Fear of a Brown Planet-Rush Limbaugh Resurrects the Brown Immigrant Boogie-man

Fear of a Brown Planet…

Now that healthcare is passed the next fault-line in the political landscape is Immigration.. Not immigration which has suddenly allowed thousands of people to some how come over from Russia and populate places like Brighton Beach, Brooklyn… Not immigration from places like former Yugoslavia. We’re talking about immigration from Mexico and other places throughout Latin America resulting in people all being placed under the umbrella of Mexican and along with that every conceivable negative stereotype.

There already is a lot of overt racism that shows up in the form of check points hundreds of miles away from any border. It shows up in the form of 287 G a federally funded program that basically deputizes local law enforcement and makes them become ICE agents. The end result is many who live within immigrant communities are not willing to take any chances and thus don’t call the police under any circumstances. This of course results in those communities being over run by unsavory elements who prey upon that fear of the police.

This gets compounded by laws set up in places like Arizona where someone transporting or helping someone who is undocumented can lead to jail time. This of course has resulted in an across the board fear and apprehension of dealing with anyone who is Brown. It shows up in the continuation of us building immigrant detention centers which house entire families and can temporary hold people if they are suspected of being here ‘illegally’ or even have parts of their paper work filed wrong.


For example, it was just three weeks ago that Rodstarz and his brother G1 of the group Rebel Diaz were detained at customs in Houston as they returned  home from Chile. There was something wrong with Rod’s paper work in terms of how the computer listed him. They had him down as a felon, which is wasn’t and isn’t and he wound up staying in customs for 10 hrs. The next step was gonna be a trip and extended stay at a nearby detention camp  while INS hade up to two weeks to investigate. When everything was finally straightened out, Rod was told he needs to carry around papers stating his court appearances from 4 years ago were resolved. We have scores of stories like this where Brown citizens in this country are subjected to daily humiliations.

The latest tirade against Brown folks comes from Rush Limbaugh the man who said he would leave the country for a the Brown land of Costa Rica should Healthcare reform pass.  he hasn’t left yet and instead has decided to dig his heels into Brown folks citing that we should all fear Amnesty being granted to people who have crossed the border.

My homegirl professor Tina Wright has been speaking on the push by righht wing zealots to push this country into racial conflict. She hip me to the Rush tirade.. Here’s whats she had to say.
Tina Bell Wright Here is part of the transcript from Limbaugh’s latest hate speech today (see my previous post re: call for Obama assasination)…and hearing it in audio is even more inciteful…he and Beck are purposely fueling white fear…”From Bacon to Obama” will be the title of my
next essay…i have been saying for the longest time that folks are not
really digging deep enough into the real war that is erupting…the fire THIS time. Yes, fascists corporatists run our country, but be clear on
this…PE said it best: it takes a nation of millions to hold us back (not …just
the 1% elite) and that war started before this country ever had its
first president with Bacon’s rebellion, but it just might end with the
Obama presidency….white supremacy fighting to keep power by any means necessary
for fear of the “browning of America” is the latest blacklash …a direct result of Obama’s election. We either learn lessons of history….or we continue to repeat them.
I agree with Tina assesment,  however, where I see fault lines brewing is along the the issue of class  with  Black  and Brown conflict along those lines being an explosive ingredient… Meaning I hear some absolute ignorant stuff being spewed and than translated into action by some well to do folks both Black and Brown about ‘Immigrants’.. I see such things increasing and people like Rush granting platforms to those who say and do things that further a divide. What’s most interesting in Rush Limbaugh’s tirade is his use of the words ‘divide and conquer’ to describe what President Obama wants to do around the issue of immigration. He’s accussing this issue of being one that seperates ‘good brown people from the rest of America..
Something to ponder

-Davey D-

Rush Limbaugh: Obama’s Next Big Push-Amnesty


RUSH: Now, what’s next, ladies and gentlemen?  I told you it’s going to hit you between the eyes.  While you weren’t looking, and it didn’t get a whole lot of coverage yesterday: “Tens of thousands of immigrants and activists rallied in Washington, calling for legislation this year to give legal status to millions of illegal immigrants and seeking to pressure President Obama to keep working on the contentious issue once the health care debate is behind him. … The rally brought the return to major street action by immigration activists, who turned out hundreds of thousands of protesters in marches and rallies in 2006.” Their message to Obama: We gave you time on health care, now we want amnesty.  But they don’t have to lobby President Obama for this, and they don’t have to protest for it.

They don’t have to even ask for it.  The next big push, almost immediately — and they will use whatever unconstitutional measure they have to to get it done — will be amnesty.  And I want to predict to you how Obama is going to sell this.  Mr. Snerdley, would you suspend your call screening for just a moment because I need you to hear this.  Whoever you’re speaking to, put ’em on hold.  I want you to hear this, ’cause you’re going to get phone calls about it.  The next big push — we’re not even going to breathe a sigh of relief before it happens, these people are relentless — the next big push will be amnesty for as many millions of illegal immigrants who are here.  Obama is going to need their votes in 2012.  The Democrats are going to need their votes at every election from this day forward, if down the road we have elections, and I’m not joking.  The Constitution has just been ripped to shreds.  So why is anything in it safe?

I want you to hear how Obama’s going to sell this.  I want you to hear how Obama’s going to run around the country at these rallies, here’s what he’s going to say: (imitating Obama) “There are some people who don’t like your skin color, who don’t think you should be American.”  He has come to divide.  He has come to conquer.  Is there anybody who now doubts what I meant when I said, “I hope he fails”?  He has failed.  He has succeeded.  The happiness that these people are feeling should sicken every one of us because the happiness they’re feeling is the happiness derived from the destruction of America as founded.  There are people in responsible positions of power in our government today who have deep resentment for this country, who have been raised, who have been educated to believe that this country is immoral and unjust, that we have stolen the resources of the rest of the world and used them for our own greed, that our prosperity has resulted from the real people who make things work being stolen from them.  We have imperialistically sent our military around the world and murdered innocent people.

They don’t view this country as having liberated millions of people to freedom.  They look at this country as one big criminal act, one big civil rights, human rights violation.  Don’t doubt me.  That is how Obama has been raised to look at this country, and he believes it, and he’s put a lot of people in unaccountable positions in his administration who have the same belief, and you know who some of them are.  Van Jones, admitted communists.  These are no longer baseless allegations or charges designed to get people’s attention.  This is the truth that we face.  The Democrat Party has been co-opted and is now led by a far leftist faction who admire and envy people like Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro.  Have you ever wondered why so many Democrats and so many stupid, idiotic celebrities have an affinity and love for Castro, despite what’s happened to his country, despite what he’s done to it?  They envy his power.  They think they now have that power.

So the next thing that’s going to happen is a major push for immigration reform, comprehensive immigration reform.  It will be called amnesty.  Now, I am told that Lindsey Grahamnesty has now said he’s rethinking supporting this after he’s seen the tactics used to get health care.  Fine and dandy.  But none of this should have been a mystery to anybody.  None of the evidence should have been missed.  Who our opponents are has been widely available if somebody just wanted to believe it.  Gone are the days of traditional Republicans and Democrats sharing power.  There’s no sharing power.  Barack Obama has come to divide, and he has come to conquer.  “There are people who don’t like your skin color,” he will tell pro-immigration rallies.  “There are people who don’t like your skin color, don’t think you should be American.”  He will divide this country even further.

The Republicans will face the same dilemma there that we faced in health care.  No matter what we do, and no matter what the public polls are, we can’t stop it.  Not until November.  We can’t stop it.  We deal with a president who doesn’t care how many votes he loses in November.  We deal with a president who actually may be looking forward to a Republican majority in the House, ’cause it’s very difficult to run against your own party and blame them for the things aren’t getting done, but if you have a Republican majority in the House, you’ve got a built-in enemy, you’ve got a built-in demon, a built-in diabolical enemy that you can campaign and run against.  This should not stop us from our desire to win.  I’m just telling you, don’t think that Obama will dial it back here because of November elections.  He’ll ratchet it up.  He’s gonna try to get cap and trade, don’t be surprised.  Don’t be surprised if they don’t go home in August.  Don’t be surprised at anything.

I’ll tell you what else is going to happen down the road.  Mark Steyn touched on this in a little piece at National Review Online yesterday.  The US military has always been used to defend and protect the people of this country and our like-minded allies who were devoted to the concept of human liberty and freedom.  Those days will soon end.  Barack Obama does not look at that as a proper role for this country.  He’s not interested in defending your freedom.  He’s interested in taking it.  There is no way he will stand with other nations who are oriented as we used to be.  The only way that Obama will ever be able to come even one-tenth of the way close to paying for any of this spending that he has personally written the check for, is to practically get rid of the US military.  Defense cuts.  Well, take a look.  All of the somewhat models, I think we’re far down the road, far worse than these European socialist countries which the left seems to think is ideal for us to be, those people are going to look like rock-ribbed conservatives compared to us when Obama gets through.

Here you have a guy who doesn’t like the US military, who thinks it’s been used for imperialistic purposes.  He can’t wait to slash that, use that money for domestic spending.  You’ve heard the Democrat Party say this your whole life, cut defense, build up social programs, stop the Iraq war, we’re going to pay for health care with that.  By the way, the Iraq war is still going on, so is Afghanistan, but the days of the United States projecting its power in defense of people who are in bondage will likely come to an end.  I’m well aware that we have Iran looming and there’s nothing stopping Iran, and the Russians are aligning with them.  Our problems go way beyond our borders.  The problems beyond our borders, however, are of very little interest to Barack Obama compared to his desires within our borders.  He will continue his crusade to forever alter this country.  He has come to divide.  He has come to conquer.  And some of the Republicans on our side still don’t get it, still refuse to see this man, his presidency, his administration for what it is, and some of our own conservative so-called commentariat don’t get it.  Rome is burning, and instead of putting out the fire we have too many people looking for a bag of marshmallows.

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5 comments on “Fear of a Brown Planet-Rush Limbaugh Resurrects the Brown Immigrant Boogie-man

  1. Yeah well since we live in the obama nation, and we can print all da money we want, lets just let all of the brown and yellow people be legal. Heck lets bring in all dey cousins and relatives. We can use more slums and ghettos right??

    Then instead of this white racist place, we would have a brown racist place. Maybe that would be better right?? What would be even better would be to let them completely take over bring em all in. Then we would be a better nation aztlan.

    This is goin to be a funny debate. Well in obama land, we just lie and accept lies as true. So get ready for the influx of 100 million latinos. I am sure this will help the economy for everyone. If we try hard, maybe we can get to a billion people like china. That will balance the budget. LOL

    I cant wait to see how fucked up ameriKKKa is when curious george leaves office. He will have fundamentally changed america for sure.

  2. All mainstream media hacks all play a role. The role is to divide americans along racial lines. Fuck Rush, beck, fox, msnbc, cnn, abc, cbs, and disney. they are all slaves to the bank of london and the true masters the rothschilds.

    They arent even journalists anymore. All media is payed propaganda. Everything you see is a staged photo op. When obama appears at a rally, its all his supporters. All staged.

    IN a totalitarian police state, the govt dictates to the media, the lies to propegate. The media then supplies the sheeple with the propaganda. These people lie to you so much, you cant tell when they are not lying. It is obvious most black people cant even distinguish the difference between propaganda and journalism.

    I guess its a good thing the black community never had unity. This way it wont be missed. Lord help us.

  3. When I first started paying attention to Rush Limbaugh I was shocked! but now I’m just sad about it. I’m sad that we as Americans are not brave enough to demand that he is given the title that he has so shamefully earned. Rush Limbaugh gets talked about daily, all the media gives him free press because he is so divisive. So why don’t we call him what he is, RACIST!
    When he is talked about, booked on anyone’s show, talked about on any media network he should be called The Racist Rush Limbaugh! Now knowing what I know about Mr. Limbaugh this probably would only feed his ego, because just being talked about is enough for him, but in reality, we would be honoring him in his true light.

    It really upsets me when I hear people say that Obama is the most divisive President we’ve ever had. If we really want to be honest with ourselves we would turn to the real culprit here. The true culprits in dividing our nation is RUSH, BECK, HANNITY, PALIN,INGRAM, FOX NEWS, and some REPUBLICAN MEMBERS OF CONGRESS. The reason why I say some Republican members of Congress is because they have waited too long to step up to the plate and denounce the insanity.

    And the most outrageious thing is Rush, Beck Palin, and all of them are just people who talk for money. They are getting paid while they cause havoc in America. And it’s OK with them as long as they get that check. Something is wrong with that. And Ms. Palin, is able to disrupt the core of American Politics by just a simple tweet, and is excused from credible shows like Meet The Press, & Face the Nation to explain herself. I will be glad when she makes her 50 million or whatever she is looking to make, maybe then she will go away.

    So back to my original point. When a person tells you who they are then BELIEVE THEM! Rush says everyday, that he is a RACIST , let’s give him his crown. Now lady’s and gentlemen, here’s the RACIST RUSH LIMBAUGH!

  4. racist you, racist me
    just listen to yourselves! what’s the difference, color? why is it that people with different ideolegies than you must be racists? was it (seiu) racists who beat up the black man and called him nigger at last yrs town hall? was it a racist who bit off the old white man’s finger? or maybe it’s just racist to not want to pay for other people’s benefits and other policies that will affect my family’s income and inheritance. i think what’s racist is to have these same “brown” people work and vote for you but not teach them english to better their lives. slavery to be exact.

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