Rise of the Brown Emcee pt 4 (Dedication to Arizona)-Free the Land


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This has been a trying week especially if you are of Brown hue and live in the racist state of Arizona.  Fortunately lots of folks are fighting back and we wanna show support by highlighting the many emcees withing Hip Hop who are putting down the smash.. We call this Rise of the Brown Emcee pt4.

Pay close attention to new music from Chuck D and Toki Wright who have released songs addressing the situation. Chuck makes the connection to the Berlin Wall and its eventual fall and whats taking place in Arizona. ‘Tear Down That Wall’ is a masterpiece.

Toki Wright delivers the goods by remaking the Public Enemy classic ‘By The Time I get to Arizona’. here Toki intersperses his voice with Chuck D’s from the original. It starts off with him asking ‘What would Chuck D do in this situation?.. Toki  had no idea that Chuck had just penned a song of his own a few days earlier.

Immortal Technique, Quese IMC, Ana Tijoux, Deauce Eclipse  and Rebel Diaz all have slamming songs that underscore the theme of Brown Power and Unity..

Enjoy this week’s offerings.

 Rise of the Brown Emcee pt 4 (Dedication to Arizona)

Davey D in the Mix

01-Arizona Rally-Man Speaking about SB1070

02-Arizona Rally-Woman Speaking about SB1070

03-Chuck D – Tear Down That Wall

04-Tha Mexakinz – Confessions

05-Commentary-The IndiansAre Coming Back

06-J Boogie’s Dubtronic Science – ¿Qué Pasa? feat. Deuce Eclipse

07-Ana Tijoux – Crisis De Un MC

08-Rebel Diaz – Free Again Featuring M1 of Dead Prez

09-Ana Tijoux – La Nueva Condena

10-2mex – Across And Down

11-Quese Imc – Hey Young World feat. Rusty Diamond

12-EPMD – Immigration-Give People What They Need-Az Mi

13-Euphrates – Iraqnaphobia

14-Public Enemy – Security of the First World

15-The Game w/ 50 Cent – Immigration-hate it orLuv It-192

16-various – BreakdownFM-25Joints-RiseofLatin-short

17-Orishas – Trese

18-Orisha w/Tony Touch-Represent

19-Fulatino – Serenata Negro

20-Mexicano 777 – Funcion Mental

21-Immortal technique – Poverty of Philosophy

22-DJ Muggs Vs Sick Jacken Feat. Cynic – Black Ships

23-commentary-Indians Are coming Back

24-Toki Wright – By The Time I Get To Arizona 2010 Reduex

25-Ras K’dee– Mother Earth

26-Cihuatl Ce – Dreamah

27-Big Dan – My People Mi gente

28-Bang Data – Mi Viejo (A Mi Padre)

29-Ras Ceylon – Afrocentric Azian

30-Maria Isa  w/ Tone Capone– Street Politics Ft. Killa Capone

31-Savage Family – Sacrifice

32-K’naan – T.I.A.

33-Blackalicious – Smithzonian Institue of Rhyme

34-Mala Rodriguez – Elgallo

35-MV Bill – So Deus Pode Me Julgar- (Brazil)

36-Kanye West – jesus walks

37-Kashmere Stage Band – Ain’t No Sunshine

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42 comments on “Rise of the Brown Emcee pt 4 (Dedication to Arizona)-Free the Land

  1. this is why i listen to mostly metal and punk and pre-2001 hip hop- as rap is offically part of the gubment. A government sponsored entity. GSE like fannie mae and freddie mac. LOL

    Osama and russel simmons tell these dummies what they are allowed to rap about. Funny.

    If these dummies want to endorse the end of the rule of law, decriminalizing marijuana would be the place to get my support.

    I will continue to laugh at all the dummies on all sides make fools of themselves.

  2. Lover Boy thanks for the compliments on the podcast.. They are much appreciated and made my night.. Next week we’ll have Tyler Perry..LOL
    Try not to be too jealous.. .. embrace the change cause its coming..

  3. Are u serious? Because I can tell you right now if you want to reach our people you need something much stronger than that type of rap. They’ll listen if can get td jakes or kobe bryant to speak up. Davey d I have a question? Since you sympatize with illegal aliens, what do you think would be fair and just plan to deal with illegals?

  4. I saw Chuck D give a talk a few years back at the University of Alberta all the way up here in Canada. A one hour lecture turned into a three hour discussion. Afterwards he stayed and signed autographs for over one hundred people stopping to have a conversation with everyone of them.

    If Chuck D has that many fans in Alberta, Canada, I’m sure he has fans world wide and is certainly relevant.

    Don’t you remember fight the power.

    Good lookin on the playlist Davey D!

  5. Canada is wack. I love chuck d, but no one takes his commentary seriously. As is the case with artist like mos def, tlib kwali and dead prez or paris. I thank god that these brothers speak up, but geez who are they reaching. If you go to a show all you see are people there. I can tell you right now, most black people are happy to see this law come about. the southwest and the west are starting to look like a third world country full of recent third world dwellers.

  6. I’m not robert I read his comments and I think he was out of line especially for saying that you deserved to be shot. I live in Dallas and I haven’t heard any of my friends or family get upset about the law. Many of them have actually said “what took them so long”. What ground do you stand on when it comes to fighting for their cause? I am requesting an intelligent response. If you play the race card, then that makes it reverse racism correct? It almost like you are saying that you support them just because they aren’t white.

  7. “Embrace the change cuz its coming”.Change coming??? That is the funniest shit i heard all year.

    In case you aint been to So Cal, it has been a 3rd world country for many years. At least 10. The socialist mexicans that run LA have destroyed it. LAPD wont even patrol Boyle Heights. There are many no patrol zones in LA. All the cops are crooked as shit.

    Thanks to special order 40 the fuckin LAPD wont check a illegals status. But the LAPD will surely ask your black ass if you on parole.

    Mexican LA city workers caught on tape drinkin on the job and their supervisor says he might discipline them. Mexicans drink and drive on the job and these are the people you stand up for.

    Telll this bullshit you selling to Jamelle Shaw’s father. Jamelle Shaw was murdered in cold bloood by one of the illegals whose behavior you endorse and condone.

    The illegal should have been deported past our secure border. Instead you have this bullshit that these fake internet govt journalists sell. Borders still wide open.

    Davey D has in 2 months lost his whole legacy of credibility. I used to respect you as a hip hip historian. Now you are just like most MC’s a sellout to the highest bidder. Just a propagandist selling lies. I bet you would be a sodomite on the DL too. LOL

    Daved D and it looks like most of these so called hip hop activists are all paid by some govt agency to promote the govts propaganda. Welcome to the USSA.

  8. Y’all be dissing that man davey d! All I want is for him to respond to my questions. It still stands…the questions is: on what ground do u stand in regards to your sympathy for illeglas?

  9. Just like I thought…some left wing pussy with no ground to stand on execpt for “this used to be there land” or “america is against them because they are brown”…hahaha….this country treats them better than they treats us…our black leaders are pussies toowe have allowed people who are racist against us to exploit our struggle…

  10. Allow me to address a few issue here… First, Robert I told u about making threats… You have an issue you can find me and deal with me face to face..I’m not hard to find.. U can’t control yourself.. so you’re off the site…. I see a post from u I’m deleting it.. This is not a game.. end of story..

    Loverboy and Maranatha.. First I live in LA.. It’s not a third world country.. I been to third world countries its nowhere near that..It’s a gross exaggeration..I’m sorry y’all feel so scared and upset and out of their mind about so called illegal immigrants. They’re not going anywhere anytime soon.. so again get used to it..

    As far as I’m concerned there should be no borders period.. Humans first.. That’s my philosphy..If Haitians wanna come they should be allowed.. If Cubans wanna come.. if Mexicans or central Americans wanna come they should all be allowed.. We already allow Russians.. We allow Serbians.. We allow Ukranians We allow a bunch of folks.. many others come here illegally..

    Now if we wanna compare war wounds and talk about Jamal Shaw.. sure we can do that..But talk about the entire story, including the widely reported gang affiliations he had..and the fact that him being a Blood and the the cat who shot him being at war for years.. Thats was no big secret.. both for that area and with all invlved..It wasn’t as cut and dry as you would like to note..

    If you actually lived in LA then you would’ve pulled other examples like the ethnic cleansing killings in Highland Pk or in Torrance where the case was devoid of controversy..

    In anycase, its all a sad situation.. The gang violence, ethinc cleasining, beaner jumping.. all that is wrong There’s no defense for killings of any kind.. But lets not act like such atrocities are attributed only to mexicans.. We can also talk about the gay bashing incidents that took place a couple of yrs back by Ukranian immigrants.in sacramento.. I believe the victims name was Satender Singh.. . We had a highly publicized murder not too long ago back east with a serbian basketball player killing a guy at bingham College and going back home and the country refusing to deport him back for trial..There’s long been racial incidents with Russians in Brighton beach.. battling Italians both those here legally and illegaly as well as Blacks.. We have not been sending ICE agents to run raids in any of those communities..We haven’t been trying to pass laws in their wake of the highly publicized incidents …

    We’ve also had a number of incidents where we as Americans have killed folks .. beaner jumping.. the two incidents here in Oakland and SF Violence is fucked up no matter who does it.. legal or ‘illegal’.. But that has very little to do with the topic at hand… The fact of the matter is we just have two diametrically opposed positions on immigrations.. I want it open.. You want it closed.. Not much else to say about it.. I have and will continue to fight for the rights of all people to be allowed here.. Those that are here deserve a path to citizenship.. Politically we’ll push for what we want.. You got ur bill passed in Arizona and I’ll be pushing to weaken it and make sure its outta here..

    If that loses credibility with you or anyone else so be it.. I’m not looking for your support or approval on this.. and to be honest I’m not even trying to change your mind..It is what it is.. I want open u want it closed.. see you at the polls see ya in the fields..

    Lastly Maranatha Please show me where I got paid by any govt agency to do the work that I do.. Not that i even see it as wrong.. people are beholden to whoever pays them.. public or private.. I’d be curious to see this connection with me and the gov’t..

  11. That Robert guys was hot on your trail that’swhy you had to drop him. I read his comments on the 12 million illegal immigrants and you being employed by jewish people to speak for black people, but I read no threats.

  12. He was never on my trail homie.. and I have no problem debating anyone.. no matter how heated.. talking about shooting someone.. I said it twice don’t say that so its a wrap.. but listen here Master Ace.. aka Robert..we’ll see how long this lasts..

  13. I saw the reply robert made, you can feel the hate coming out of his posts. Good looking on the reply Davey. When Chuck D came to Alberta he also spoke about open borders.

    I read some statistics somewhere that said that illegal immigrants on average commit the same amount of crime and often less, than average citizens… and if they are deported and come back they have been shown to always commit less amount of crimes than average citizens. If you think about it that would make perfect sense.

    But of course they’re always going to point out specific incidences which isn’t an accurate portrayal of the whole picture.

  14. Once again I think you’re right, I couldn’t give a full response because I was drunk. Immagration isn’t an abomination. However, if you have a house, will you allow everyone to live there. No, it is your home, your space. You cannot just say okay anyone who needs a place to stay can crash at my house. The hispanics are being targeted because they are the largest group. Xenophobia transcends race, trust me on that one. Over in South Africa, the south Africans are against immagration, in fact, they treat their immigrants like garbage. Many of them are forced to live on the streets. Black are treating black people poorly. This holds to be true in many African countries, which is partly the reason they are in conflict with one another. Hell, in this country not too long ago blacks in the north didn’t want blacks from the south to come up north. Think about Ellis island….you are aware that whites were fighting against whites…many of the americans that were already here didn’t want invaders. In fact most people don’t know this but gangs started with whites either trying to teorize other groups or protect themselves from angry mobs that didn’t like them because of their country of origin or etc. Itaians,the irish and etc all faced discrimination. They were only brought here to work, as is the case with most hispanics. Now, the market is saturated and jobs are getting scarce. Actually jobs have always been scarce….like I said daveyd your response was on point, but I’m sure u can dig countries having rules and regulations…where there’s no order there’s no peace…america can’t allow every one and their mother to come here. I got another question….how can america be so open to bringing poor uneducated workers when they haven’t effectively dealt with the poverty class already here? If the average black makes 19000 a year don’t you think that we are directly affected by them coming here.

  15. @Loverboy Your last question is a complicated one to answer.. Its a conflict between what is ‘ethical’ versuses what you may have to do to achieve a bottom line based upon the expectations of investors.. So the in other words.. I invest 200 bucks in ur company, i want 300 in return.. You discover u can make that money back by moving your company overseas where you pay 2 bucks an hour versus paying members of the American underclass 5 bucks an hr..

    The ethical thing to do would be to make sure everyone in the ‘community’ is eating even if it means sacrificing your profits.. That may not be the mandate issues by investors.. so you go overseas and leave the underclass stranded.. How we achieve balance will never ever come fully by legislation.. some can help.. but there’s gotta be other incentives in the mix..

    This push to make dollars at all costs results in mass migration from other places to the US because far too many ‘citizens’ will throw away their ethics and pay a below market wage to undocumented folks.. I don’t blame them I blame the company.. and us.. If I look down on my feet and find out that the sneakers I have on were made with labor from undocumented worker paid below market wages would I give those sneakers back? Would u give those sneakers back? Do we as a country reject ‘ill gotten goods’ even if it saves me a bundle.. I in all likelihood will not give the cheaper goods back.. The least I can and should do is fight to make sure people who I proverbially ‘exploit’ have a fair shot..

    Right now there’s no political, economic or social incentive to stay and do right by those who have the least..

    As far as immigration. I’m well aware of the mistreatment of immigrants all over the world.. Africa is bad, China is bad, London is bad.. etc.. Immigrant populations are always a convient scape goat and yes, many gangs in particular organized crime is the a result of that.. There are no easy answers and its not a one size fits all policy..

    What i do know is this.. many who come here would rather be at home.. Great sacrifices are made to be here, people are separated from families and can never go back.. people are under constant stress from being found out and being deported.. and they like everyone else wants a better life…The question we should be asking is what exactly are we as the US doing both diplomatically and even economically to insure that a country like mexico is on point so that folks do not have to come over here in droves?

    NAFTA was a disaster.. and our current policies are obviously not working.. militarizing the border is not gonna work, especially with the drug situation.. Money talks and too many of our own are prone to bribes, threats and political grandstanding to fully enforce this.. We better find a way to fully integrate our two countries and do it in such a way that things balance out economically speaking.. I’m not into the whole Amero thing..but we have to regionalize this area on all fronts.. not just with corporations..

    Lastly my anger if I was to have any would be to anyone who exploits by paying a below market wage.. Also i don’t think many of the jobs being done by day laborers is taking away from work that many of us wanna do here..Those jobs are being shipped overseas where work is being done for pennies..

  16. Mr Rawkus.. I think crime is a by product of opportunity and distressed economy..where much of the crime involving ‘mexicans’ is centered has to do with the battle over drug turf..This means there are alot of ‘do wrong’ people involved both legal and illegal.. In LA much of the Black vs Brown violence has been centered around this with Browns winning out and controlling much of the key distribution points..and innocent folks living in those areas catching hell. Its the same hell that folks living in any drug turf catches.. weather legal or ‘illegals are involved..How we deal with that is another topic..

  17. I know that you are saying the question is too hard to answer, but it sounds like you are simply avoiding it because you know that the answer is yes.You’re right Daveyd, I must say that I underestimated your point of view with regards to the illegal immigration situation. What’s good for the goose is for the gander. This is not a democracy, it is about free trade and profit. So naturally greed will take precedence over It’s nobody’s fault. Everyone is trying to survive, which is why I am not against illegals, however, I think there needs to be better regulation to protect American citizens. Are you aware that for only 150 dollars they can get a green card,Driver’s license, SSN and birth certificate. You are aware that most companies don’t check this info throughly. Don’t you think I should have first dibs when it comes to employment. Daveyd, I am a contractor, I fight against hispanic owned companies all of the time for contracts. I am not a fool, I know when someone is legal and when they aren’t. I’ve lost alot of them. I’m not licking my wounds, but I’m just stating the facts. Let me say that I knew that you were aware of the immigration epidemic that is taking place all over the world, that’s why I brought it up. I wanted to show that let’s stop making a big deal about race and let’s look at the fact that this is a human problem. Your unique insight is the reason why i have read many of your articles (no ass kissing intended). But I have never agreed with your stance on illegal immigration. Just for the record I believe in amnesty. It would be extremely inhumane for America to send them back, I would protest against a law like that. But let’s keep it real, something has to be done to help them and the poor americans who are struggling.

  18. Of course the poor needs to be helped.. It starts with Amnesty and has to be followed up with a stabilization of the economy which includes uplifting the poor in Mexico.. People in mexico don’t want to leave their families and homes.. We are now getting a taste of that here in the US.. many of the folks I know are having to make hard decisions.. They are having to move out of state for work..U think they wanna leave Cali to go to Texas or Colorado.. Once they arrive the folks there are gonna say what u say.. I lived here all my life I want first dibs..

    This what happened when folks from New Orleans came to Houston.. When I said the ground beneath us is shaking embrace the change, I mean that gone are the days when we can continue to do this.. Not enough resources.. too many people too few people having way too much resources that they are hording.. I would much rather you as a contractor have the opportunity to do work in Mexico and get a similar wage as u do here and vice versa..

    i also wanna make sure ‘undocumenteds are on the books.. paying taxes and able to be accountable if they wrong.. I think we should’ve had a guest worker program similar to what Silicon valley does with India.. They pay taxes, pay rent and with increased population have the potential to grow the economy..

    We also need some ground floor regulation.. so we don’t have gross undercutting.. This keeps the competition on even keel.. I think what steams u most as a contractor is that someone is paying a cat next to nothing and u cant compete.. If they paying the same expenses then its fair competition the winner is determined by relationships and quality of work..

    Like I said there is no easy answers.. we have to think outside the box and all parties have to come to the table with a win-win desire.. Sadly i think the Multi-nationals are not down to do this..I would have a law that says any multi-national that has more than 10 people caught with undocumented or paying under the table gets their bizness dissolved or they are forced to pick from a pool of unemployed as registered with govt..I’m thinking in terms like that..

  19. Davey D, i will research further to find out if you are funded by any Govt front companies.

    IN the meantime i will just accept that like your pres, you hate america. You want a transnationalist globalist 3rd world country where all services break down.

    I see you write a column for the san jose mercury news.

    The San Jose Mercury News’ owner will seek bankruptcy protection in a major restructuring of the company’s ownership and debt, news agencies reported Friday night.

    The Chapter 11 filing will slice holding company Affiliated Media’s debt from $930 million to $165 million. The negotiated transaction will cost executives Dean Singleton and Jody Lodovic ownership control.

    Controlling equity in the struggling newspaper group will be issued to 116 creditors, a group led by Bank of America Corp.

    Hearst Corp., which owns the San Francisco Chronicle, will see its $400 million investment in MediaNews wiped out in the proceedings, according to the Wall Street Journal. Hearst declined comment, the Journal said.

    Singleton said that for advertisers, vendors, employees and subscribers, “it is business as usual,”

    Singleton and Lodovic will retain control of the board, despite their diluted ownership, under the reorganization plan

    On August 2, 2006, MediaNews bought the Mercury News from McClatchy Corp. following McClatchy’s purchase of Knight-Ridder’s newspapers. Pummeled by the economy, the Internet and debt service obligations, the Mercury News under Singleton has consolidated shrunk its staff and page counts while consolidating operations and coverage with its other Bay Area publications.

    Media News owns most of the daily newspapers in the San Francisco Bay Area and Monterey Bay regions, as well as the Silicon Valley Community Newspapers group of weeklies.

    So you write for a newspaper in nor cal that is losing english readers mucho. SF is basically a gay Tijuana. That aint goin to add up to well in terms of subscribers to a gringo newspaper.

    So your blogging cuz you gots to. You bloggin in hopes of building readers. I got news for you you need to start writing in espanol.

    Black people will never by the bullshit you sell. Uncle Sam and Uncle Tom they are the same man.

    Keep telling you lies and propaganda Dave. We will continue to call you and your sodomite friendly peeps out.

  20. Davey D’s master, Bank of america, loves 3rd world cheap labor.

    That is why davey d sits on his soap box and pushes for amnesty. At a time when unenemployment is truly at 15-20%.

    I guess i am truly goin to have to stop reading this blog.

    Enjoy your 3rd world country full of cheap slave labor.

    I am done reading this bullshit
    For the record Fuck Davey D.

  21. LOL Maranatha you’re idiot…Talk about reaching…That’s all you could find.. I haven’t written for the Merc in over 2 yrs.. show me one column.. and in addition my column was syndicated meaning it was self published and ran in the Merc., The SF Bayview, various websites and etc.. I was never an employee..So you’re wrong on that.. But I guess they somehow controlled what I been writing the past 20 years.. even though they started running my column in 2002…What would really be interesting is if you could find out how much I got paid..Thousands, hundred, millions or free?? I know when I wrote for them it was owned by Knight Ridder.. They had a problem with me calling George Bush a gangsta cause of his anti-war policies since he was generously donating tons of money to the GOP..so I had my column censored.. I just need to check if I was doing the gov’t bidding when I wrote for them..I need to check for that..

    Second.. I don’t bank and never have been at B of A.. Don’t like them..

    Third.. What does any of this have to do with my website which is where u actually engage me..?
    Fourth if you needed help.. you could’ve noted I worked for Clear Channel for years.. the company that got busts up unions and is notorious for underpaying its employees its known as Cheap Channel.. Thats pretty well known.. maybe that Govt money from Bush is what I was repping..

    You also know I worked for Time Warner.. We know how they are.. so perhaps thats where my Govt money came from Time Warners-Lets see Dick parsons was my boss.. and Dick Heads up Citicorp which is on par with Goldman sachs and well u know how they are..They got bailed out.. somewhere in my house I have a bailout check as well cause me Dick were pretty tight..

    I think you should’ve brought up those companies then you might’ve had more ammo on me..plus everyone knows those big media giants are evil.. I guess you would have to kinda overlook my public critiques of them..cause it wouldn’t fit your nice little narrative..

    So nice try Maranatha.. yes i will enjoy this third world country.. hopefully your leaving?.. and yes you should probably stop reading these columns.. since your computer or smart phone was probably made with a cheap labor source either overseas or right here..

    And for the record Maranatha Fuck U Too..

  22. @loverboy there is no bank of america connection.. he was trying to connect the dots that the San Jose merc is somehow connected to Bof A and therefore since they ran my column there I must be a part of that.. I gotta be honest I can use some Bof A money right now..

  23. wait a minute…these people are ILLEGALS. I live in AZ, I have LIVED in sanctuary citites, “free Arizona? Huh?
    Then you MUST be taking up for your own people who are getting the SHAFT BECAUSE of these creeps!!!!!
    Where were you all when your people have been marching in LA?
    What about one of the MANY victims of these ILLEGALS that are your people??
    What about Jamiel??


  24. Aaahh the ole divide and conquer technique.. trying to get Black vs Brown by the Madjewess.. Not gonna work.. but u can try.. Apartheid Arizona will be free..Change is coming.. As for who are my people..”please tell me who are ‘my people’ exactly..?






  26. for the record. You Davedy D are just like Roland Martin , Jesse Jackson, Farakhan, and all the rest of the black sellouts that work to destroy america. I am suprised MSNBC hasnt given you a gay rights show yet where you sell gay sex to the youth.

    SO fuck you and fuck all you sell outs that work for the NWO. I will add this site to the likes of Daily Kos, MSNBC, CNN, and all the other govt bullshit propaganda that no one is buying.

    Dont worry Though i know osama will come thru on amnesty for you and your 3rd world peeps. Keep selling your bullshit lies. I will just tune you out. Cuz you aint shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. @maranatha.. typical response..Last i checked u said u weren’t gonna come to the site..but I guess the fear got to u..here we do a Brown emcee mix and it brings out the fear.. Its all good my friend.. Change is upon us.. embrace it.. NWO fo’ Life..lololo

  28. You enjoy your life as the head of the new Tequila Party movement. Do your thing, represent your gente. Tequila Party head, good luck with that homie. LOL

  29. and that is my last comment tequila party leader, no more need to hear your lies and propaganda as dictated to you by your banker masters. Keep serving your masters Dave…

  30. LOL wow look at the racism Maranatha..sad part is your remarks are so ‘yesterday’ -Its so 19080s.. I see a man who is no longer equipped or qualified to handle what is before him in 2010. Maybe its lack of intelligence.. maybe its the realization that this country betrayed you.. Power is slipping Maranatha..U my friend you’re upset bc you are a major FAILURE. A real man, one who believes in himself, would’ve simply enjoyed the art of conversation.. the art of debate and maybe come away learning a few things..Instead you were more vested in trying to be ‘right’, when really that doesn’t matter.. Its a damn message board attached to an article where folks share their thoughts..
    My friend its time for you to stop whining, grow a pair and forgo the pity party… Your wasting way too much time..

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