Is the Healthcare Bill Racist Toward Rich Socialite & Poor Redneck Women?

I read this article and could only shake my head and say wow.. wow wow wow.. and shake my head again..

Davey D

In a previous article I had written about how the Democrats in Washington had driven me into a state of depression caused by their relentless attacks on our nation’s Constitution, freedoms and optimistic spirit.  After Barack Obama signed this disasterous healthcare reform plan into law, one of my good friends called me to ask if my depression was better since I now had mandated healthcare insurance to help care for it.  My answer was that I was still depressed but at least now my care was so much cheaper than it had been in the past.  Right…

During that phone call, my friend also stated that I must be happy that I decided buying a tanning salon that I was thinking about buying a year or so ago.  That is of course due to that new revenue-producing 10% tax on indoor tanning salons.  Of course, the rational is that since the tanning can lead to skin cancer which can lead to a need for healthcare services, then the Democrats must do everything they can to discourage people form tanning in the first place.  There means to that end is of course ‘targeted taxation.’

So that made me wonder why the Democrats did not include a tax in their healthcare reform package against the Sun.  After all, the Sun surely causes more cases of skin cancer than all of the indoor tanning salons combined.  The Sun is very powerful – some people even claim that it is the leading cause of warming the Earth.  Of course, Al Gore and others like him claim that warming on the Earth is man-made.

Therefore, it would make much more sense to have  a Sun tax than an indoor tanning tax, so why would the Democrats not have included that in their plans?  Then it hit me – their ‘targeted’ indoor tanning tax is racist.  That is because it will disproportionately affect whites but have very little impact on some of the Democrats favorite constituencies like blacks, Latinos, Muslims and other people of color.

On the contrary, it directly targets some of the Democrats least favorite groups such as women, especially wealthy socialite women and poor redneck women – two groups that seem to make up the bulk of the indoor tanning customer base.  Democrats and liberals have shown their misogynistic views toward women in their treatments of Hillary Clinton in the most recent presidential primary and Sarah Palin since she has become a household name.  And this tanning tax hits my area of the country particularly hard.  Another friend of mine often comments that he sees more tanned women in the Kentuckiana than he saw in the years when he lived in an area of New Mexico which had a high Latino and Native American population.

But this tanning tax does not just affect women it also affects white men as well, like myself.  I admit that I use indoor tanning services myself at the advice of my doctor to treat some occasional flare-ups of psoriasis.  That is pretty much my one and only medical need at this time in my life.  So thanks to the Democrats’ healthcare reform plan, my healthcare expenses will go up by 10% in the near future.

So clearly this healthcare reform plan is racist and discriminatory against whites and should therefore be deemed (since it is so easy to just ‘deem’ things these days) unconstitutional.  At the very least, this legislation should be sent back and amended to include a Sun tax which will can be applied failrly to people of all color.  Plus, just think about how happy Al Gore will be because if we can somehow tax away the effects of the Sun then he will finally be able to prove that humans are the cause of planetary warming.

Rob Binsrick

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4 comments on “Is the Healthcare Bill Racist Toward Rich Socialite & Poor Redneck Women?

  1. is it not true?
    that tax is biased; me as a dark skinned person aint affected so why would it be fair to light skinned people? c’mon man, just say it; unless you are a racist like these abortion and gun control activists who know their policies will disproportionately affect the inner cities (i.e., blacks, latinos, the poor). get rid of planned parenthood and “saturday night specials”. know your rights and live on black people! (just dont tread on others’ rights)

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