Minister Farrakhan:Should We As Black People Be Publicly Criticizing Barack Obama?

Last week Tavis Smiley held a summit/ round table called ‘We Count’.. He had anumber of people speaking including Minister Farrakhan. I think this is a series of videos well worth watching.. Minister Farrakhan lays down alot of things for us to keep in mind as we engage President Obama. He speaks to the issue of weather or not we  as Black people should be criticizing him in public..and if so how..This is in 3 parts.

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Puffy is Poison-Where All The Bad Boy Artists?

I know I’m late on this.. but this bit is  funny as hell.. Here’s a run down on all the Bad Boy artists and how Diddy has impacted their careers..  Its funny, sobering and alot of it makes sense to me..

Puffy is Poison

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Killer Mike Speaks on Black Economic Empowerment & being for the Underdog

Killer Mike aka Mike Biggums is always outspoken and on point. He rolled through this event I was spinning at during SxSW and talked to us about economic empowerment and why we must keep our dollars circulating in the hood. He also talked about the importance of looking out for those who are less fortunate.. Muike noted that he is always for the underdog and always carries the spirit of Marcus Garvey, Malcolm X and Elijah Muhammad within him. Mike is a real stand up cat.

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