Activists Beat Down by Police At Tavis Smiley Roundtable

Got hit up by some activists who attended the Tavis Smiley roundtable in Chicago last week. According them they went to see what was really happening with a Black Agenda being put forth and got beat down and removed by state police.. Thats crazy considering the caliber of people in the room who no doubt speak to this sort of incidents..  Here’s the series of videos they recorded along with their written commentary




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47 comments on “Activists Beat Down by Police At Tavis Smiley Roundtable

  1. Davey D…I know you, you know me. They were not being beaten down for being “Pro-Obama” that’s absolutely a lie. They refused to follow protocol for media and would not go to the media sanctioned areas to cover the event and did not follow instructions from the FOI and began making a scene. It’s incorrect and disingenuous to say they were removed for any reason having to do with their political inclinations.

  2. More than 98% of the crowd was “pro-Obama”…it’s the city of Chicago. None of them were barred from attending or expressing their opinions at the microphone in the Q&A session. More than 6,000 people in attendance. If you think that the 5,999 were “anti-Obama” in the city of Chicago and this lone “dissenter” who was “pro-Obama” led to him being removed…I don’t know what to say.

    I saw the event firsthand. It started with him complaining about standing at the top of the stairwell looking into the arena and he wanted a clear view of the events, FOI politely instructed him to move because it’s a fire hazard to stand in the aisles. It devolved from there.

  3. I am reprinting their description and posting their video as they described it.. Thats how its was written by them..I only know JR Flemming.. and last time I spoke to him.. he was supporting Obama.. so its not an inaccurate statement..

  4. He may have been Pro-Obama…but for him to say THAT was why he was removed is inaccurate and untruthful. It simply is not true and nobody in a situation like that has time to ask or even cares who you support…only how you act in relations to laws and regulations.


  6. JR, all caps doesn’t make your point any more (or in this case) less valid.

    Whether or not you went to the right location for the Q&A is neither here nor there. It was your behavior and decorum which led to the incident, not your political views.

    I’m not commenting in any way about President Obama or what he has/has not done in office. Don’t confuse the issue. It’s the behavior, not your political disposition.

  7. If it were about political disposition, please explain why your incident was the only one? Are you saying you were the ONLY “pro-Obama” Black person in the house? Really?

  8. Say, for anybody who got to attend, did they have some good snacks available? Some nice knick-knack giveaways (coffee mugs, pens, notepads)..?

    On another level– Looks like Rev. Al Sharpton will be spearheading an event in April or May. I wonder if… never mind.. 🙂

  9. Davey- you are a big fat liar, instigator, disgrace to the cause. You undermine all legitimate activists with your desperate attempt to get listeners and readers. Your time has come and gone.

  10. mrmokelly I will only say this i have been a guest of valerie jarret at the white house in regards to housing. Maybe its because i actually do work not talk. On your point that i did not listen you obviously was not there I was assaulted because its slaves like you that perpetuate lies for favors the FOI had actually escorted me to the line. the media director for Mr. Smiley informed the FOI to allow me to the Q&A prior to the interview.After the Interview escalation with the police not the nation happened notice there is no FOI IN VIDEO THEY WERE LOCKED OUT BY POLICE OF THE AREA THE ABUSE TOOK PLACE WE HAVE MORE VIDEO WE WILL RELEASE AFTER LAWYER REVIEW. AS FAR AS THE CAPS ONLY SHOWS YOUR ABILITY TO CRITICIZE.

  11. Sounds like a personal problem Johnny.. One u saw the footage and two you can directly address the activist yourself..since he’s posting.. 3 I have more than enough readers and listeners.. so fall back and stop whining..

  12. First of all I was there I saw the hate fest against President of the world. Starting with Jesse the Nutcracker Jackson, Who iI personally heard order the police to remove any grassroot activist who was controversial or loudspeaking negroes. Why is it everytime the police grabs and beats black folks you House Negroes can never see nothing wrong with the police.o I forgot there is to Black America’s seperate and unequal. All they are some angry black has been negroes get over it President Obama running it not yall! Are they mad mr mo cause he ain’t cut them a check

  13. @JR,

    I wanna further get your side of the story sir. I’m Pro Obama , and if you are as well, I’d like to build with you on some of the reasons why. If not , right on and keep up the good fight sir.


    Hit me up :

  14. Uh in case you black folks ain been payin attention, amerika even with a half black pres, is a communist police state.

    Beat downs happen in communist police states. Any time a truthful guy like tavis smiley is goin to speak in the home of corruption, yeah, some beatdowns will be handed out.

    Dissent is not allowed in a police state. You also dont have the freedom to assemble either.

    Get hip to where you live now. This place is germany before ww2. Get used to more staged rally’s and more beatdowns. More faked outrage also.

  15. and for the record, FUCK obama and his communist lying ass agenda!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ENJOY YOUR NEW 3RD world status

  16. I’m so sick & tired of all these House Niggas tryna step up to the plate like yall are the voice of our people. Where have yall been since the police have been beating & battering our brothers every day! Where have yall been since our youth in america have been feeling afraid and in danger in the presence of the police instead of feeling safe and protected like white youth in predominately white communities! Where have yall been since male police have been fondling & sexually assaulting our sisters claiming there Drug Dealers girlfriends or are affiliated with Drug Dealers so they have probable cause! Where were you House Niggas then!!! you House Niggas only step up to the plate when its beneficial for you!!! if u ask me you’re a bunch of poverty pimping uncle toms! who been talking about the same problems we’ve been having for the past 40 yrs. without giving any solutions! What is your action plan, when will you start solving problems instead of pointing the finger at your own people!!! I was present at Tavis Smiley’s Black Agenda & i felt racially profiled from the moment i walked threw the door!!! So i say fuck you House Niggas!!! Now ask yourself this question? How does a Grass Roots Organizing, Afro-American youth get Racially profiled at a so called Black Agenda!!! Don’t Worry I’ll Wait!!! P.S. I’M BLACK & I’M PROUD!!! POWER 2 DA PEOPLE!!

  17. Paul Johnson why would a grassroots activist himself jesse jackson order police to remove people? Makes no sence to me and sounds shady, I would like to hear more about this from anyone who were there.

  18. Davey you should be ashamed of yourself for passing this video off as some kind of anti obama arrest. BULLSHIT!
    You can say you “just posted it like they sent it to you” but thats bullshit. You have a responsibility to the people to check your shit before you post it.
    DAVEY YOU ARE FEEDING INTO THE RACE BULLSHIT THAT THE MEDIA PUMPING. I am ashamed of you for this! You could have changed the headline.
    But you chose not to. You are Al Sharpton to me now…

  19. @ALL- My work is available on the Internet Willie J.R Fleming any keywords housing, human rights,united nations etc.I do not seek credibility nor validation from anyone unless they got a direct line with the creator. I am disturbed that the focus is on everything but the VIOLENCE that occurred.

  20. Davey D! Keep spreading the news. Our community needs to hear a different perspective. Brother Willie was clearly on his way out and this attack was quite political. The fact of the matter is that Obama was placed in office precisely for this reason – to divide the community against itself, while the gangster bankers just committed the biggest bank robbery in U.S. history. Obama is the salesman for wall street and the opiate to keep black people quiet and neutralized. If ANY of what he is doing right now was happening under Bush we’d be witnessing a massive political movement. Instead we are too confused to know what to do. This is largely because we do not have an analysis that is sophisticated enough to take us beyond Obama’s racial appearance. Obama is neo-colonialism at work. Period. All over Africa when whites put a negro in office the conditions of the people got worse – they attacked us from within. The plan with Obama is the same.

    We need to get brother Willie and whomever else out of jail and/or get the charges dropped. If you post the numbers, I’ll certainly spread the word, certainly there will be people willing to phone in. Just a number to the court to demand all charges be dropped.

    Obama was a plant inside our community for the record. He was groomed by Z. Brezinski since his days at Colombia in the 80’s. This man is a political mastermind, to give credit where it is due, and lured the Soviets into Afghanistan leading to their collapse. The same calculated destruction was planned with Obama’s grooming. The dude was planted inside the largest black church in Chicago, given a Senate post, spoke good, talked good to get our support – but tell me when you ever saw him speak out about police terror or any other issue that even the Sharpton’s and Jackson’s (not saying much) would speak about. They even had him hanging out with the Weather Underground to gain traction with the white left. The dude is a false prophet.

    When I read his interview in the Chicago Reader stating that “black nationalism had never produced any institutions,” of enduring value, it was clear to me the dude was a hoax. He was a constitutional lawyer at U Of C dude. Everyone knows about Fred Hampton in Chicago, the unconstituional work of the Feds to destroy the movement that they cited as powerful enough to lead to a civil war. With that the Feds killed all our real leaders, put crack in the hood, and then Obama says black nationalism never produced any institutions? You think this dude that studied U.S. constitution didn’t have the 60’s federal operations as key lessons in his studies? Please. The dude is a LIAR. A 47th street styled political PIMP.

    What’s more is that now all of a sudden we’re supposed to stand up for Obama now that the Tea Party doesn’t like what he’s doing. Well I don’t like what he’s doing either (although for different reasons). If you wanna sleep with the enemy, seduce black people with lies and false hope and THEN ask us to come to your defense when the racists appear? NO WAY JOSE. I got no horse in this race

    Meanwhile, back in the hood – we got work to do….

  21. LOL Tony.. sit your ass down…First, I dont care if you think I’m Al Sharpton or not.. My work speaks for itself.. and the people I directly work with and impact on the daily know my work and so you feeling I’m Al Sharpton as if thats supposed to be ‘bad thing’ means very little in the larger scope of things..

    Second, I’m well aware of JR Flemming and his work.. He and what he does is pretty public.. In fact the very things you are constantly railing about he’s there actually fighting.. You’re always griping about Wall Street bank stealing from us?? Well he was at that protest shouting down those bankers when those bonuses checks came facing off with the police.. You weren’t.. he was.

    Poor people not getting a fair share.. We were both at the Poor People’s march in St Paul 2 years ago. Check my video, you see him and others being tear gassed while they was demanding poor folks, including the 10 thousand who marched, have their rights put on the agenda.. I seen the brother personally go into housing projects in other cities to talk directly with residents on how to organize and do for self..This was in Cleveland.. I didn’t see a grant being handed out.. I didn’t see them collecting money. I didn’t see them run any bullshit to the brothers working those corners when we went into those projects talking to folks.. So in short I didn’t just post any ole video…

    Lastly, the video shows cops beating on brothers.. These cats didn’t pull guns.. Didn’t try to hit anyone.. Didn’t try to set the place on fire.. They basically protested an event where the question was what is the Black Agenda? Ive been to gatherings where the President was speaking and people have disrupted the proceedings, pulling out signs, shouting from the floor, not following press protocol etc and there was none of this… Hell we seen fools show up at rallies with guns and hail hitler signs and not get man handled.. Protest is protest.. You don’t need a permit or be granted, special procedures to follow in order to express disagreement..That’s why its called protest…Hell I been around when this cat JR protested Mayor Dailey and his bullshit press conferences and I didn’t see the police whupping on them like this..I been to events that I was apart of where they protested because they felt issues weren’t being adddressed.. I and the orgs I was with didn’t act all ill and send police.. This was in Minneapolis at the Free Press event.. I didn’t agree with the tactic, but shoot I pulled out the camera, filmed it, even interviewed them along with other people about their concerns as did other people who seemed to be able to handle the disruption in stride.. This disruption was around the plight of Black and poor people and where was representation at that event.. If I’m correct, it was also where they announced the Poor People’s march which was to take place several months later..

    I seen the police.. like the ones acting ill in this video, show up without permits, or adherence to press protocal to rap concerts and tell artists they better not do the fuck tha police song. This happned in Detroit, This happned in Oakland.. This happened afew weeks ago here in the Bay when folks doing a event to commerate the one year anniversary of 4 cops being shot got shut down.. So Tony who’s side are you on?? what bullshit are you protecting? If tghe Tea Party people can stroll into the halls of congress and call people all sorts of names to their faces and not get beat down why can’t they protest.. If ted hayes and the Minute Men can show up at Maxine Waters office, which I saw them do and disrupt her flow and demand a meeting and eventually get it without being tossed out by police in spite not signing up, and getting permission, why do they have to have this outcome?

    This past week I was in Texas and Israel paid and sent over to the US 15 rap and rock groups to SxSW to perform and put a good cultural face to that country.. They did a big showcase and people I know who understand whats going on Palestine showed up with bullhorns, signes and spirited rhetoric to let the world know shit wasn’t right.. They weren’t invited.. They didn’t care that there was a press area.. They went up there and shouted and tried to shut the event down.. As much as I dislike Israel’s policies.. and as disruptive as that protest was, they at least had enough sense to not be sending the police to beat no one or arrest them.. Why can white folks and other people do these things and footage get passed around and folks admire it and call it ‘Democracy at work’.. and some black folks from the hood do it and it manhandling by the police and people like you start running some nonsense about I’m Al Sharpton or in the case of this other clown Johnny tell me I did a disservice to activists everywhere?

    Last two points.. You said I should’ve checked it out.. Well I actually did my friend.. I found out the police beat someone else who was off camera who happens to be political rivals to the brothers in this footage.. His story is coming. He had nothing to do with their protest but these cops smashed on him…

    And in all fairness.. I posted up, highlighted and celebrated the event.. I thought Minister Farrakhan gave an incredibel analysis.. I posted it up, passed it along and offered it for the world to see, just like I did this video.. Hell to be honest, I don’t always agree with JR on issues but why do I need to to hide a video like this? You use what was filmed as a tool for further discussion.. I appreciate the fact that Mo Kelly came on here and offered up another side to the story.. That’s what this about..

    As far as I’m concerned on a personal note since it was a round table expressing various points of view around a Black Agenda as much dust as JR been kicking in Chicago around the issue of housing, he should’ve been at the table since he actually went to the white house to talk about about that issue. He was invited there and we covered that event when it happened.

    Ok let me take my Al Sharpton-like ass off this soap box and go back to passing along some other videos..

  22. @Davey D thanks for the truth we know you are one of few real journalist left so sad if these people have their way OUR CHILDREN will still be referred to as Urban Terrorist.. P.S. We still going to fight for the Poor People and Human Rights!
    Peace Love Respect and Unity.
    And thanks again to the Creator
    for humbling me!

  23. I see some people have negative things to say; you are the ones that lay by the wayside and watch everything that goes bye. Many of you are from the same communities JR’s from, when I say same community, I mean “inner city” because it’s all the same almost in every black neighborhoods. You’re so quick to judge a person than support the cause, stop, be quiet and listen. Your kids or grandkids are gong to be here way after you’re gone, so what should we do? Some of you are so judge mental that you more of the problem than solution, why can’t you used that energy to come up with solution for our communities than knocking a person down that’s trying to do something for these communities. I guess you would be the same person knocking down Dr. King and telling him “Don’t confuse the issue. It’s the behavior, not your political disposition” mrmokelly. I’m pretty sure it was people just like you back in the day that was so quick to judge than solve a problem, my hats off to you, I really mean that. Some people in life were made to be thorns in other people’s life while other people are made to make a difference.

  24. Also by the way, it wasn’t JR behavior that he was arrested for. This nation is supposed to be a democracy and the arrest proves otherwise mrmokelly. The officers who pushed him were wrong, that’s not the way they trained you in the academy. But you want to justify that, well take it from a cop that was wrong. I know because I went through the academy, they don’t train that way. Plus I just received an award for officer of the year. I know you’re probable skeptical about me being a police just look at JR’s facebook page and you will see my award video on there. A police officer should always have integrity, be ethical, have a more sense and etc.

  25. Well I was one of the first people to go to the question area where Tavis Smiley directed the people to go. it took me 30 seconds from when he announce for people to in line but when I got to line they police,Tavis Smiley security and the FOI were say that the line was full . It was a TRICK there were people already line up when he made the announcement. The police were rude a disrespectful with how they tried to explain how you could not get in the line so if you got all this security were these so=called leader that afraid of the people that they need that much security. Now I made it clear that this was not right to hood wink the people.And then to turn our need for real dialogue into a TV program baught and paid for by Nationwide Insurance and c-span who interest was THE PANEL WORKING FOR IT WASN’T THE INTEREST OF BLACK PEOPLE.

  26. @David and JR, thanks for the footage and the truth on what had happened. As a media person I went outside when they called for the line up and the line up had formed before I could get there. I also saw WYCC interviewing the brotha on the side who I now know to be JR. On my talk show that evening on WBGX a lot of discussion was called in about the behavior of the state police and the handling of the crowd. What happened to the freedom of speech?
    N’ The Know With Moe Talk Radio WBGX 1570AM

  27. As one of the most vocal critics of Tavis Smiley and this hastily put together summit, absolutely no trated me unfairly when I arrived, interviewd people, and got into some heated debate while backstage, on the floor and during the summit, and at no time was I threatened with being evicted.

    I witnesse a couple of events inside and it was not the police fault the way some of them acted. In one case, an activist said the question line was being rigged, onlky for me see a member of that same organization who decided to wait, be used on the air!!

    37 years at this and being on both sides of these issues, I know aht activists do to get their point across as they have done here and wish them well in doing what “activists” do.

  28. It was most certainly disturbing to see this footage. It’s mind boggling how this could have taken place at such and event that was set to address the concerns and needs and care for the Black Man, Woman and Child in America. And being an F.O.I. and knowing that the Fruit was on the scene that day, I was looking to see if there were any of the F.O.I involved or witnessed the melee. But they were not and I was wondering why. Then the brother points out why. It tell ya man, the enemy (Babylon, police) sure knows how to set the scene to fit their agenda. And it’s sad that our people are wrapped up with Babylon that they in these kinds of instances would come against another Black Man when all they brothers were doing was voicing their concerns as they feel it for themselves. But in soon.time they will see. In closing, this is a day that lines are being drawn and sides being chosen. How BlackSheep saying back in the day? You can get with this or you can get with that! You can get with this or you can get with that! But this is where it’s at! Come on! And as for those foolish ones that would attack these soldiers Davey (whom I have checking over the years and his work, his toil and his labor speaks for itself) and the Brother JR Fleming (who I don’t know, but I can see that he is strong in the cause for our libertaion), well it’s pointless to attack black. You might as well cut your own left or right arm off (whichever is the strongest.) Dave, JR, keep it giong! PEACE!

  29. Hermene Hartman asked me to go up and be part of the live questioning and I said to let some other people go up and many of them did including thr oung brother Darius Randle who asked the question about Black “sell-outs,”

    I know that I am nobopdy special when it comes to events like these but its hard to understand how (even with my public opposition to Tavis) that I was allowed backstage to voice my views directly to many of the panelists w/o them subjecting me to what other activists were subjected to.

  30. I hope al sharpton doesn’t do an event next month, it’ll just be another photo op, boogie and refreshments at the end.

  31. I am working with Rev. Sharpton on his New York event and it already has achieved one of thre main criticisms of the Tavis event in that there weas NO ONE from The White House to dialogue and respond to specific agenda items, and Rev. Sharpton’s April Summit already has White House Cabinet members there to respond to a 12 Month timetable of new resources to Black and Urban communities.

    Now that alone is more than a photo op. And following that we will have the grassroots community organizers conference on implementing those agenda items in Chicago in May. To criticize, stay where you are, to work on making the agenda work at the grassroots level. Call the host committe, The Chicago Black Wall Street Project 312-624-8351

  32. Great conversation. This one is more important than the “Main Event”. In Chicago, citizens can file legislation (ordinances) via the City Clerk. In May, two ordinances will be filed. One will deal with police officers being equipped with stun guns. Last week CPD superintendent announced that all officers will soon have them. Imagine what would have happened if they had had them on Saturday when Jr was arrested. I think, some of you should begin taking advantage of this. If we want to prevent this society from continuing down that downward spiral that Germany succumbed to, we are going to have to engage in tactics and strategies to get the power. It is already evident that many of our so-called freedoms have been surrendered because of our fear and lack of involvment. The People have got to take the Power back. All Power to the People. I will offer further comments later. Stay on the case.

  33. Pat Hill — thank you for all you do and we need to have a workshop on how citizens can introduce ordinanaces for The Chicago Black Wall Street Proejct is going to introduce and “Ethnic Community Contracting and Employment Act,” calling for All development projects in majority ethnic wards be required to utilize a majority of the ethnic contractors and job seekers in that respective area in an effirt to strenghtn Chicago diverse ethnic communities.

    This would be based on the premise that former Alderman Dorothy Tillman lifted up called 70/30 but it wont get the official hearing on its legitimacy until wew formally introdcue the ordinance.

    And again, anyone wanting to be on my list of up to date agenda items we’re pushing at the grassroots level through Rev. Sharpton’s national action plan can call me directly at 312-624-8351 at The Black Wall Street Project and South Street Journal Newspaper.

  34. The description of what transpired is completely wrong I’m not questioning JR’s work but his motives are complete BS . This is Chicago everyone is pro Obama ( you better be as a black politician or otherwise ) the ruckus started with me and my people, because we were asking for an opportunity to ask a question when the line was closed. The officer got upset with us and forcefully began removing us. ( this was wrong of the police) but manageable … Once JR and his video crew saw this they ran over and jumped directly into the ruckus Im not sure if they thought it necessary to help up because we were in need or if this was there opportunity to cause commotion either way their involvement increased or fed the fire . this incident had nothing to do with any political agenda it was strictly a miscommunication between police officers and my homie. Once the guys with the cameras jumped into it escalated to something different. I’m a proponent of justice and I am far from a house Nigga but if we are going to go in on the media for telling illegitimate stories about us and our culture we must take the same responsibility when we tell our own stories.

  35. @JR: As we both know, the issues that most directly effect our people were there long before Obama, and chances are they will be there long after he is gone.

    As far as “giving him a chance”, we did: his rhetoric does not match his deeds when it comes to the black community.

    No, he is in bed with the corporations and lobbyists as much as any republikkkan. He had recevied more campaign donations from the military industrial complex (Lockheed-Martin, McDonnell-Douglas, KBR, etc) than Mc Cain, the republikkkan. Over half of his cabinet are former Bush appointees. After bailing out the banks, he then reinstated the very same architechts of the economic crisis into positions of regulartory power over those very same banks.

    And far from reducing troop levels in the middle east, he simply moved soldiers from Iraq to Afghanistan. A shell-game move that only serves to take more lives on both sides. This is in addition to CIA and military operations in numerous countries all over the world. He has yet to close Gitmo or seek to prosecute anyone from the former administration for war crimes.

    Messy Jesse and co, represent a clique of phony knee-grow opposition to Obama. They too are beholden to corporate interests. They are irrelevant without them and the demokkkratic party.

    Both are protected by the police, as are the Tea Party facsists to a degree (some of them are cops). Only when the fascists actually move on the government to they get spanked, as we’ve seen this week. Otherwise, its progressives and revolutionaries who get mashed on.

    Regardless of your behavior, it was clearly premeditated on their part to go after you. All they needed was a pre-text. One could say it was your behavior, but given your history out there you are no Johnny-Come-Lately; they will find another reason based upon who you are and what you do.

    Knowing all of this, my question to you is: why do you support Obama?

  36. Rev. Sharpton took a number of grassroots activists recommendations to The White House meeting (including mine) that WERE responded to by The President Obama INCLUDING assigning his Urban Affairs Cabinet members to attend the April Summit in New York, and other staff to attend a grassroots organizers Summit in Chicago in May., and to be measured by the results that are seen to grassroots communities. With that I will continue to organize at the grassroots level on what I can see.

    AGAIN, anyone who wants to be on the e-mail list of The Chicago Black Wall Street Black Agenda can call me at 312-624-8351

  37. hmmmm….ho hummm….my people my people….smh….Man I’ve been doing this since my 1st march to protest police brutality at 3years old, sitting on top of the shoulders of the great Omali Yeshitela (fka Joe Waller). Yeah 70’s. So after nearly 40 years of my life span, it is still very dishearten to continue to see my people fall for the same old ‘divide n conquer’ tatic. Will we ever realize there is no such thing as a ‘field’ nigger/negro nor ‘house’ nigger/negro. According to the slave master…we are all just plain ole simply put NIGGERS.

    Please recognize that every BLACK person has a role to play. Note: it is not mandatory that we like or agree with absolutely everything that we individually do. It is extremely important to realize that we NEED the Davey D, the Willie JR Fleming, the Tavis Smiley, the Al Sharpton, the Barack Obama, though it pains me the Clarence Thomas, the Condi Rice, etc, etc, etc. Recognize that at every level, every facet, where there is a black person there is potential for major change to our seemingly perpetual state of being in the underclass of the ol US of A.

    Through my many travels, interactions, engagements, and associations with white america, I discovered something…no matter how much they ‘put’ on about how much they ‘hate’ and ‘dislike’ one another for the camera (no pun intendent), behind closed doors they all recognize and acknowledge one thing…”we (as in white people) shall remain on top at all cost! Everybody else be damned!” While a thread like this brings me sorrow, they read it lovingly and affectionately. They know as long as them NIGGERS keep fighting each other, putting each other down, name calling one another…the white man’s ‘world’ is safe from any psuedo lone ranger groups of protesters.

    I love you my BLACK people, ceased the infighting. As Sarah has instructed, put the crosshairs on the right people!


  38. Since the Tavis Summit where 3,000 Black people shouted they wanted a Black Agenda, I have had FOUR calls from people ready to actually sign up and WORK on implementing the many agenda items on the table, so all this blogging, Facebook and other technology rambling is for the birds if I am going to continue to see the same 50-100 people tripping over each other trying to attend all the follow up strategy meetings.

    I’m beginning to HATE these technology advances for it makes many of us to lazy to get up off our asses and never forget old school “ORGANIZING.” Now if you are ready to organize then get involved with some organizers and do not call me to “talk” but ready to take an assignment. 312-624-8351

  39. Actually The technology can be quite an assest.. I saw that with Basta Dobbs campaign, school walk outs and the other one in Peru.. Folks are not gonna go to meetings.. not the way they did once upon a time.. However, they can post pass along and give information to an action.. Its short sighted not to take advantage of that.. In addition the blogging etc allows for folks to flesh out their thoughts so when u do get together, you don’t have to deal with folks feeling like this is their only chance to be heard so they bring extra laundry to the proceedings.. lastly many folks are not organizers.. They are participants its best for an organizer to figure out sound ways to engage their participants.. I seen some well placed emails and letters do major damage.. I also seen information get to folks quickly without impedements..

  40. @DaveyD

    Good points about the tech side of things. If used right in this day and age, they can be powerful tools.

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