Guru’s Nephew Issues Video Claiming Family Has been Cut Off from Contact

Justin Elam Guru's nephewThis is a sad state of affairs…earlier today we got word that Guru had issued an official statement to it read as follows..

“I am doing fine and I am recovering! I’m weak though,” Guru told in a statement today. “Solar is the only person who has the accurate info on my situation. Any info from anybody else is false! I appreciate your well wishes and all the love!”

Guru and his family are asking for privacy as he recovers and stressed for fans to continue to send prayers, thoughts and love.

His partner Solar echoed Guru’s comments about the need for privacy but told fans the outlook is positive for the rapper.

Additionally, only Solar will have access to Guru and accurate information regarding the status of his health.

“Guru is resting and doing well after his surgery,” Solar told “The doctors say that he will fully recover from his illness. We thank everyone who send prayers our way and we appreciate the outpouring of love from around the world!”

Solar can be reached by contacting a representative for his publicity firm,

Later that morning Questlove of the Roots issued this statement

i really hope that whoever has guru’s ear isn’t misrepresenting any information to him. im sure guru means the false rumors of his death (“any info….”) and isn’t trying to further fan the flames of his longtime feud with dj premiere. i’m sure he’s not aware of the love and concern that not only primo has for him and his condition but basically ALL the gangstarr family has for him (us gangstarr fans too)

anywho. i hope they aint 60 before they decide to get it together.

Guru and Super producer Solar

Earlier today DJ Premier posted up a heartfelt message from Guru’s nephew Justin who explained that the entire family has been cut off from Guru by his partner of the past 6 years-Solar..According to this video.. Solar has final say so over all of Guru’s affairs..To say the least this is wild.. I’m glad Guru is better..we’ll let the family sort all this out..

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16 comments on “Guru’s Nephew Issues Video Claiming Family Has been Cut Off from Contact

  1. Guru is tripping. Solar is WHO? Final say so over all your affairs should always be your own. I hate that he is having these health challenges, but his mind must not be altogether okay to just give up his freedom like that.
    He didn’t write that statement, it ‘feels’ wrong.
    God Bless Guru. I pray for his allover well being and health.

  2. “…by his partner of the past 6 years-Solar…” OK, is Guru and the Solar guy shackin’ up? Is he gay? Not that it matters, BUT it will shed some light on the situation…

  3. I dunno ?? “Final say so” “Partner last six years”
    get well Guru.. But that ish right thurr sounds gay dude!!

  4. b lo Tim,
    No, that is not the same MC Solaar from France (I think he spelled his name with two a’s). I know who you are talking about, though, I remember him. I hope Guru’s health continues to improve.

  5. something is not kosher about this and hasn’t been since it was first put out in the media. And it’s getting crazier.

  6. first we must define “partner” that word has been put out lately as in signifigant over, I think this should be looked into more because people wanna know. If partner means in this instance as in running buddy or recording side kick.

  7. Not to hate or any ish like that. Gangstarr is one of the best duos to ever do it, but this whole situation seems hella suspect, is it me or does this seem like some homo shit? Is Guru in the closet? Is Solar a manipulative husband? This doesn’t make any sense at all (although if dude was closeted, that could begin to explain rift with fam, etc, ) I just don’t get it at all.

  8. This situation is unfortunate and estrangement between family members, especially if the brother is on the down low and the family is in denial or unsupportive is a common factor when death or sickness occurs. Sad!

  9. I’m still wondering where there has been published reports saying guru is gay, seems to me people are forming judgments without knowing the real facts of gurus situation, just like guru’s family at present moment either from what published reports there are about this.

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