New Boondocks takes a Hard Shot at Will I am, Barack Obama and Tiger Woods

Aaron McGruder has long spoke out against Barack Obama and his ties to Wall Street and corporate America. Long before the 08 election McGruder was letting his feelings be known. Looks like he’s know coming back with heat.. He takes a swift shot at Will I am of the Black Eyed Peas as he gears up for the new season of The Boondocks. In another clip McGruder spoofs the Tiger Woods commercial.

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Jay-Z Beefing w/ Boston Redsox David Ortiz Over Club name 40/40

David Ortiz steals Jay-Z’s 40/40 Club name for Dominican Republic hotspot Forty-Forty: suit


Yankee fan Jay-Z is suing Red Sox star David Ortiz for ripping off the name and reputation of his star-studded sports lounge, the 4-0/40 Club.

Papers filed Thursday in Manhattan Federal Court claim Big Papi visited the sleek hotspot in the Flatiron District and liked it so much, he stole it like Jeter steals second base.

After enjoying the rap mogul’s hospitality, Boston’s designated hitter opened a club called Forty-Forty in his native Dominican Republic, the $5 million suit says.

Lawyers said it can’t be a coincidence.

“David Ortiz was at the club at least twice, and certainly knew of it,” said Jay-Z‘s lawyer, Peter Raymond, of the firm ReedSmith.

Ortiz stopped into the W. 25th St. hangout when the Red Sox were in town to play the Yankees and was there during an All-Star Game celebration, the suit claimed.

The lawyers even included photos of Ortiz living it up at the real 4-0/40 Club.

They say the Web site for his copycat club “blatantly trades on the goodwill and fame” Jay-Z and his partners have built up.

Ortiz could not be reached for comment.

The Web site of the Santo Domingo club says it boasts “the best ambiance in the Caribbean” with VIP areas.

Manhattan‘s 4-0/40 club has a virtual parade of VIPs coming through, with the likes of Alex RodriguezNaomi CampbellMariah Carey and, of course, Jay-Z’s wife Beyoncé, hanging out there.

The club – which has branches in TokyoAtlantic City and other cities – has been showcased on MTV and in Forbes and Vanity Fair.

The name of both clubs is based on baseball’s 4-0/40 club for players who have stolen 40 bases and hit 40 home runs in a single season.

There are four players in the elite group. Ortiz, who has stolen only 10 bases in his entire career, is not one of them.

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This Year the South Gets Honored at the VH1 Honors-What Groups Will they Highlight??

Outkast kicked down lots of doors for Southern rap

Every year the VH1 Honors pay tribute to Hip Hop pioneers from various aspects and eras of  its musical culture. Last year they paid tribute to Def Jam records.. The year before they gave dap to West Coast artists. In other years they paid tribute to many of the early pioneers out of New York.. The show brings forth a unique mix of Hip Hop elders to be honored while some of today’s most popular artists pay tribute by re-doing one of their popular songs.

According to Hip Hop pioneer Fab 5 Freddy, one of the driving forces behind this event, its one of the ways they attract a younger audience that otherwise may bypass the honors altogether. It’s not like other commercial outlets that normally present Hip Hop music are routinely educating their audience to have a deeper appreciation for bygone eras. Hip Hop on the commercial side is no where like its Rock-n-Roll counterpart where classic material and pioneering figures in the genre are held in high esteem.

Today there are far too many young cats in Hip Hop who have no idea who the pioneers are. Sadly many don’t even care. Hip Hop has been positioned as a music genre that is supposed to only be for one people. Case in point are the recent potshots we’ve heard younger rappers take at veterans like Jay-Z. Most notably artists like Game have referred to him as an old man over 40 who should not be rapping. You rarely hear those slights taken at Rock artists many like Mick Jagger, Bruce Springsteen or Paul McCartney who still tour while well into their 50s and 60s. That needs to change. We need to change.

This year the VH1 Honors, normally held in the fall are taking place in June during Black Music month. This year pioneering figures from the South aka the Third Coast will be honored. According to Fab 5 Freddy, he has long wanted to feature artists from this part of the country. They have been dominating for a number of years. he didn’t say exactly who will be on the show, however, I do know when I ran into Houston artists Chamillionaire and Paul Wall the other week they mentioned having to do something for VH1 around the honors… We’ll keep you posted as things unfold.

Here’s the interview we did with Fab 5 Freddy

If it was up to me I’d love to see them dig deep and pull out seminal figures like Magic Mike, Clay D, Afrorican, The M4sers and all those folks who were key in the evolution of what was once known as Miami bass. Also included would be 2Live Crew and MC Shy D who I feel has long been overlooked and all but forgotten when his records once upon a time were mainstays.

Geto Boys for years was the dominant group from the South that most of us knew about

Of course we have to pay tribute to Texas..The Geto Boys, UGK,  Lil Keke the late DJ Screw immediately come to mind. Michael Watts is another who we need to look at.

It would be a major oversight to not honor Arrested Development. Outside of the Miami Bass era I think they were the one group that initially captured the essence of that down home feeling that many of us came to associate with the South. I think Arrested Development is underplayed. In that same vein we have to honor  Outkast and the Goodie Mobb.  Dap has to be given to the entire The Dungeon Family which includes Organized Noise. Here’s what Speech had to say about Southern music and whether or not its getting a bad rap.

If I had to pick someone from New Orleans it most definitely would be Juvenile who’s career goes back to New Orlean’s humble bounce music days.

In places like Kentucky I would love to see props be given to Underground Mafia.. I think they were way ahead of their time. and unfortunately only had that one album. Below is one of my favorite songs by the group

We cant forget 8Ball and MJG out of Memphis.

Finally we have to look at looming figures from Virginia and Washington DC.. DJ Kool, Missy Elliot and Timbaland are names that come to mind.

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