A Push to Make Ronald Reagan the Next ‘Dead President’ in Our Wallets

I’m reading this story of how a bunch of folks are trying real hard to make Ronald Reagan into a God of sorts and I can’t help but cringe. Ronald Reagan was the devil..Thats why KRS-One said in his song ‘Oh Yeah” he was glad Reagan died

Ya wanna know why are economy is in shambles and why corporations are out of control with greed and far reaching powers? he was the one who put forth the trickle down economics concept which we now know as ‘Reagonomics‘.

Wanna know how crack got into the community and funded wars? Y’all remember Iran Contra and the scandal that went along with it? Y’all know the deeper story behind Freeway Rickey Ross? It was Ronald Reagan the so called Great Communicator who was in charge.

Wanna know why it took South Africa to be free? Blame it on Ronald Wilson Reagan..Y’all remember his ‘constructive engagement’ concept where he vetoed every single attempt to by the UN to put sanctions on South Africa..

Y’all remember him breaking down unions..after he fired air traffic controllers? Y’all remember this was the same idiot who worked with the FBI to help bring down the Black Panthers when he was governor of California? Thats why Kanye West mentions him in the song ‘Crack Music

Reagan was the beginning of the White House being fully taken over by corporate interests..very sad.. Its bad enough they named an airport after him..but to have him on a 50 dollar bill..???

sad sad sad..

Here’s a song that should forever remind us of who Ronald Reagan was..

-Davey D-


A Push to Put Reagan on the $50 Bill


Rep. Patrick McHenry (R-N.C.) introduced legislation yesterday to replace the likeness of Ulysses S. Grant with that of Ronald Reagan on the $50 bill.

“Every generation needs its own heroes,” McHenry said in a statement launching his proposal. “President Reagan was a modern day statesman, whose presidency transformed our nation’s political and economic thinking. Through both his domestic and international policies he renewed America’s self confidence, defeated the Soviets and taught us that each generation must provide opportunity for the next.”

Conservatives’ efforts to deify Reagan, of course, are nothing novel. In 1998, a GOP Congress renamed Washington-National Airport to honor the 40th president. There’s that enormous $800 million trade center on Pennsylvania Ave. bearing Reagan’s name. The Navy christened the USS Ronald Reagan, an aircraft carrier, in 2001. And there was even a 2005 congressional push to replace D.C.’s 16th St. in favor of Ronald Reagan Boulevard. (It failed.)

What’s confusing is why Reagan would be the hero of anyone claiming to be a fiscal conservative. In 1980, the year Reagan was elected president, the federal debt was just under $908 billion. Eight years and several tax cuts later, it was $2.6 trillion — a jump of 186 percent.

Put another way: Reagan racked up more debt in eight years than the previous seven presidents had managed in 35 — a span that included the Korean and Vietnam wars.

How disillusioned are Republicans by Reagan’s legacy? In 1998, after the airport renaming, then-House Speaker Newt Gingrich (R-Ga.) called the move a fitting tribute to “the man who initiated the concept of a responsive, smaller government.”

He might have added: that can’t afford itself.

UPDATE: Libertarians aren’t fooled. While GOP leaders were celebrating their claims to fiscal rectitude last month at CPAC, Wes Benedict, head of the Libertarian Party, issued a statement pointing out that Reagan “signed massive spending bills that made his the biggest-spending administration (as a percentage of GDP) since World War II.”

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19 comments on “A Push to Make Ronald Reagan the Next ‘Dead President’ in Our Wallets

  1. Ronald Reagan was the real devil in plain sight.No spookism was needed.What they need to do is to put his face on bags of manure to show what he was really worth. He destroyed the black communities with C.I.A which really stands for crack in america, aka the central intelligence agency.Sheer Wickedness of it all.

  2. @ e-scribblah
    Why stop at toliet paper, they should put his face inside toliet bowls and urinals.

  3. Yeah, that Reagan was a complete turd. And Davey D has it right about his connection to the Iran-Contra Scam and the crack epidemic in the Black Communities. There is book called Dark Alliance by Gary Webb (r.i.p. – 2004) where he details the CIA – Contra – Crack connection. Check out the Wikipedia site for Mr. Webb: (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gary_Webb)

  4. Thats funny ur right.. But peep this shortly after Reagan died.. KRS did a show and flipped the line to Reagan and that stuck in my mind.. But man ur so right.. thats my slip up..LOL

  5. Davey, again your hardcore anti-white racism blinds you.
    The air traffic controller firing was the right thing to do. I would have done the same.
    He did not bring crack into this country, I love it how you always try to say instigate that ‘whitey’ is responsible for crack.
    Rick Ross could have said no. He could have said after making hundred millions “enough is enough, I am destroying my people”. But he didn’t, he continued until he got caught. He was not forced to sell crack.
    Iran-Contra is something that did happen, but Iran-Contra did not create the crack epidemic and turned once acceptable blocks into hellholes.

    Reagan was not a good president, he was a harsh one. Harsh, because he was an actor and therefore had no clue what he was doing.

    I would love to see that you exercise the same level of criticism against Obama for the failure he has delivered so far. But god forbid that happens, Obama the best, ay?

    All valid points you make drown in your hypocrisy. Davey D, black = good & innocent, white = always the devil.
    If that was the other way around you would run and yell “racism”. As usual.
    Like anybody gives a flying fuck about what shitface is on the dollar bill.

  6. @i can’t believe

    so, you’re gonna defend reagan? easily one of the worst presidents in history. your excuse? “he was an actor and therefore had no clue what he was doing.’

    so that makes it okay?

    the crack epidemic occurred on Reagan’s watch–so he is responsible for that (as far as Iran-Contra is concerned, there’s more evidence to suggest Reagan’s VP–George HW Bush was the one who greenlighted O.North). so did the beginning of the affirmative action rollbacks, the massive cuts in social services, and the corporate greed and tax cuts which benefited the wealthy at the expense of the poor and middle class.

    reaganomics is an example of institutional racism at its worst.

    does that make Reagan a racist devil? not in so many words.

    we dont know if he was racist, but you can’t say he’s not a devil.

    rememebr he also ordered the national guard to fire on student protestors at UC berkeley in the 1960s.

    and, he lied to the middle class that their jobs were safe even as they were being downsized and eliminated.

    putting his face on currency is rubbing it in for the majority of americans who were not better off after his Presidency than they were before.

    calling Davey out for being racist seems to be projection/conjecture on your part.

    nowhere in his original post does Davey make a single allusion to race. true, he calls Reagan a devil but doesnt say “white”–that’s your paranoia/denial speaking volumes.

    i dont think Davey said Rick Ross was forced to sell crack. what he did allude to is there was a connection between Freeway Ricky and the CIA, who were offloading the cocaine they received in exchange for supplying arms to the Contras (in violation of US federal law and unbeknownst to Congress) to Ross. if you’re going to mention hypocrisy, why not start there?

    and, speaking of people being forced to sell crack, when you cut jobs and social services, deny access to higher education, institute inequal economic policies designed to keep people poor, and your government actually helps bring drugs into this country, i’d say that’s tantamount to forcing people to sell drugs, if their economic survival depends on it.

    put another way, the economic and social conditions created under Reagan created the crack economy. i dont think there can be any debate about this.

    i also dont think there’s any debate that Reaganomics hurt America on a whole more than Freeway Ricky did. and had the CIA played by the rules and not try to overthrow a democratically elected government, there would have been far less crack for Freeway Ricky, or any other drug dealer, to sell. FR was just a middleman. Reagan was a boss.

    bringing Obama into this is a tired, predictable, knee-jerk reaction which has absolutely zero relevance to Reagan.

    finally, i find it interesting you’re the one who is saying “white = always the devil.” your words, not Davey’s.

  7. @I can’t beliee this nonsense
    STFU you right wing moron. Whitey is always the devil.True.. Couldn’t have said it any better. Regan was a asshole.Nuff Said. FUKKK all the republicans and their cronies!!!!!!

  8. I don’t think Reagan greenlighted ollie north, i think Bush Sr. did. I don’t think Reagan had any fucking clue what he was doing, and was just their cowboy actor front man. Ronald Reagan was a hired gun all the way through. That’s what his fans, like Jose, are too stupid to understand about him. He was not the man’s man he acted like. He was an actor, both in hollywood and in the white house. He read from a script. G.W. Bush used to run the CIA. He’s your guy when it comes to the ollie north/rick ross thing. Guaranteed. Either Tookie Williams should have been spared the death penalty, or Bush and North should have been executed with him. They were no less of gangsters.

  9. Not G.W. Bush, I meant G.H.W. Bush, Bush Sr. That’s who I’m talking about. G.W. Bush would get into his gangster shit 2 decades later

  10. rob, if you read my post clearly, i said that it was most likely GHW Bush–shrub’s daddy–who greenlighted North.

    go back and look at it again. see? i told you.

    i remember reading at the time that North could have only done what he did with White House approval. that means Reagan or Bush.

    i believe Reagan was purposely kept in the dark about the Iran-contra dealings so he couldnt be impeached if it came out (which it did).

    Bur Reagan was just as guilty. he infamously referred to the Contras as “freedom fighters”–ironic considering the government of Nicaragua was democratically-elected.

    and Reagan’s government was also up to its neck in the BCCI scandal–remember that?–which engaged in arms trafficking and money laundering, which covered the presidencies of both Reagan and Bush I. this was a precursor to both Enron and AIG, a case of government-assisted fraud. in this case the CIA purposely provided false information to keep federal investigators at bay.

    whether you think Reagan was an evil, active participant in these crimes or just an over the hill hollywood actor reading from a script, it doesnt change the fact he was a terrible president who hurt America more than he helped.

  11. Reagan was a horrible president, first of all, because he’s a Republican. The Republican party’s agenda since the civil rights act has been anti black. They still adopt the same elements of the “southern strategy” today, fear, paranoia, anger at minorities receiving benefits, etc. Reagan was a card carrying member of this movement and no puppet by any means. He knew what he was doing. So absolutely Reagan was a horrible president. And a horrible governor. And a horrible person, in my view. He was an asshole with ideals that intentionally fucked the poor as bad as crack did.

  12. I cannot believe you hypocritical douchebags. Racism was an ugly part of the US, and us whites basically had a monopoly on this terrible practice. Now it seems like any racial harmony is impossible, as blacks now feel the necessity to hate the “white man”. I do not think Dr. King wanted to flip the tables, he wanted to make them equal.

    And as for the GREAT Ronald Reagan, you people are ignorant in criticizing him. So what, he cut welfare spending. What is wrong with that? We all need to look to our ancestors who survived and enjoyed life without handouts left and right. This is a nation of independence and the self made man, not the begger. If you have a problem then leave this country of hard workers

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