Former Black Panther chair Elaine Brown Speaks on Cointel-pro, The Panther’s influence on Gangs & Freeing Chip Fitzgerald


We caught up with former Black Panther party chair-Elaine Brown who spoke to us outside of 330 Ritch in San Francisco… She talked to us about political prisoner Chip Fitzgerald a Black Panther who has served 40 years in jail including the last year in solitary confinement. Fitzgerald’s incarceration stems  from an incident in which he defended himself from LA police.

Elaine explains the widespread influence of the Black Panthers and how they impacted the early gangs in both New York and LA which sprung up in the wake of the FBI trying to destroy the Panthers using Cointel-Pro tactics. Brown talks to us about how the counter intelligence program set up by the FBI and J Edger Hoover and how it was used to destroy liberation groups.Its been documented and we’ve heard over the years from the gang members how much they influenced by the revolutionary spirit of the Black Panthers were around during the early days of Hip Hop. She explained that those early gangs had a revolutionary outlet that made them targets bby the police who sought to ‘neutralize’ them.

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2 comments on “Former Black Panther chair Elaine Brown Speaks on Cointel-pro, The Panther’s influence on Gangs & Freeing Chip Fitzgerald

  1. Davey,

    You represent what real investigated journalism is about. Your ability to communicate issues with the ear of the people is second to none. I know it’s not easy what you do and is selfless work for the people. Thank you and keep it moving!!!

  2. I find your minority hypocrisies quite telling of your true nature in regards to race equality, the bare truth indicates a preference to use race as a means to benefit both financially aswell as politically.

    You are all hypocrites to the facts and are completely relentless with the improper use of the term racist. You deplore the KKK but you respect and encourage the New Black Panthers and La Raza. You want equal rights but exacerbate racism by cheering racist legislation such as affirmative action and thus alike.

    You say blacks are targeted more so then any other race by law inforcement but you surpress the fact the majority of crimes committed were done so by blacks. It’s like you want free access to do as you please without consequence. You want to be able to be racist yourselves but get angry should any apply to you.

    You are complete hypocrites and demeaning to yourselves and your race, there is no legitimacy in such beliefs or behaviors and in the long run unsustainable. You may continue for the time being but at one point people will grow tired of your deceptions and will seek to remove you entirely. As such will be your own fault by your own racist and double standard hypocrisies.

    Unfortunately a race war is inevitable, though could have be prevented if groups like yourself practiced true equality and not that liberal one sided blame whites mantra you currently spin.

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