Black bank Robber Turns out to Be White Guy with Hollywood Style make up..

Wow folks I don’t make these things up.. really I don’t… But it speaks volumes as to what’s going on today…Wonder how many times this happened before and we just assumed it was as was shown and stated..

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6 comments on “Black bank Robber Turns out to Be White Guy with Hollywood Style make up..

  1. why does this have to be in my city? Criminalize black people and they would hardly believe that it wasn’t true. Why is it that when white people want to fake a crime, they automatically choose a black person to pin the charge on? It is because society will believe them because of the myth of the big black scary cracka hating, NIGGA. This stuff has got to stop.

  2. the reporter at the end called a white man disguising himself as a black man to rob banks, “Very Creative”….wow

  3. DOESN’T SURPRISE ME one bit! In a country whose media industry began with minstrelizing us and is STILL comprised of STOLEN LAND ruled by the descendants of those who STOLE IT, and a country that still minstrelizes us to this present day, even when some of our own are guilty of this, there will always be white folks in blackface, and this is one of the most diabolical manifestations of it. I hope this cracker gets a taste of what our people have been going through the last 500 years in this red,white, and blue cesspool – and he has the audacity to have a Sista as a girlfriend? Hmmmm. . . . .sounds too much like that white character Dunwitty in Spike Lee’s BAMBOOZLED – you know that white cat that was sayin’ things like, “Ya, I know N%$#@! better than you! I have a Black Wife”, etc.

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