Suge Knight Accused of Robbing Yukmouth-Yuk Says He’ll Get Last laugh

Suge Knight is a wanted man once again. The former Death Row Records head honcho allegedly beat and robbed rapper Yukmouth last night … law enforcement sources tell TMZ.

Sources say it all went down at around 10 PM at a Ralph’s supermarket in the San Fernando Valley.

According to a law enforcement source, Suge and roughly 10 members of his posse allegedly beat up Yukmouth and then took $92,000 worth of jewelry from him.

Sources say Suge and his entourage are suspects and cops want to question them.

We’re also told there’s a previous misdemeanor warrant out for Suge’s arrest — which makes it unlikely he’ll visit the police department.

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After all this went down Yukmouth sent out a tweet that read as follows

im all good..thankz 4 all my TWI99AZ & TWITCHEZ 4 yall concern..and all u HATEN AZZ NI99AZ..iTS NOTHIN 2 A BO$$..i’ll have the last laugh!!!

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14 comments on “Suge Knight Accused of Robbing Yukmouth-Yuk Says He’ll Get Last laugh

  1. It sound like these cats are reading from a playbook back in 1995. If this is true, then its all caught on camera. And as far as the bully of hip hop, his day is coming and matbe that’s what he is running from.

  2. Why even bother posting this crap up? Suge is a grown assed man.. grow up… Oh and Dave, please don’t come on here with the apologists “How can Suge stop being violent when the government can’t stop being violent, or the police can’t stop being violent”.. this fool is gonna wind up dead, and Yuk needs to relax.. how many brothas now gonna die, go to jail, etc… because of this. Now that you put it on blast, folks from everywhere gonna wanna get involved.. weeeaaak.

  3. People tend to forget that ignorant means stupid, like retarded stupid! And both of these dudes is washed up. They should quit there day job and take they ignorant asses back to school.

    I mean, why not, they have the money, why not go to a good university? But no, they want to keep being ignorant and greedy, and not contribute to effectively contribute to there community. Twitter? Tiggaz? What are you 16?! Your not in your twenties anymore, stop that.

  4. “TWI99AZ & TWITCHEZ “.. wow, I can’t wait to see someone claim that this shows “The power of hip hop”.. lolololol!!!!

  5. “thankz 4 all my TWI99AZ & TWITCHEZ 4 yall concern” school should be in the cards for any person that has to spell like that!

  6. Nice try Jose I didn’t defend Suge… But I’m glad you pointed out a true statement, the government is violent and Suge has been handsomely rewarded by corporations ranging from Interscope on down to Viacom who seem to have no problem doing business with him.. But with that being said.. where’s the defense?… AAh there is none..LOL

  7. have to agree with jose, why post this? no commentary, just a straight bite from TMZ, lifted word for word.

  8. Why chastise Davey?? No defense of Suge here.

    This is a Hip Hop news blog…I do see the relevance of this story. If you are that tired and fed up with the “culture”, then I guess it’s time to move on. Personally, I gave 20 years of my youth to Rap music, and I hate what it has become; I quit trying to rationalize these shenanigans a long ass time ago.


  9. Here We Go Again

    It’s obvious that Yuk Mouth is yet another rapper who talked the talk but don’t walk the walk. Yuk Mouth snitched, 50 snitched, TI snitched, Alfamega snitched, Jeezy snitched (on Drama), and on and on and on. Oh yea, and Rick Ross was workin with lockin criminals up and rattin on them. So how he gonna be the “Boss” (of crime)?

    These dudes are obviously cowards. Everyone hiding behind a Super Thug rap image and 10 to 50 drops fighting for them.

    I guess there really aint no real gangstas in the entertainment world.

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