Nancy Pelosi Gets Disrupted by Angry Anti-Zionists & Disabled Activists

Speaker of the house Nancy Pelosi swung through the Campaign for America’s Future to give a keynote speech and got shouted on by angry activists from the Disabled Community. They unfurled banners and came from all angles shouting at the speaker. From what I gathered there was legislationThe Free Choice Act that had not gone through and these folks were having it. They held signs that said ‘Homes Not Nursing Homes‘.. One woman was screaming that she had done everything to communicate to Pelosi’s office with no response. They chanted and cat called and refused to be ushered off by security.

Pelosi at first tried to engage them and then just soldiered on by continuing her speech amidst the shouting. At one point she remarked she was used to talking over noise because she deals with the Democratic Caucus who are just as boisterous. Pelosi tried to rev up the crowd who had left their seats and came closer to hear her speak, they tried to cheer and clap real loud to drown out the demonstrators. I’m not sure it worked.

While the disabled folks made noise, members from Code Pink including group co-founder Medea Benjamin stood at the front of the stage and held a big banner that read ‘Stop Funding Israeli Terror’. They didn’t do much shouting until a burly guard attempted to snatch the banner and Benjamin refused to let it go. There was some pushing and shoving which looked pretty ugly considering how small Benjamin is and how big the guards were. I guess they realized it wasn’t a good look as camera’s stayed locked on them. They gave up and left the hall.

Pelosi eventually finished her speech..

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