Beef Squashed Paul Wall & Chamillionaire Set to Touch Down In SF

The recently reunited rap duo of Paul Wall and Chamillionaire hits Club Envy in San Francisco this Wednesday, March 31st . The tour marks the first time the guys have performed together in almost 7 years. 
 Below links to see the tour kick-off performance they did recently at SXSW in Austin:
Paul Wall & Chamillionaire (Part 1):

Paul Wall & Chamillionaire (Part 2):

Paul Wall & Chamillionaire (Part 3):

They are incredibly dynamic together on stage.
Chamillionaire is dropping his 3rd major album, Venom, this June 22nd and Paul’s The Heart of a Champion, is also set for a summer release

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Russian Subways Suffer Horrific Bombings US Hip Hoppers Talib Kweli & Professor Jelani Cobb are Safe

By now most of us have heard about the horrific train bombing that took place last night (US time ) early morning (Russian time) that left up to 40 people dead. The reports are saying that two female suicide bombers commonly known as ‘Black widows’ of Chechnya. For those who don’t know Russia has been at war with Chechen separatists since the 1990s. They’ve been demanding their independence. This was not the first time the Metros were attacked. They happened back in 1996.

Aside from this being a horrific act that hits close to home and has had many of us here thinking about our own subway system and how secure they are, the Hip Hop community has two prominent figures over there when this happened. Spelman College Professor Jelani Cobb who wrote the book ‘To The Break of Dawn’ normally takes the subway at the station where the bombing took place. Fortunately he didn’t to work that morning. Also in Moscow is Talib Kweli who tweeted last night it was time to go home..As soon as word of the bombings took place, many of us immediately started reaching out to both parties who are in Russia for seperate reasons. Kweli to do a concert, Cobb is teaching there for the year. I finally spoke to Cobb last night who let us know the blast had certainly shaken him because it’s the line he takes.  He noted that one of his colleagues wanted him to come across town later that day to do some business, he respectfully passed and decided to stick closer to home.

We’re  be speaking with Cobb on our radio show later this afternoon. In the meantime here’s some of the tweets Jelani Cobb shared as news was unfolding

I am safe. I do use the train stations that were hit in the Moscow blast but thank god I wasn’t there this morning.

They are not saying much on Russian TV about the blasts, just that at least 40 were killed. These are major subway stations, transfer pnts.

For whatever reason even Moscow Times website has nothing about these blasts. Cellphone networks overloaded here, can’t get calls out.

Dude, there is still not freedom of the press here. they got a TIGHT lid on it. western media reporting on it.

just spoke to my Russian friends, apparently a third bomb just went off. People are suspecting suicide bombing.

Park Kultury is a major transfer point; in rush hour this station is about as crowded as one in downtown Manhattan would be at that time.

it’s horrible knowing that innocent people lost their lives today.

Here’s Talib‘s Tweets He left Moscow this morning

Thanks for everyones concern. I am at the airport on my way to NY. #welcometomoscow

Feeling blessed. Moscow bombing happened yards from the club I was at last night, very soon after we left. Counting blessings.

About to leave Moscow. Shout to everyone who came to Discoteque and everyone I met at Karma. Praying for those affected by the bombing.


Below is a video stream that is showing lots of up to date information of the Russian Metro Attacks

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Mistah Fab Keeps it Real on 6th Street-Kicks Nice Freestyle

We caught up w/ Oakland’s Freestyle King Mistah FAB on 6th street during SXSW. We talked to him about his recent video in which he went in on fellow rappers, sports figures and entertainers who got locked up for doing ‘dumb’ stuff like Lil Wayne, Palixco Burris and others. He talked to us about the importance of setting good examples for those who look up to you..

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