Is T-Pain a Republican? Is He Stomping for Sean Hannity?

There’s a lot of hoopla about T-Pain hooking up with Fox News icon Sean Hannity and him endorsing the Republicans.. Below are a couple of videos. One shows how Hannity and T-Pain hooked up.. The other one shows whats been going around on YouTube.. Personally I don’t think its a big deal.. There have been and will continue to be conservative folks in Hip Hop  as well as artists who back causes pushed by conservatives..

For starters.. a few years ago LL Cool J endorsed GOP Governor Pataki over Carl McCall who was running and would’ve been NY’s first African American governor.. I did an interview with MC Serch and Pete Nice of 3rd Bass at the Source Awards back in 99 or 2000 and they both said they were Republicans.. Bill Stepheney co-founder of Public Enemy I believe is Republican and if you recall Canibus came out and supported George Bush‘s call to war. In fact he did a song called Draft Me and then went off and served in the army..Not sure about Pitbull, but he’s definitely not supporting anyone (mostly non-conservatives) who are down to open up talks with Cuba. His stance against Cube prompted Mos Def to write an open letter challenging him..I was just reminded about Daddy Yankee showing up to the 2008 GOP Convention to support John McCain.. He said he was down to roll with him because he was against illegal immigration.. His remarks drew the ire of Fat Joe who publicly chastized him..

On a side note we can’t forget that in 2004, Jay-Z opened up his 40/40 Club to the GOP where RNC head Michael Steele held a big party and was bragging about how the GOP was connecting to Hip Hop the next day.. Jigga wasn’t there, but they sure did try to make the connection big time..

Peep the videos with T-Pain and you decide..Personally I think Hannity was having fun knowing that him standing nxt to T-Pain would cause everyone to talk.. I think Pain didn’t really care.. he wasn’t tripping like that.. Its publicity for both

Someone just hit me up with a commentary from J-Smooth of Ill Doctrine.. here’s his take on this..

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13 comments on “Is T-Pain a Republican? Is He Stomping for Sean Hannity?

  1. on that note, given the GOP’s position on abortion, i can totally see why they prefer lesbian bondage clubs like Voyeur…

  2. J Smooth pretty much summed it up. T-Pain let himself get T-bagged. Maybe he’s tired of auto tune and prefer Hanity’s nuts as his new vocoder/talkbox.


  3. Can anyone say p-u-b-l-i-c-i-t-y? Straight up…remember when Eazy E caused a huge stink when he attended a GOP lunch/fundraiser for old ass Daddy Bush? Supposedly, he got a big chuckle out of the whole ordeal, although some said Heller flipped him.

    The only difference is back in ’91, it was pure sacriledge to be a rap artist affiliated with a Republican or –worse– to be labeled as some sort of ‘sellout’. Amazing, ain’t it…fast forward 20 years and selling out is the name of the game.

  4. ok…honestly….I posted without viewing. Shit, after peeping the vids, I seriously question whether or not this cat even knows the damn difference between a conservative or a liberal.

  5. I encourage this, i’m sick of Democrats, but not to the point of kissing up to Hannity. Hannity is a phony. If you’re goint to check out the Right, check with the more authentic conservatives like Ron Paul, Huckabee or Romney. The only truely conservative redio host than I can think of would be Neal Boortz, Herman Cain, Jerry Doyle and Michael Medved. They are conservative for conservative’s sake, they are sincere and they make alot of since. Boortz pisses alot of people off, but he is an equal opportunity offender of all partisans.

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  7. And over the span of the past thirty years, what has the Democratic Party done for all of you GOP haters? I get angry every time people try to prolong a race war and play the race card. MLK Jr. is probably nothing but dust by now from rolling in his grave so much over the years! Soo many people disgrace his name by bringing it up with their race baiting. What party was he a part of? What side of the middle were his political views? Who does his family strongly and openly support? I’ll give you a hint: they are very much against 0bama and everything he has done/proposes(and were against everything he falsely promised or threw aside after failing to execute).

  8. @ American….that is so stupid to even remotely say what MLK would think right now when it is a totally different time…totally different issues…and totally different problems than what he had to deal with….and it’s not a race’s a race deck…i’m tired of people like you saying that…it’s as old as the wrong that has been done and is still being done to blacks. People are just better at covering it up now. I’m a business owner…and doing quite well I might add, but I’m not ignorant enough to think that the system still doesn’t work as it should. Again, remember, I’m a business owner…successful. But I can tell you one thing. Race had a ton to do with what I went through to get where I am. I broke through…my white counterparts were let through. There’s a huge difference.

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