POCC Launches 2010 People’s Resistance Film Festival Haiti, Oscar Grant, Angela Davis

2010 People’s Resistance Film Festival screenings:

Kaos Network
Thursday, March 25th 7-9pm
4343 Leimert Blvd, Los Angeles CA

Pico Youth & Family Center
Friday, March 26th 7-9pm
715 Pico Blvd, Santa Monica CA

The featured films that will be screening are a short of “Haiti: Rising From the Ashes“, “Operation Small Axe“, and “Angela Y. Davis Radical Pedagogy“. The directors and producers will be in the house. Also special guest Jack Bryson, who’s two sons were with Oscar Grant when he was murdered by Johannes Mehserle on New Years morning of 2009, will be with us

Haiti: Rising From the Ashes Trailer

Angela Y. Davis Radical Pedagogy Trailer

Operation Small Axe


For more info go to www.blockreportradio.com

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