Police drama in Seattle: 17 year old girl punched in face by cop during jay walking stop

What is going on in the Emerald City? It wasn’t too long ago we saw security officers stand around and watch a girl get jumped. Now we see a police officer punching a sista in the face? This is beyond disturbing..Keep in mind we have police officers around the country trying to make it illegal to film them..Go figure.. Below is the police account of the incident



SEATTLE — Seattle police are investigating what they call an assault of an officer in South Seattle.

However, a police officer is seen punching a 17-year-old girl in the face during the incident captured by a video camera on Monday.

According to Seattle police, the incident began when an officer spotted a man jaywalking in the 3100 block of Martin Luther King, Jr. Way S. at approximately 3:10 p.m. The man was some 15 feet away from a pedestrian overpass, police said.

The officer was talking to the man when he saw four young women jaywalk across the same street at the same spot. The officer asked the women to step over to his patrol car, but the women were being “verbally antagonistic toward the officer,” according to officials.

One of the women, later identified as a 19 year old, began to walk away from the scene despite the officer’s instructions, prompting the officer to walk over to her and escort her back to his patrol car.

The girl then “began to tense up her arm, and pull away from the officer while yelling at him,” investigators said. The officer told the girl to place her hands on his patrol car, but she refused. When the officer tried to grab hold of her, “she pulled away and twisted, breaking free of the officer’s grip several times,” the blotter report said.

When the officer tried to handcuff the girl, another girl, this one 17 years old, intervened and placed her hands on the officer’s arm, “causing the officer to believe she was attempting to physically affect the first subject’s escape,” police said.

The officer pushed back the second girl, but the girl came back at him. The officer then punched her, police said.

The officer then handcuffed the 19-year-old woman. Other officers arrived and helped handcuff the second girl.

Both teens were cited for jaywalking. The older suspect was booked into the King County Jail for investigation of obstructing an officer. The 17-year-old girl was booked into the Youth Service Center for investigation of assault of an officer.

Nobody was injured during the incident, police said.

Seattle police have not reviewed the video of the incident. Sgt. Sean Whitcomb said investigators may review the video on Tuesday.

Whitcomb said the officer involved in the incident sent out a call for help, prompting other officers to rush to his aid.

All use of force on the job is reviewed, Whitcomb said, as use of force is under the officer’s discretion. He added that punching is a trained tactic.

“There will be a thorough investigation into this incident,” he said.

97 comments on “Police drama in Seattle: 17 year old girl punched in face by cop during jay walking stop

  1. I guess she better take the crosswalk next time. She should also learn to speak English if she wants to live in USA.

  2. Some one should have stepped up and punched the shit out of the cop… then made a citizens arrest for abusing a minor. This is why all cops are the enemy in the USA….

  3. Scoot Free – If anything, your comment proves that evolution doesn’t apply to all living things. Maybe your brain will catch up one day.

    Mia – Fear is a power thing; and in a country where race relations have changed for the worse (despite the election of a Black president who taunts otherwise), the fact of the matter is that in order to stand up against the police, one has to be ready to die. And most are there, yet.

    However, soon come. People are at their breaking points and the revolution is on the horizon.


  4. This makes no sense if your a big man cop and you are having a hard time arresting a woman you don’t need to be a cop I’ve seen cop take down the biggest guys and this man can control a woman weak man weak

  5. That is crazy. I don’t care how loud or annoying the girls were, grown men shouldn’t be punching girls. Grown male cops? Even worse. Yelling is not an excuse for punching, especially when the cop outweighs those girls 2:1- this guy should have been arrested himself.

  6. Girl needed to get hit or tased for pushing (assaulting) the officer first. If these girls shut the fuck up and followed instructions they likely would’ve been on their way with no issue. If I had done the same to an officer I would expect no less than to be clocked in the face or worse. Women want equality to men, there it is. Also, the fact that the officer was almost completely surrounded by onlookers who could’ve possibly intervened or tried to go for his gun. Cops have to be prepared for the worst case scenario and just because they were female doesn’t mean they weren’t packing a knife or some other weapon.

  7. Look, I too have had my fair share of run-ins with the Police and I am not a fan of them to say the least. However I do know that they are can legally force you into submission to investigate an incident, this time the incident was jaywalking. Whether you believe the law against jaywalking is just or not you do run the risk of suffering the consequences. From what I saw in the video – btw, it did not catch all of the incident – there was one officer and multiple suspects/alleged offenders; two of which were not only ignoring the officers instruction but they them selves were using force(if ever so slightly) to resist being taken into custody.
    The officer more than likely was well within his legal limits. I suggest if you are willing to break the law you should be willing to suffer the consequences of your actions. I break laws all the time and when I’m questioned about it by an officer of the law sometimes it gets heated and the one time I tried to walk away from an officer that insisted I put my hands on the car I was forced into cuffs and shoved in the back. If I had hit the officer I would have only made the situation worse.

    Have some pride, take responsibility for your actions. I don’t agree with all the laws out there and I don’t follow the ones that I judge to be unjust. Jaywalking, although inconvenient, makes sense to me. You ever seen someone hit by a car?? It’s more offensive than what I witnessed above.

    Oh and for the person who thinks the race relations have gotten worse – ask that of a Civil Rights veteran

  8. So of us black folks are afraid of revolution! It amazes me that Chris Brown can hit a woman and he is denied entry into a country his career is in shambles and he is labeled the new Ilke Turner, but this police officer can do it and it is justified. Black men I ask when will we start to protect our women? They are under attack just like we are, yet we dont defend them. A nation can rise as high as it women! Protect your woman, guard her against evil but first you must learn to respect her as well. Then and only then will others respect them. They see how we treat our women and they assume it is ok not only because we do it but we dont stand up when other do it! WAKE UP!

  9. agentlemanspeaks2you:

    Are you mentally challenged? Did you really just compare Chris Brown to a police officer? The officers actions ARE justified because the women were escalating a verbal situation to a physical one against a police officer, therefore he is trained to do whatever it takes to regain control of the situation even if that means physical harm.

    If you were in his shoes tell me what you would have done differently if you had two out of control females resisting and pushing you whilst surrounded by 10-20 other people? Oh right, you probably would’ve immediately pulled your gun on all of the people in the area because you’re not trained.

    All that talk about respecting these girls? They don’t even deserve to be called Women, because they acted like typical delinquent teens with no respect for anyone or anything. Likely their parents fault, if they were even around.

  10. @ Jack I must be mentally challenged if I am responding to you! Yes as a TRAINED Police officer who is suppose to know how to handle a situation I would expect him or her to handle this situation accordingly. Yes I did compare the 2 Chris Brown and The Police officer because in my eyes I have been taught never to hit a woman under NO CIRCUMSTANCES. So for you to say to me that because he felt threatened he had a right to strike her is crazy! Thats what a taser , mace and back up is for. So next time I feel threaten and I respond with a striking blow I will make sure I tell the judge Jack “ASS” told me it was justified.

  11. agentlemanspeaks2you:

    IF he had tased this woman, you would still be whining- calling it racism, police brutality, ect.

    This is not a domestic dispute, this officers life could have been in danger for all he knew. He was trained well enough to not pull his gun even though most civilians would have gone for it right away. The moral issue of hitting women does not apply here.

    Women are still fighting for equal rights and in my opinion this is just one example of women being treated equally as men. The officer could not control these ‘women’ so he had to try by different means after being pushed repeatedly.

  12. I do believe the girls felt threated at this time which caused them to tell the officer to get off them. I do not think they should have touched the officer but in a time of threat you do anything to feel safe again. This cop was ridicules and hit the 17 year old girl in the face out of anger not used as a “tactic.” This cop almost seemed like he was on drugs or something the way he couldn’t control the small female or the way he hauled off and punched that 17 year old in the face. I agree with the comments about the cop should be arrested for that!! If that cop was so scared what is he doing patrolling Martin Luther King blvd?? you need some control to be a cop and this guy had none!! he needs to have his badge taken away and have some training again …starting with the you dont hit a women or a 17 year old girl for anything…you tase if you NEED to or you cuff her right away and not let that small of a women get free so many times!

  13. @ Jack…..So lets suppose the woman was white and the cop was black! I am sure u and the rest of White America would be calling for him to be reprimanded and this would b on CNN, HLN and all other newcast….The bottom line here is a police officer got out of line and should be held accountable. This is nothing new in our communities and because we have this mentality white police officers feel it is ok to carry on in this manner. White America places laws to ensure we stay out of their communities then give us the same respect..stay out of ours! Lets black police patrol black areas. This how White America wants it anyway

  14. I think she got what she was asking for. He was just doing his job when the were becoming unruly. H had to defend himself when he was being pushed and hit on by 2 or more people. I say give him a promotion!!!!!

  15. Sorry to everyone out there asking for muffins and candy, but the bitch got what was coming to her. Sadly, the cop didn’t mace her.

  16. I think as Black people we have to stop trying to explain these types of issues to White people. Most will just justify it, or mock us. Instead, we need to work within our community and deal with these issues ourselves. To begin, as was mentioned above, there were men around who did nothing. Why not surround the women and request that the officer wait for back-up and order. Why not tell him that they would get her to surrender peacefully, or whatever else they came up with as a group.

    Whether or not it was racism, it was still WRONG. When did the time come when adult men couldn’t restrain young women. Not that the whole incident was filmed, but usually when you approach a person in a non-threatening way they will respond in a non-threatening way. This situation arose out of Jaywalking. Come-on. There is the Letter of the Law, and the Spirit of the Law. As a Community, we mainly catch the Letter.

    Please stand up for our women no matter how ignorant we are acting. Why? Because most of the time we are acting out of ignorance and dysfunctional environement.

    True – A Nation Can Rise No Highter Than It Woman, and here in the US, the Black Woman has had a hell of an experience, beginning with Willie Lynch, through Share-Cropping, Through Jim Crow, Through Cointel Pro, and throught the 70’s when drugs were pumped into our Communities and families destroyed…Yet, we are still striving to rise.

    We have too much to talk about ourselves then to be wasting time always trying to Go Along to Get Along. Wrong is Wrong.

  17. @Jay Von- A black male pulling the race card, big surprise. Are you even a civil rights veteran?

    “To begin, as was mentioned above, there were men around who did nothing. Why not surround the women and request that the officer wait for back-up and order. Why not tell him that they would get her to surrender peacefully, or whatever else they came up with as a group. ”

    Because the ‘group’ was too busy filming and hoping that the officer would do something that they could use as an excuse to pull the race / police brutality cards. In this case, the cop had every right to question the girls for jaywalking, it is technically illegal. If these females hadn’t disrespected and mouthed off to this officer then maybe they would’ve been on their way. Instead they had to cause a scene.

    @Angela – Neither girl was small compared to the officer. Especially the one who pushed him. I feel like he was trying to be especially nice without hurting the girl while arresting her but she continued to resist. He probably could’ve thrown her own the ground and kneeled on her face. Once he was pushed he reacted. As a trained officer, he didn’t pull his gun surprisingly.

    @agentlemanspeaks2you – way to perpetuate more racism, I expected nothing less from you.

  18. Its is NOT right to punch somebody in the face like that,ESPECIALLY A GIRL!. That police officer is disgusting.As a police officer you are given mase and a tazer.He could have just mased the girl instead of hitting her like she is some kind of animal. Im not in anyway trying to take up for them because you do not have to fight and yell when you think your not wrong. But I dont care what anyone on here says, if that was a 18 year old white girl he would have NEVER hit her in the face like that. I am so mad! nobody has the right to put their hands on another human being NOT EVEN A POLICE OFFICER! Use your mase next time dumb ass thats why they give it to you. And for all these racist white people on here I am black and I would have never reacted like that.So everybody is not the same. Every race has a crazy angry person. So you guys need to stop acting like your so damn perfect.Is this where are tax dollars are going? To arrest people for jaywalking? UUUHHHHHH I cant wait to get the hell out of this country.

  19. OK so who’s getting the reality show out of this?… I am sure that at the next BET Awards these two women will get trotted out to hand out a few awards or something… Um, what else? Oh yeah, is this ANY different than what happens on a Saturday night all across this country at every nightspot? The only difference is that if a brother was clockin this gurl it was just you know.. keepin it real..

  20. I think the guys didn’t jump in because they already knew what would happen. If it wasn’t being recorded, I’m sure plenty more false statements would’ve been in the officers report.

    @Jack You can try and justify that all you want to, but if it was you or your sister, mom, neice you would have an entirely different story

    Police have to use force in several cases, but I will NOT try and justify their actions when it’s not right and this was so WRONG! A push is not justified by a punch in the face and she couldn’t have pushed him too hard because I don’t recall him stumbling. #imjustsaying

  21. @ Jack I suspected you were white but didnt wanna assume anything! You mention racism, yet you and alot of white people in america are in denial at the fact that it still exist! I have more respect for a man who lets me know where he stands even if I dont agree with him, than one who hides behind a badge and a uniform or a blog site an tells me he is on the side of the PEOPLE only to do the complete opposite. I am far from a racist nor do I perpetuate racism I am a realist! I grew up in the inner city but I was educated in white schools, I worked in corporate america, I live in the suburbs….so I feel I qualify as an authority on race relations in this country. Once white america can accept the fact that they are bias towards people of color we can move in the right direction. In my opinion intergration was the worst thing that happen to us as black people because we werent able to control the flow of inormation given to our children. See only a fool would allow his enemy to educate his children. So Jack you see those girls while they may have been acting unruly and as your kind might say ghetto…the fact is they are products of an education system that White America created with the idea they were helping Black people! So I blame white america for the officer punching this sista in the face and I charge white america with assault!

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  23. Of course cop apologists are going to say it’s justified. When do they ever admit the cop was wrong? They’re backing the badge, period. It’s something they’re brainwashed to do from their time in the academy. There’s no point in even responding to their baiting. The cop could have done a million things to subdue her before punching her like he’s in a bar brawl or something. What a punk for hitting a woman like that.

  24. This officer’s punch, twisting arms, etc. is absolutely excessive force and abuse to a minor and who happens to be a young lady (no matter where she lives, she needs protection and guidance) If this officer was a father hitting his teen, he would be IN JAIL. It makes no sense —- if an officer is enforcing the law against J-walking (to prevent harm), why would HE BE violent and harmful himself???? If we are to teach the youth to carry out “no bullying” and the use of better communication techniques in schools …….. where is the excellent adult example for them to look up to???? Force and aggression begets force and aggression.

    Make no mistake, each one of us has rebelled in some way, as the teen, and each one of us has overreacted, and been harmful in some way., as the police. ……

    Let each of us make new, fresh conscious choices.

    May all have happiness and the roots of happiness; may all be free from suffering and the roots of suffering.

    Love on …….. Jill (with my own set of shortcomings I’m working on)

  25. Teach your kid to not fight officers then these things won’t happen. I know that block well and kids are always jay walking the cop comes up tells you not to do it again and that’s that. Why these kids felt it was ok to fight a police officer is beyond me looks like they need some home training. We can’t always blame everything on race sometimes we need to look at our own actions. No the cop should not have hit her but neither of those girls should have been acting the way they were acting. 17 and 19 are not children they should know better we should not baby them they should be told that the officer was not right to hit them but that they were in no way right for what they were doing either. This is about education of all parties involved.

  26. At the end of the day All the officer had to do was use another solution other than force of punching the 17 year old in the face… Solutions 1st handcuffin 2nd mase spray 3rd annouce to them the need to step back by removing himself fr the confrontation steppin back.. As an officer he should have bn trained to use handle this situation.. He got mad whn he couldn’t control the 19 year old and whn the 17 year old came he took his angry and frustration out on her without re~grouping the situation and coming to a better ending tht didn’t have to get physical

  27. Looking at the bigger picture, is jaywalking really that serious of an offense that the cop needed to escalate to this degree? Who was hurt by their actions? Did he think he was going to be able to stop every pedestrian in sight to admonish them for jaywalking? The law is there so that it can be used when someone’s jaywalking causes harm, not for picking on folks you don’t like the looks of.

    He got in way over his head before he even touched those young women. Assaulting them was the only way he probably saw to maintain his “control” and “authority” in the situation. He would have been wise to just let it go and take the little bruise to his ego, rather than harming two people for freaking crossing the street at the “wrong” spot.

    Peacefully witnessing the event is really the smartest thing those young men could have done. Hopefully they will continue to support them by witnessing in court against this power trippin’ uniformed thug.

  28. @iowhen you are talking about a situation you don’t know much about. the street they are crossing is in front of a high school and on a very busy road. There is an overpass built for these kids to cross and instead of using it they try and dodge traffic and cross the street and quite a few kids have been hit by cars over the years and that is why cops frequent the area to catch kids jay walking and let them know not to do so in the future. These girls WERE JAYWALKING they were breaking the law and didn’t like being confronted about it so they started acting stupid. Like I said in a previous post placing all the blame on the officer in this case is not the answer these girls were ALSO at fault everyone needs to learn to take responsibility for their actions.

  29. This problem is complex everybody is wrong. Society has made conditions where rationality and respect are uncommon. This is a catch 22. You have police who have abused their power and list the respect of the masses. You have a general public who are losing respect for everything including the authorities which makes for a society of people who think they can do what they want. It’s incredibly hard for police to do their job when people don’t respect them. It’s incredibly hard to respect the authority that has proven time and again they are corrupt. Personally I’m not fool enough to disrespect police officers because of the potential consequences. These girl were fools. You don’t attack a police officer because you don’t like why you’re being cited. I’d expect to get served if I went at a cop and anyone that does should expect the same. Should cops punch people? In this case he shouldnt’ have. he did have every right to use whatever means he felt necessary to resolve the situation hecwas in at that moment. Since it was taped no matter what he did, anti police peeps are gonna say it was excessive. Would his billy club been better? If you jump on a cop expect to get the bad end of it. Period. The lesson is obey the police and you’ll be better off with a $80 jaywalking citation rather than a busted grill, an afternoon in jail, an $80 citation and a criminal charge of assaulting a police officer. Dummy!

  30. WGOITW,

    I never brought up race.

    I just said that cop is a punk for punching a woman like that.

  31. Whiy,

    This country’s founders had ZERO respect for authority, otherwise, they would have stayed in England and bowed before the Queen. Part of the foundation of this country is a fundamental DISRESPECT for authority. I guarantee you the first person in America to say, “Fuck The Police” was not Ice Cube, it was Thomas Jefferson. The role of the police officer according to this nation’s founders was that of a public servant. They viewed the police as LOWER than the citizens. So why shouldn’t we?

  32. The first girl should have just cooperated. The officer says, “excuse me ma’am, can you step over here for a minute?”, that is not the right time to jump and act a fool. If you were seen jaywalking, just go with it so long as the cop is corgial. The 19 year old may have been drunk. The officer f’d up too. I think he did what he did because he paniced.

  33. Underage doesn’t mean they’re incapable of causing harm to anyone or resisting arrest, for that matter. It’s not like we’re talking about small minors at age 8-12. Teens are a whole different ‘animal’, just ask any parent what teens are capable of doing. Hell, most of us have been there so we should know.

    Jaywalking = Illegal. Cop had every right to stop them. They had no right to disrespect him and or lay their hands on him. As an officer, he does have a right to physically restrain them and when someone is resisting can legally use force. My opinion would be the same whether it was white females involved or even if the cop was black.

    All of you douchebags saying he should have maced/tased the girl are ridiculous as you’d still be crying ‘RACISM’ / ‘POLICE BRUTALITY’, ect. If you’ve ever been tased or maced before I guarantee you would choose a punch to the face if you had a choice between the three.

    @agentlemanspeaks2you – you’re a lost cause, just continue feeling bad for yourself and everyone like you while placing the blame on everyone else instead of realizing when responsibility needs to be taken.

  34. “The officer should have kept his hands to himself…”

    Yeah, imagine a society where officers are not allowed to physically arrest criminals or out of control disrespectful teens. I’m sure that would go over well.

  35. Ok, the officer was not out of line, the big girl was trying to help her friend get away from being put into custody. These chicks over reacted and got themselves in trouble for being absolutely stupid!!! they were probably just gonna get a warning and a lecture for jaywalking, and they had to go and act completely STUPID!!! and for those saying he should not of hit a miner? so all miners should get off free cause ALL COPS ARE ADULTS and they shouldn’t be arresting minors when they get in trouble. I’m pretty sure they do that with everyone, and in his defense, big girl DID NOT LOOK 17!! I think the officer did right be what he’s taught, and trained to do. There was one of him and 2 offenders, BEING COMPLETELY STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    AND those playing the race card…. JUST STUPID! you don’t like it, get the hell out of this country, i hate the race card in any situation. If the officer was Mexican would you feel any better about it!? It’s just dumb and a cop-out!


  36. To Scott Free, You are the epitome of stupidity!

    I feel that the cop was way out of line and that he should be terminated from his job and seek counseling for abuse and anger management. I’m pretty sure that this is not the first female that he has punched, it’s just the first time he was caught.

  37. I think the biggest problem with this incident is that everyone’s making it out to be about race. I, like most of America, am not fond of cops. With that said…..this cop was justified in his actions. Could he have handled it differently? Certainly. Would it have been better for publicity? Of course. But the second you lay a hand on a police officer you’ve threatened his life. I don’t care if it’s a black cop, white cop, hispanic or asian cop….they have the right to use force when they feel it’s required, especially in a situation like this.

    Onto subject two; the hitting of a woman. We can’t have equal rights if we make this about the fact that it was a woman struck. Woman or man…it doesn’t matter.

    Most people are blaming the cop for this whole incident….but who really started it? Who escalated it at every corner? If you say the cop did….then you are, more than likely, being racist yourself.

  38. OK, SHE broke the law, but it jaywalking. From what I saw, I don’t think those girls was just acting a fool. Look at the start of the tape, I think the cop was putting his hand on the girl, if this was just jaywalking, why would he need to touch her? I don’t think any sane person would just get so heated, if the cop was giving them a ticket. What I’m saying something must had happen before they started taping. Maybe the cop said something to those girls, when he first stop them. This is jaywalking, I didn’t see any weapons on the two girls, so was his life in danger? These was two unarm girls, not two murders or rapiest, why the need of force? If those girls was that rawdy, the cop didn’t have enough streght to just to overpower them and cuff them? The power of that punch, the cop could had use to hold her arms so he could had protected himself. Again, what lead to this.

  39. This cop was out of line and so were these young girls the cop should have pepper spray both of them and that would have not been excessive force.

  40. As a Use of Force Training Instructor for law enforcement, the Police Officer is responsible for the escalation of the incident, if it began peacefully. If the victim escalated any hostility, and when time permits, a police officer is directed to call for back-up. Since the police failed to follow procedure, and is responsible for its escalation, there is liability. Learn it now, because an escalation of police abuse is the current trend, and please read the additional posting for defeating police immunity >>>> http://amurderconspiracy.wordpress.com/ <<<<<

  41. I have to say I’m with the cop because she shouldn’t have been fighting. It’s always an excuse for citizens to act unruly but the second the police respond it becomes an issue stop it. Everyone needs to accept when someone does something wrong. He didn’t even hit her hard or with a clean punch, she should have calmed down and been respectful. We keep letting our kids disrespect authority figures and it starts early and only gets worse.

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  43. @ RobThomas

    You can’t seriously think that rebellious Americans 200+ years ago fighting the authority of the British somehow justifies people disrespecting authority now. It’s not just the police. Have you seen the way kids talk to their parents and teachers? The younger generation is not taught to respect anything. If you think the police are lower than the average citizen don’t call them when your house gets robbed or when you’re being held up be happy when they drive right past you. Cuz if it wasn’t for the police NOBODY would be safe. Trust me, I have NO LOVE for the police but I respect their authority and their ability to screw with me more than I can crew with them. It’s not fear, it’s respect. Disrespect of anyone is wrong.

  44. Wow! This is so sad. Some of your comments are very concerning as well as the video. I’m not sure what happen but one thing people of color learn before they even walk is not to fight the cops. To be honest with you I’m surprise the cop didn’t shoot her. Whatever happened, I hope justice is served. For the record, I do not respect cops what so ever regardless of their race, gender or sexuality. I think most of them abuse their authority and have no respect for people. Anyways, to all of people of color that get stop by the police, just cooperate. I there is someone with you the best thing to do is take your cell phone out and video tape the entire arrest process. You do have the right to ask for their badge number. But whatever you do COOPERATE. If they beat you and you did not fight back, you will be a millionaire. If justice fail in that cause, you have the right to retaliate.

    That’s my peace

  45. Had I been on the scene in Seattle that day, that beast as cop would have been a dead pig and very bloodied and bruised and I would have been dead or in jail. Makes no damn difference to me. After that motherfucker hit her I was looking at the men, weak and scared black men standing by and let that shit slide. When the hell are we, you, .men going to gird up your loins establish a back bone and ball your fist up and defend the our women and girls? This couldn’t have happened here where I’m at and there not be a reprucussion of a cops life lost. No sir! (And please don’t bother coming at me with any bullshit response to defend and justify your thoughts as to why this bitch as pig was in the right.)

  46. What the fuck is wrong with this devil cop.This clown is a piece of trash for punching a woman.I see all these crakas posting she got what she deserved. FUKKK THE POLICE AND THE RACIST WHITE MUTHAFUCKAS WHO SUPPORT THEM.I see some brothers standing around recording the incident on their cell phones.Fucking cowards!!!!!!Ya’ll still afraid of master.How Pathetic.Stand UP and PROTECT OUR BLACK WOMEN AND GIRLS from these racist white devils.STAND UP AND FIGHT!!!! ITS DO OR DIE.IF THIS RACIST DEVIL COP gets shot and killed, he deserved it .NO LOVE LOST BECAUSE ONLY A FOOL FEELS PITY FOR THEIR OPPRESSOR and thinks racism doesn’t exist.

  47. that dumb ass bitch got what was coming to her, had it been me, i’d a punched her, pepper sprayed her, then if she was still standing, i’d a tasered her till she shit herself. too much pc bullshit these days, i say, if the parents won’t step up and be parents, and dicipline their kids, and have them learn respect, then we should be able to beat the shit outta them, then take the kids home and kick the shit out of their welfare collecting parents. oh wait, most of those kids from there don’t know who their parents are, until they see them all cracked out on mlk and rainer selling their ass for 10 bucks. don’t believe it? take a ride on the 7 bus, and see how many 5 dollar nigger crack babies you see being quiet, they belong on the back of the bus

  48. Jack, on June 16, 2010 at 12:29 pm Said:

    All of you douchebags saying he should have maced/tased the girl are ridiculous as you’d still be crying ‘RACISM’ / ‘POLICE BRUTALITY’,


    So what. It’s still not as bad as punching her. Even if for his own conscience it’d been better if he’d just maced her, that way he wouldn’t have to lay awake at night knowing he’s a punk for hitting a woman.

  49. Jack, on June 16, 2010 at 12:51 pm Said:

    “The officer should have kept his hands to himself…”

    Yeah, imagine a society where officers are not allowed to physically arrest criminals


    He never said officers shouldn’t be allowed to arrest criminals. He said in this instance the cop should have kept his hands to himself. Do you have some kind of attention disorder?

  50. most whites are law abiding citizens, not like you ignorant blacks, we shoulda just sent you all back to africa after WE abolished slavery, if we had, we wouldn’t be having any problems with you crackhead niggers who let your bulldog mouth get in the way of your weak nigger ass!

  51. whiy, on June 16, 2010 at 5:16 pm Said:

    @ RobThomas

    You can’t seriously think that rebellious Americans 200+ years ago fighting the authority of the British somehow justifies people disrespecting authority now.


    Yes I can. There is no place for authority in a democracy. Authority only benefits the government. Every fascist dictatorship started off with someone(s) telling their people that they needed their protection, and once the people voted that party in, they’d start demanding that everyone follow their orders. Before you know it, you’ve got frivolous laws like jay walking, laws they know everyone is going to break, so that they can use them to harass certain groups of citizens. And that’s what happened here. Those girls weren’t bothering anyone and you know it. This was all about an unnecessary show of force and those girls held their ground. There’s nothing weaker on the planet than a man hitting a woman, especially when it’s a cop with a gun and a cell to stuff you in.

  52. Ken,

    Bernie Madoff and other crooks on Wall Street would have looted your investments and left you with shit, with or without black people in the country. But they thank you for being dumb enough to blame black people for the country’s problems.

  53. So sad. This girl was not taught respect. She should have NOT mouthed off to the officer. She should have NOT touched the officer. She SHOULD have done as he asked. She SHOULD have taken her ticket and lecture and this would NOT be a national scene.
    IF she was taught RESPECT this would not have happened. When she DISRESPECTED the officers authority, she escalated the situation to assault on a peace officer. This is so stupid, our children are deflecting blame based on their race. BS!
    I’ve gotten a j-walking ticket in Oakland of all places. I did what the officer said, I took my ticket and went about my business. No national scene. Just sad! Black, white, yellow or brown. Teach your children RESPECT for authority. Or is that too much? Or do you yourself have no respect?

  54. Mr. Thomas laws are meant to keep order in society. We as humans are so hardheaded that everything we do requires a law or some clown is going to find a way to either sue the gvmt. or use a loophole to take advantage of others. Jaywalking might sound frivolous but it’s because of dumbasses getting hit by cars that the law was put on the books in the first place. So the police are only supposed to enforce laws that YOU think aren’t frivolous? Authority benefits people who respect it. Society would disintegrate without authority and i doubt you want that. These girls didn’t respect authority point blank. If they had this conversation wouldn’t be happening. Humans re not fit to govern each other. Thousands of years have proven this. There’s only one true authority (GOD) that people still do not respect.

  55. hold up ken. when you say most white people are obey the law, I guess you forgot ya broke every human right law to make america. You forgot that our free labor(slavery) help build this country, and you must had forgot or wasn’t taught that we fought in every war in this country. All that free labor and we still don’t have our 40 acers or our mules. Almost everything white people have gotten, have been of the backs of black people. I didnt wanna make this about race.
    Again, I say we have no ideal what happened before they start taping. If the girl was mouthing off, he couldn’t just walk off after writing the ticket? Again, what lead to this? I’m not defending the young women, but how did this get so heated? I just don’t buy, if the cop was polite, and asked them to stop, they just jump his butt? Is mouthing off, worth putting your hands on the girl? Listen at the start people, the girl told the cop to get off of her, she didn’t say get away from me. That a problem for me, cuz she was telling him to not touch her, not dont be in my area. Why was the cop touching this child in the first place? He could just told them he was write them a ticket, and walked away. Unless you tell me, these girls try to hit the cop was the jump, there was no need for the cop to be physical.

  56. HAHA! That girl should have been tazzed also. look you don’t push on a cop or strike at him no matter what the case. I have a friend who is a black cop in Alabama and he even said this was justified. i am tired of every time a black person gets hit by a cop use the race card. you know if you would just quit breaking the law and become productive citizens this would not happen. i am a firm believer in what Martin Luther King Jr. wanted and this is not it. I think if he were alive today he would be ashamed of what is going on in America today. Oh and get over the slavery thin cause if i wanted too i could say my ansesters were slaves too, ever here of Egypt and Mosses. My people were slaves for a lot longer and endured even greater hardship. i will not apologize for what happened too the slavery that took place in America because I had nothing to do with it.

    I can walk through my neighborhood and feel safe but a 15 year old black girl walks in the projects is scared to death she might get rapped or worse. I think racism is one of the worse things in the world but quit calling white people racist just because they are white. Thats like me calling blacks nothing but drug dealing criminals it aint right. If i said anything to offend anyone then good that means you are wrong and you need to seriously look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself “Am i what this guy says I am”.

  57. “I do not respect cops what so ever regardless of their race, gender or sexuality. I think most of them abuse their authority and have no respect for people. ”

    @Angel – Imagine being a cop and having to deal with ghetto trash like that every day for years! I’m sure you too would lose respect for humanity in general.

  58. @knowbody. I don’t know where you live, but here in NYC, the cops don’t say, “excuse me, ma’am” to anybody. Not even to an elderly woman. Here, they talk to you like you’re a bug crawling on the kitchen counter.

  59. @wgoitw
    probably the most level headed comment here.

    I think all the people on here talking about white devils and niggers should of been punched in the face. Power, greed, deceit, etc. are not subject to race but to the mental state. Racism is apart of that same mind state. It’s a divide and conquer mentality and once you focus on the race of a person and not on their character you have weakened yourself. I find it funny that we place the blame for things on groups of people, as if people of your own color aren’t subject to immorality.

  60. What’s a sista? Couldn’t find it in the dictionary.

    This is info I head. 1 cop just wanted to speak with one of the “females” regarding j walking.
    2 same female ignorned cop, said something on lines of fuck you or something dealing with fucking someones mother.

    3 cop attempted to detain, struggle started and female two involved herself based on her own free will.

    4 yes, cop hit female……..and as former law enforcement the officer held himself back. He could have gone to tazer or pepper spray….he didn’t.

    My suggestion is as follows write a bill stating specific race areas cannot have a cop come within 150 feet. Also include that the included race areas cannot be tried on any charge regardless off the seriousness. Get a petition and vote it into law. Hence, no possibility ever of police harassement. Oh yea, no police protection either. Have fun.

  61. This is a lot of drama about two young women who showed disreguard for authority. It is obvious the office was unsure of his safety and how to handle, two young verberally abusive young women. No matter how much training we receive on tactics or procedure it all goes out the window when the s@##@ hits the fan. Young people need to keep that in mind when dealing with the authorities. Be thank-ful he did’nt shoot her, it’s obvious he did’nt know what else to do.

  62. whiy, on June 17, 2010 at 12:16 am Said:

    Mr. Thomas laws are meant to keep order in society.


    No, they aren’t. Laws are simply designed to protect each citizen from physical harm, property loss, or fraud.

  63. steve, on June 17, 2010 at 6:40 am Said:

    HAHA! That girl should have been tazzed also. look you don’t push on a cop or strike at him no matter what the case.


    That’s not necessarily true. The constitution gives us the right to form militias for the very reason that this nation’s founders wanted checks and balances to make sure government didn’t have too much power, and that includes protection from law enforcement. All American citizens have the basic right to defend themselves, from anyone, including police who themselves become criminals while on duty.

  64. Jack, on June 17, 2010 at 7:54 am Said:

    @Angel – Imagine being a cop and having to deal with ghetto trash like that every day for years! I’m sure you too would lose respect for humanity in general.


    Imagine being a citizen of color who has to deal with unlawful, racial profiling, which sometimes includes physical abuse, every day for years. I’m sure you too would lose respect for law enforcement in general.

  65. Frist off we dont know how it all started. And all we see is what happen after the cop tried talking with the young lady in black. Second the girl in black should have kept her month shut listen to what the c…op had to say, gotten her ticket for Jay-walking and left.
    But instead she started firghting with the cop (against the law). Thrid the girl in pink should have stayed out of it. Or at least told her friend to shut up and let the cop do his job. But no she had to step in and put her hands on the cop was will. Now instead of a small jay-walking ticket or a talking to about jay-walking. Both girls (if they … See Moredidnt) should be arrest for asulting an officier. And last why didnt the cop call for backup. And if he did where were they. Now he to will be on leave (mostly without pay) until they determine what actions to take.
    Its better to do as told by a cop then to fight it. If there is any wrong doing found like it be on the cop then on you. That way your not spending a night in jail, paying fees from here to there. Just remeber to stay in front of the cop car and speak clearly. If like you dont know all ready, most if not all cop cars have video cameras in them. Let… See More that speak for itself, instead of playing he said she said. THe phone video for this doesnt not show everything that happen before its was turned on. And it doesnt show what happen after. Or could you hear what was being said during the fight, until the person was right next to the cop. And at the point you still cant hear things clearly. So their cant be a base of judgement of it.

  66. Its funny to me to see all these police officers rushing to these and other sites spewing propaganda.. If folks recall shortly after Oscar grant and then after the 4 were shot in oakland we had a similar wave of folks..The bottomline was this..the officer was out of line because he put himself in potential danger by not calling for backup when he saw the situation ‘escalating’
    2-It was a jay walking not a robbery and so his over zealousness was based on his ego and not common sense.. Its not like these young women were getting into a car to speed away.

    3- There had been a couple of other incidents in the seattle area where innocent people were beat by the police.. thus from a young person’s point of view.. they’re not gonna react favorably..

    4-The girl in pink didn’t hit the officer, she tried to hold him back from being aggressive what her friend his reaction was over the top and wouldn’t happen in many other parts of town. I been to football games, frat parties..parades where people have gotten out of hand, cursed at cops, thrown bottles and been reckless with no such response..

    To any of you law enforcement types posting up on the site talking about you would have tasered her and all that other stuff you should be bold enough to identify yourselves and lets have a public discussion as to whether or not thats proper procedure. If it is.. which we all know it isn’t, perhaps we should work to ‘get u new training’…

    Ultimately this reflects a larger problem we have in society where being coarse and disrespectful is the norm.. We see it in these girls who probably did what I see so many young people do, blatantly walk against the light like they could careless.. I see this all the time.. But how different is that from the guy who slowing down traffic talking on his cell phone? or the guy who feels he has a right to eat on the subway in spite of what the sign says..or the crazy newscaster who will yell, scream and cut off his guest rather than keep it civil..

    Even on this board an opportunity to forge a better relationship and foster better understanding has proven to be not even remotely a goal..The officers posting up on this board should’ve humbled themselves and taken time to explain what the concerns were and how things like this could better avoided and vice versa..After all isn’t this the reason y’all started signing up on facebook and surfacing websites or is it to act no better then the 17 year olds your supposed to set an example for?

  67. Ladies & Gents,

    Lets take a second to review both of these women’s records:

    “Rosenthal was charged in November with second-degree robbery. According to prosecutors, she punched a 15-year-old boy in the face while she and a group of youths were on their way to a rave in South Seattle last Aug. 28. The boy told police that his cellphone and $20 were stolen in the incident. A 14-year-old boy told police that he was punched in the head and his hat was stolen.

    Authorities say the case was dismissed when the boys refused to testify.

    In April 2008, Rosenthal was charged with third-degree theft after she allegedly stole a minivan in Tukwila, prosecutors said. Kent police said she used a screwdriver to break the ignition and start the vehicle.

    The charge was later amended to theft of a motor vehicle. Rosenthal was given a deferred disposition — charges would be dropped if she stayed out of trouble — because it was a first-time offense, said Ian Goodhew, deputy chief of staff for Prosecuting Attorney Dan Satterberg.

    Levias was charged in February 2009 with third-degree assault after she allegedly pushed a King County sheriff’s deputy down.

    According to charging documents, on Feb. 3, 2009, deputies were called to the Ruth Dykeman Children’s Center, a Burien center for troubled girls, in response to a report that Levias was being abusive toward staff. When Levias was confronted by Deputy Amy Zarelli, she pushed the female deputy, causing her to fall, charging papers said.

    Levias was given a deferred disposition because it was a first-time offense, Goodhew said.”

    There you have it, now all of you shut the fuck up.

    If you ask me the cop punched the woman in the face and karma came back around in a painful way.

    How about this? Have some self control and don’t try to fight a cop and you wont get hit in the face? I am glad she got hit in the face. He should have thrown the other woman to the ground.

    I wouldn’t push a cop and get an attitude because of being caught jay walking. I would be a citizen and take the $10 ticket.

  68. Now onto the “wonderful” options everyone (stupidly) throws up as the better choices than the little love tap she got: Mace or Tasering. OMG. Both of those options would have caused MUCH more pain, and lingering effects, than the punch that didn’t even knock her down.

  69. Jack you are a idiot, that was a hell of a punch. Anyway, Dave was these girls under arrest? I was thinking about it, after I logged off. If this was a jay walking case, they would not been under arrest, would they? If they was being arrested for resiting or assulting a cop, then all this must had happened after they was stopped. Because let’s just say, those girls was being mouthing and disrespecting the cop, while he was bwriting his ticket, the cop couldn’t just let those girls blow some steam? If there was no threat or they didn’t touch him, why couldn’t write a ticket and walk away? If they was arrested I never heard the cop read the girls, their rights. And if they wasn’t arrested, he never had the right to touch those girls.
    Even if those girls was disrespectful, the cop had to learn how to deal it. Becuz people who have to work in fast food, resturants or anywhere with customers, you gonna deal with people with attitude, but you know what we can’t punch people who get under our skin. If that cop is gonna keep his job, he gonna deal with people who have bad attitude. The cop was not in danger, he was pissed that why he hit her. Don’t give me he’s a cop crap, he still has to do his job, and not what he want. Those girls was wrong, but the cop had no right to smack her.

  70. @stevie – First of all, learn how to type and/or spell. Second, see my second to last post, which lists these two troubled teens outstanding records…and that was not a hard punch, she didn’t even fall to the ground. She lost her ‘woman’ privileges once she put her hands on the officer.

  71. Last I checked jack your not the moderator of this site….nobody named you spellcheck police..
    Second.. what does her record have to do with a cop not doing his job…Where does that coward draw the line.? If she was 10? &? 12?
    sadly we have instances of cops pointing guns at 7 year olds (Pittsburgh).. We have cops putting hands on 11 year old girl (Seattle), 5 year old Tampa bay) There’s a long list.. These trouble teens track record has nothing to do with him hitting a woman..Was this woman trying to rob him? No.. Hit him? No

    No matter how you try to spin it.. one undeniable fact remains. The cop hit a woman because he’s cowardly.. If she lost her women privileges.. then I venture to say he lost his mnahood..

  72. She assaulted him first, yes, pushing is considered assault. Even pushing an officers hands away can be considered assault.

    When did I say all police officers are perfect? They’re human like us and some are corrupt but there are far more corrupt citizens hence why police are necessary.

    There is no spinning this, by your logic, you’re saying that just because it was a woman who assaulted him he had no right to punch her. BUT if it were a male this would be no problem? RETARDED. Yes, hitting a woman for no reason is wrong, there’s plenty of that going on in the world but when a woman is acting as classless as these two girls were there’s nothing wrong with what he did. These two girls track record basically says it all, these girls have zero respect for anyone or anything, not just limited to cops.

    Once again, she wasn’t even punched hard at all. I guarantee if she had a choice between that punch or being maced/tased she would choose the clock in the face.

  73. Simply put, the officer needs additional training and those 2 girls need to stay out of trouble…

  74. No Jack, the cop touched her first. The girl at the start of the video, once again get off of her. She’s not saying f u I don’t want to talk to you, she told the cop to get off of her. Do you think that the first time somebody cuss or mouthed off to this cop? Come this cop have dealt with a drunk person or somebody high before, so you gonna tell me he smacked every crazy person that were disrepectful? Please, I have seen “cops” where men and women, who been drunk and high and called a cop every word in the book, and some never got touch. You gonna tell me Jack, that close fist punch didn’t hurt you are crazy? Any man I don’t care about size, that punch a woman, will hurt. So should we should just let men hit women? Any husband could say after he hit her, well my wife hit me first or that hit didnt hurt her that hard. Is that what you want? I’m not even saying cops should never hit a woman, but only when its needed. I’m not against cops using deadly force, but dont use it b/c they can. Theres have been too many times, where cops have killed a unarm black men, to bad Jack wont talk about that

  75. Jack, on June 18, 2010 at 2:18 pm Said:

    When did I say all police officers are perfect? They’re human like us


    No they’re not. They belong to an institution with a lot of power, and that always backs up its own. Police can ruin your life. They can plant drugs on you. They can kill you, and do so with a much better chance of getting away with it than a normal citizen could. They can punch a woman in the face. Police have an awful lot of power and with that comes responsibility. Unchecked power has destroyed civilizations. There is nothing more dangerous to society than a police officer with a bruised ego. Twenty times more dangerous than a thug or street gangster, because the street gangster or thug doesn’t have a support group in as high of places as cops do. If you want to sell us on the notion that people with such power, and with such a poor track record in civil rights as of recent, are “only human”, you might want to try again sometime when there isn’t a video of one of them punching a woman in the face just a scroll above.

  76. I’m not the biggest fan of police myself. However, I think the officer did too LITTLE when he had 2 hostile women. When you don’t have control of the situation, this is what happens:

    I’m glad that didn’t happen here. Oh don’t worry, I’m sure the officer was being racist…just like the officer in the above video.

    /sarcasm off

  77. Also, when I see people defending the delinquets and demonizing the police, this trivializes real incidents of police abuse, like Amadou Diallo, Rodney King, Jena 6 and Sean Bell. I admire that you do hold the police’s feet to the fire, but please limit your diatribes to legitimate incidents of police brutality, instead of an incident where the officer was operating clear within his legal rights.

  78. Convoy..please my man save it.. when good police officers stand up and speak out against those so called ‘real’ incidents maybe folks wont be so quick to do as you suggest..
    I’m in detroit right now, where were the good officers to speak out about Ayanna Jones..? Did they even apologize for putting out the intial erroneous spin of the family harboring a killer? Nope its been silence..

    Where’s the good police apologizing about sticking a gun in the face of a 7 year old who was crying when her mom got pulled over in Pittsburgh-Pamela Lawton..?
    where were the police on Oscar grant?.. Why did every single police union in Cali weigh in and backed Grants killer.. There are lots of citizens who did not side with the girls.. Lots of people expressed concerns..How many police have sided with the people?



    I’ve been in confrontation with police, and I’ve been in mad crazy drama with African American (Black) women.

    So let’s talk about the police first. They do have the right to stop you and instruct you. You can file a complaint afterward, but they do have the legal right to confront and instruct you.

    In case you haven’t notice, THEY are even locking up white people (who have money) now.

    So my advice to you is unless you ready for the PO LEEEEEEEEEEEEESE (DON’T HIT ME NO MO-RODNEY KING) BEAT DOWN

    Then don’t do dumb things that give them a reason to confront you.

    And if you are confronted, keep your mouth shut. You’d be better off getting a lawyer, calling the news station, or filing a claim afterwards. But if you are talking trash and not respecting the officer, then you gonna get what they gonna give you.

    And I’ve been confronted by police. And I’ve been through the entire process. So now I am not PRO police. But I’m also not a “wanna be thug” until the Boys In Blue cash the B/S check that was being written.


    Man, I could write “Hell on Earth” a billion times and it wouldn’t come close to the hell these drama queens have put me through.

    And no, I am not anti-black women. And no I don’t date other races. AND HELL NO-I aint gay or a “girlie” man.

    I’m a Black do that came from a really messed up family that has learned how to deal with all this B/S that life throws at us.

    When you got three crazy black females attempting to jump you, you had better hit somebody.

    I’ve tried talking, praying, reasoning, changing my approach, AND IT’S STILL B/S AND DRAMA WHEN DEALING WITH THEM.

    Somebody Hi at 3AM singing Sade loud as hell and off key knowing that you have to go to work in the morning but don’t give a ..ck about you

    And when you confront them, they get up in your face verbally (and sometimes physically) attacking you, then guess what buddy. That chick just one an invitation to knock out city.

    And guess what. My “tough love” has helped this chick from turning into a full blown addict.

    And if you haven’t forgotten: drugs are still illegal (anyway).

    The police officer was in his right to enforce “jaywalking”. Yea, I know it seems petty.

    But maybe we need to stop trying to be bad asses or “thugs” and chill with the B/S.

    I’ve met real thugs during my life time. And I’ve met real gangsters. A real gangster is about his money and his “empire”. He or She doesnot have time for petty (childess) disputes with law enforcement.

    I definitely don’t “get off” hittin no female. Unfortunately, the ones I’m referring thrive on attention whether good or bad.

    Black females as well as everyone else have got to learn to respect the LAW and other people around them.

    And I hate to say this, but WE need to appreciate the work of Law Enforcement, because God knows what our “hoods” and lives would be like with out them.

  80. Davey D brother, I hardly have a point, if any disagreement of the incidents you mentioned. However, you didn’t post a piece that supports your previous post about 7 year olds getting guns in the face or the cops murdering a child through tear gas (a confrontation with a grandma, unlikely). You have actually chosen a piece that gives a textbook example of justifyable police violence. If either one of the girls would’ve been armed, it could’ve turned up like the video I’ve posted. Just because crooked cops exist doesn’t justify this sad display of civil disobedience you posted. The other incidents you’ve posted (yes, you mentioned them all), I do agree with.

  81. Gat Cole, I don’t think the problem is only black women, they are simply the perverbial garbage can for society’s problems, unjustifyably so. I do agree with everything else you said: I’m not pro police, but I do agree he was well within his rights. Would be nice if people thought more about how to survive a police encounter than try to voice their displeasure.

  82. Here we go again racial profiling… judging the people in the video to be dangerous…did any of you happen to notice the young white girl casually walking back and forth…then stopping to stand my a young man to observe what was going on…and another man removed one of the girls off to the side to protect her. I’m glad there were witness there before he claimed he feared for his life…or he thought he saw a knife or gun…now everyone is saying you don’t touch or put your hands on a cop…respect and do what he saids …a police puts his hand on me inappropriatelly and verbally disrespect me..I have a record..its my word over his. I wonder how many freebees cops have gotten from unwilling women. Police also need to learn to respect the public…they are getting paid a salary..they can sometime make the situation bad themselves with there attitude.

  83. i don’t understand why they are saying anything about the cob when u don’ t hear what the girl or the women is saying to the cop.i think she showed her attitude just as much as the cop did. he might have been afraid when he had all those women coming at him at once. but he shouldnt of punched her in the face. he was just doing his job enforcing the law

  84. First rule you learn as a police officer: Contain the situation for your own safety and the safety off all involved, then sort out the problem. The situation was contained until the girls tried to dismiss the officer in the process of his duties and leave the scene. The situation would have been contained and stopped with the girls being detained respectfully and safely, but they insisted on escalating the situation. It is clear from the amount of time the officer took to completely control the situation that he was reluctant to use brute force or his weapon. He only escalated to punching the girl when he was forced to accept that these two were going to keep escalating the situation until he got it under control.

    Nicecutie – yes, actually, police officers have not only the right but the obligation to put their hands on any human being they deem it necessary to subdue. That would be how they will save you from someone trying to hurt you, or stop a robbery. It’s just too bad that those young girls didn’t use their common sense and showed themselves to be unable to cooperate. And as a point of fact, this is true in every country. In fact, in many countries not as safe as ours, those girls would be beaten for resisting arrest.

    You can’t have it both ways – expecting the cops to magically keep order and uphold the law without ever touching anyone. Every time we mount the posse and play the race card in a situation like this, we weaken the truthful and fair objection to police brutality and race issues.

  85. Thats interesting take on things Keepalevel head.. so when I was djaying frat parties at Cal and officer had bear thrown on them and at one party was tackled.. the lack of arrests and no one getting beat was.. because the officers got it under control or made allowances??

  86. hi!,I really like your writing so so much! share we be in contact extra approximately your article on AOL? I need an expert in this space to unravel my problem. May be that is you! Having a look forward to look you.

  87. Being a black man, I truly expected to see a white cop needlessly assaulting a black teenager as the title of this video suggested. I was shocked to see the officer waiting as long as he did before defending himself against the attack of this wild and out of control teenage girl.
    In my opinion the only investigation that should have been conducted about this incident is, why this officer showed as much restraint as he did. His restraint, while admirable, came very close to getting him attacked and possibly killed by this very hostile rioting crowd.


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