New Boondocks takes a Hard Shot at Will I am, Barack Obama and Tiger Woods

Aaron McGruder has long spoke out against Barack Obama and his ties to Wall Street and corporate America. Long before the 08 election McGruder was letting his feelings be known. Looks like he’s know coming back with heat.. He takes a swift shot at Will I am of the Black Eyed Peas as he gears up for the new season of The Boondocks. In another clip McGruder spoofs the Tiger Woods commercial.

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4 comments on “New Boondocks takes a Hard Shot at Will I am, Barack Obama and Tiger Woods

  1. Oh yes!!!! Dick riding is right. Fuck ridin the dick of a pathological liar that is the POTUS.

    Big Ups to Mr McGruder. Hopefully more people will speak out against the blind loyalty to the wall street hooker.

    Big ups to Davey D for pointing out this the boondox clip..

    I hope his taxes are current though, Mr Potus isnt down with the whole critical comment thing.

    Someone should send this link to MSNBC and CNN……since they riding HARD

  2. I think the “d*ck riding Obama” clip is more complex than a sweeping indictment of the POTUS.

    If I read it correctly, the clip is set during the campaign season. Not to say that McGruder isn’t highly critical of Obama, but this clip seems more like a satirical critique of self-professed apolitical hip-hop artists (and fans) who jumped on the Obama train as mere opportunists and not to be political engaged.

    That Thugnificent completely changes up his steelo to get on board reminds me of so many rappers who got “political” during the campaign, but couldn’t tell you who represented their “hood” on the city council. And they sure aren’t following politics now that the campaign is over.

    Hence, they weren’t really Obama supporters per se, but “d*ck riders”, who rode Obama for self promotion and feel no responsibility to hold him accountable for anything.

  3. I just saw the episode today for the first time. I think people have this all wrong. Everyone keeps saying it’s a slap at Obama. Maybe in an off handed way it is… but I think it’s more so a slap to the Obama hysteria.

    All we heard all through the election was “first black” this and “first black that”, “historic” this and “historic” that… but we didn’t hear about HOW this first black president would fix America, or HOW this historic day would bring back our economy.

    no one cared because he was the ‘first black’ historic president.

    then, come present time when we’re talking cap and trade which will raise the taxes of those he promised wouldn’t see tax hikes, when he spent us 3 trillion dollars into debt with the promise we wouldn’t see job losses past 8%, when we’re now hovering near 10% job loss he wants to spend MORE money on crap like studying radio active rabbit poop (seriously… that was actually in the first stimulus)… and when all we hear is “it’s bush’s fault” nearly 2 years later…

    now (some) people are coming down from the historic high and rethinking their point of view.

    that’s kind of what I felt it was about. it was more about the bandwagoners than it was Obama himself.

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