South Africa: Will Killing Of White Supremacist Trigger Racial Violence?

Its hard not to think of the extreme discontent that is being expressed here in the US in the aftermath of President Obama being elected especially along racial lines. There’s in increase in hate groups stepping forth. We see more contentious racially tinged confrontations..We also see an increase in domestic terrorism..Wonder if that sort of anger feared in South Africa will make its way over here…

-Davey D-

As South Africa get ready to host the World Cup, the killing of far-right white supremacist leader, Eugene Terreblanche, could not come at a worse time. Today, President Zuma called for calm after Terreblanche was found hacked to death with machete on his farm in the country’s North West. The 69-year-old leader of the white supremacist group Afrikaans Resistance Movement (AWB) fought to preserve apartheid in the 1990s.

The police found Terreblanche dead with facial and head injuries, a machete on his body, and a heavy knob-headed stick nearby. The police has arrested two men, aged 21 and 15, who were Terreblanche’s farm workers. The two men said they had an argument with Terreblanche over not having been paid for work done on the farm.

While President Zuma urged all South Africans to remain calm, some opposition parties warned that the far-right leader’s killing had created a potentially explosive situation. Terreblanche supporters are organized as a militia, they wear khaki uniforms and the AWB has a swastika-like symbol, which is displayed on their flag (see photo). In the 1990s, the AWB violently opposed South Africa all-race democracy and campaigned for autonomous white states. Their campaign included bomb attacks ahead of the 1994 elections which ended the white minority apartheid state.

Terreblanche founded the AWB in 1972. He wanted to create all-white states within South Africa in which blacks would only be allowed as guest workers. Terreblanche threatened to take the country by force if the white government capitulated to the African National Congress.

Apartheid ended 16 years ago, however, the end of the shameful system did little to address the economic inequality between whites and blacks. Especially in the North West, farms remain overwhelmingly in white hands, and violence on farms is very high. Between 1997 and 2007, 1,248 farmers and farm workers were killed on farms, mainly in racial incidents.

Terreblanche murder comes amid increased race tensions over a popular song with the refrain “Kill the Boers” (Afrikaans for white) which has being adopted by the ruling African National Congress (ANC) youth leader Julius Malema. Members of Terreblanche’s AWB are calling the killing a “declaration of war” by blacks against whites, and Andre Visagie, AWB’s secretary-general said the AWB would “avenge Terreblanche’s death”.

“We will decide upon our actions to avenge Mr. Terreblanche’s death. We will take actions which will be decided upon at our conference,” Visagie told the Agence France Presse.

Members of the AWB are Afrikaners. The Afrikaners are descendants of the Boers, the first white colons who arrived in South Africa 300 years ago. Their short lived republic in Transvaal and Northern Natal was broken-up after the 1899-1902 Anglo-Boer war. The AWB has had a revival since 2008, and there is no doubt that Terreblanche’s death will re-open old wounds and exacerbate racial tensions again in South Africa.

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9 comments on “South Africa: Will Killing Of White Supremacist Trigger Racial Violence?

  1. i only wish he could woke up again, so he could die again. f-ckem and the rest of the devil iinvaders

  2. Thanks Davey D for the article, you always on point brother. One thing you forgot to mention is that Eugene Terreblanche came out of prison in 2004, after doing time for beating his black farm worker ruthlessly, the man is now permanently brain damaged.This is the reality of a lot of black farm workers in South Africa, who are subjected to sub-human conditions, receive less than a living wage and killed at will.So when these Boer farmers are killed, it is in most instances by their own farm workers who have just had enough of this modern day slavery, something like the revolt of the Hon. Nathaniel Turner, but on a smaller scale, The struggle continues for Africans worldwide.

  3. no love for that dude i hope he burn in hell and if they want to go to war then they can get it

  4. To lee: That Devil was killed by two of his farm workers, 27 year old Chirs Mahlangu and an un-indentified 15 year old boy. The Europeans in South Africa are panic-stricken.

  5. Boer got what was coming to him!!! Eye for a Eye. Payback is a bitch best served cold as in cold blooded murder! They need a war in South Africa to wipe these Boers off the face of the earth and get back the productive farmland&mineral rescources that belong rightefully to the Zulus & Khosa tribes

  6. people often seem to forget that this land that is “rightfully” theirs was sold to the white settlers along with black slaves.

  7. Thanks Davey D for posting this article. This is deep – one thing I wonder though is this: is TERREBLANCHE this white racist’s real name? Because “terre” and “blanche” LITERALLY means WHITE EARTH in French. I don’t think it was a coincidence, personally.

    All I gotta say is this – these Boers, who rushed into Africa after the Oppenheimers raided the diamond fields and laid the foundation for the sinister evil diamond trade, that alot of rappers and rap label heads (Russell Simmons) break their backs to get involved with, are about to get a REAL wake up call. The death of Terreblanche I suspect, will be followed by MANY more deaths of the racist white element in South Africa.

    Where the hell do these racist crackas get off going into SOMEONE ELSE’S LAND, (which they went all around the world HISTORICALLY doing, and still do, to this day) and then acting like they own it, and having the audacity to dictate how things should be to folks that were there in the first place? Apartheid really ain’t dead, y’all. It just took on a new disguise, just like Decepticons. Death to white supremacy/racism and may our Indigenous African Brothers and Sisters rid the Great Mother of the alabaster disease infecting her!!!!!!!!

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