Rebel Diaz Gear Up for SxSw-How to organize Your Block & Not be Fake

Rodstarz of the group Rebel Diaz came through Austin’s landmark book store Resistencia and talked to the community about the importance of community organizing and moving away from an oftentimes restrictive Non-profit-funding model.

Rebel DiazRodstarz touched town in Austin, Texas for the South by Southwest SXSW conference. He came by Resistencia Bookstore and talked to community folks about the origins of Rebel Diaz. He aslo talked about the Community Center they built in the Bronx.

Rod explained that the Bronx community center is the result of seeing the value in each community member and working with them to create something everyone feels connected to.. Rod cautioned us to not do the things many movement people do which is look down upon and shun the people they’re supposed to be helping uplift..He also talked about the tendency to have lots rhetoric and talking points but no ability to organize people on the block.

Lastly Rod talked about moving away from foundation models and develpoing something closer to the needs of the people and more sustainable.

Rodstarz and the rest of Rebel Diaz will be sitting on the SxSW Southern Shift Panel.. How to Grind, Hustle and Make it During the Recession..  This is going down Friday afternoon 3-5pm at the Carver Library in East Austin. The event is free to the public..

1161 Angelina Street
Austin, TX 78722
(512) 974-1010

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One comment on “Rebel Diaz Gear Up for SxSw-How to organize Your Block & Not be Fake

  1. When you say get away from the non profit model, what exactly do you mean? What are other avenues you suggest?

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