Over Sexualized Kids-Who do we Blame for This Beyonce? MTV? Radio? It’s Obvious the Parents Don’t Care

I saw this video the other day and was stunned.. No wonder we have kids who are confused..What do we say or do?  Do we start blaming some out of control teenager for acting out when they can look back and note that since the age of 6 she grew up and dancing and acting all sexualized to a cheering crowd. Do we blame them  when their video has been passed around with close to two million views? Do we blame Beyonce for doing the song? MTV or the radio for playing it? What if it was a bunch of Black girls in this video? It’s obvious the parents have no problem with this…


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5 comments on “Over Sexualized Kids-Who do we Blame for This Beyonce? MTV? Radio? It’s Obvious the Parents Don’t Care

  1. Of course the parents don’t have a problem—they’re WHITE, and as such, they can get away w/ doing/being the HOTTENTOT VENUS wannabee, as it were….look at that video of Kendra droppin it like its hot!!! Brothas were all over that video; but if it were a sista, the reaction would be totally different!!!

  2. LMAO!

    I know it shouldn’t be funny, but it’s mind-numbing these days with this sort of behavior on repeat. That doesn’t even account for all these missing/murdered kids stories 24/7 on the TV. I say keep that sex offender registry on high alert!

  3. And what if it were girls of color? The media wouldn’t care and you know what…? Neither would we. We see this stuff like this happening to young Black and Latina girls and we look the other way.

    I remember Lil Wayne and Drake’s performance a couple of years ago at the BET Awards. They had all those little girls gyrating on stage in skimpy clothes. Yeah, there was an uproar and it lasted all of a day.

  4. D-Chubb what are u talking about.. They pulled that craziness at BET awards a year ago.. and there’s was major outrage.. so much so they dropped that performance in future viewings.. Check the archives of this site to see some of the articles that came out.. I know I was livid and didn’t let it slide, nor did alot of other folks..I agree at times we let some of this stuff slide.. ie. radio stations still play R.kelly. but many of us wont touch him.. I think we confuse lack of outrage with what media people say or dont say.. Steve Harvey or Big Boy aint gonna blow up the spots of Drake and Lil wayne cause their stations are too cozy with the music industry..

    Other folks have other outlets that will blow the whistle..

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