‘Operation Small Axe’ film on Oakland PD Terrorism Comes to LA this Friday


Update** JR was finally acquitted of all charges.. but this clip explains the premise behind the movie..


Oakland Police Attack Veteran News Reporter for Filming (video)

This is a damn shame.. no one is safe even a veteran news reporter with a camera.. This is scary..You have folks who get arrested for attacking the papparazi who actually cross the line..  yet you have the police do this to a  seasoned reporter for a major network and all he was doing was his job.?

A former cameraman for KGO-TV has filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against the Oakland Police Department, accusing several officers of attacking him and breaking his camera as he tried to film outside a hospital on the day four officers were killed last year.

Douglas Laughlin said several officers accosted him on March 21, 2009, outside Highland Hospital in Oakland as he tried to film the arrival of an ambulance carrying one of the mortally wounded officers.

The confrontation, as captured by Laughlin’s camera, can be seen here:

Read more: http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/blogs/crime/detail?entry_id=64842&tsp=1#ixzz0pk7wj7fB


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Zionist Holding Racist Signs Greet Freedom Flotilla Demonstrators in SF

We attended the June 1 2010 demonstration in front of the Israeli Consulate on Montgomery Street where local activist and clergy spoke out against the horrific attacks on humanitarians trying to get food and medical supplies to folks living in Gaza via the Freedom Flotillas.  In those predawn attacks 15 people were killed..

Sadly as hundreds gathered in front of the consulate, racist Zionists showed up holding signs calling for the destruction of Gaza and Islam.. It seemed a bit extreme for a group who says they were defending themselves and want peace…Seems like they were there to provoke a fight.

We spoke to local activists including former Black Panther Emory Douglass who reminded us that what took place over the Memorial day weekend was not the first time Israel has attacked unsuspecting ships…


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