Puffy is Poison-Where All The Bad Boy Artists?

I know I’m late on this.. but this bit is  funny as hell.. Here’s a run down on all the Bad Boy artists and how Diddy has impacted their careers..  Its funny, sobering and alot of it makes sense to me..

Puffy is Poison


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3 comments on “Puffy is Poison-Where All The Bad Boy Artists?

  1. I have always asked the same question. I guess star struck is a real thing. Because how you can have a TV on making a band, and not one of your artists has lived, succeeded, and stayed on your label, it completely beyond me. He even had 8 Ball and MJG powerhouse of the south. We know better, but we are stupid and gullible as a nation of followers. SO my conclusion is hate the game, not the player. Because whoever co signed on his show was obviously not thinking about music business success from an artists standpoint.

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