer Cop Johannes Mehserle Writes an Apology Letter-Is it a Sincere or Calculated Gesture?

  1. Isn’t it now time to focus this much needed unity attention to the imminent murders perpetuated by our own brothers and sisters against each other in our own communities. Or is this just another reason to self-destruct and lash out without cause and return to “normal” in a couple weeks?

  2. I concurr Goldie, this would be the perfect time! Time to gather, and take back our streets, our homes, our community! Time to get educated, and time to act! Not act out!

  3. It is also time to for the black community to take a stand against police terrorism. Whenever a police officer gets shot by a black man, the police is the hero and the the brother is the criminal. How many times are we going to just stand by or better yet record their actions on cell phones and watch cops hit females, and shoot our men. Then the black men that they kill are always describe in the news as having a “long criminal record” so that justifies the murder. Our children are not thugs. Why is it that they want to disarm black men by using tatics as “guns for goods” but in the white suburbs, white children and women are being taught how to use guns, they can have gun collections, gun shows, etc. Think about it.

  4. The real lesson of all of this is that learning not to place oneself in volatile social situations is as much as a life lesson as learning not to place your hand on a hot stove, but most people don’t realize the extent of how true this is until they’re older……Grant missed his chance.

    People act different as a herd or mob or “race” or tribe or terrorist police squad or gang …. than they do as individuals.

    The mob is the enemy and rarely does anything good come out of it.

    Next new years everyone should stay home and read a nice book and sip tea or wine.

    If you don’t and something goes wrong…it’s completely your fault.

    it’s the hard truth reality.

  5. @ unconventional

    There is truth to what you are saying. But in the case of oscar grant, i don’t think anyone, no matter the color, hood, whatever, would go out expecting to be killed damn near execution style, in public by the police.

  6. i dont believe the cop killed oscar on purpose and from what i heard oscar family say in public, they just upset that he waited so long to apologize. prayers are still with oscar family and with the cops family as well. Who would intentionally kill someone in front of a lot of bart passengers excecution style? that doesnt make since to me. however, he deserved punishment for acting wrecklessly. but i do believe he tried to tase him. And we should concentrate on black on black crime. Its waayyyy more of that than white on black crime. come on, lets clean up our own backyard. Focus on that!

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