USSF 2010: Legendary Actor /Activist Danny Glover Speaks the Freedom Struggle

Danny Glover

Long time actor/ activist Danny Glover is here in Detroit at the US Social Forum making the rounds and showing support. We sat down with him along with our radio colleague Nora Barrows Friedman and got his perspectives on the city of Detroit and it’s important history in the Freedom and Labor Struggles.

Glover talked about many of the ways in which Detroit has been innovative.

We also spoke with Glover about the intersection he sees between what is going on in Haiti and what’s as well as his take on how we should be connecting the dots with Haiti, Palestine movements both here at home and abroad.

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One comment on “USSF 2010: Legendary Actor /Activist Danny Glover Speaks the Freedom Struggle

  1. I appreciate Mr. Glover’s spirit of humanitarianism. I would like to invite him to dinner to learn more of him. I have some facts I would like to share with him as well. I wrote to him, but the letter was returned. Does he have an address that I can write to? He is one of the few Hebrew Israelite (African American) brothers that I would enjoy rapping with. He is genuine. Yesterday was the first time I saw his flick, “Saint at Fort Washington”. It makes one look at the homeless situation differently and encourages one to do something to make a difference. There is work for us all to do to make this world a better place to live. HaleluYAH for the Danny Glovers’ of this world.

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