Fat Joe, Ice Cube, Immortal Technique & Alex Sanchez Talk about Black & Brown Unity


In addressing the issue of Black/ Brown unity we caught up with popular rappers Fat Joe & Ice Cube and asked them to address the issue.. Fat Joe spoke at the Hip Hop summit in 2001 and explained the political importance of the two groups coming together…

Ice Cube spoke to the history of unity between Black and Brown peoples in California. He taks about how the Brown man helped the Black man escape slavery..Cube also weighs in on the immigration debate.

We caught up to Immortal Technique at the Malcolm X day parade in Harlem in may of 2006 and talked to him about Black and Brown Unity… He gave us a lot to think about in the areas of colonization and divide and conquer techniques used by those who have enslaved us or colonized us..
Former gang member turned peacemaker Alex Sanchez spoke at Laney College in Oakland during the Critical Resistence conference in 2007 about Black Brown unity and how we should beawre and ideally unify around the issue of immigration. He said we need to understyand the inhumane treatment many are experiencing and focus on this being a human rights issue.. He stressed that both communities need to be more educated about struggles we are going through…
Former gang member turned peacemaker Alex Sanchez talks about solutions for establishing Black/ Brown unity..He talks about the role people in peace and social justice movements must play and the language they must use and not use.. He also talks about regional tactics.. He notes Black-Brown relationships are different in California compared to places like NY and we need to not have a one size fits all strategy.. He also talks about how there are powerful forces within prison that have made unifying difficult because of politics from behind the walls..
We sat down with San Antonio based Professor Mario Salas and talked to him about ways in which Black and Brown communities have worked together. He talks about the Black Panthers and Brown Berets

4 comments on “Fat Joe, Ice Cube, Immortal Technique & Alex Sanchez Talk about Black & Brown Unity

  1. What’s up with people still listening to Immortal Technique like he’s suppose to a revolutionary spokesmen. This dude is phony as can be-

  2. To Dave Chapman, you wouldnt know a revolutionary spokesman if it came in the form of a penis and you had to suck on it, fool. Immortal Technique remains one of the voices of the Revolutioon, dont doubt that.

  3. it doesn’t matter who you are as long as you are informed about a issue/topic and you know exactly what you’re addressing then you can speak freely about anything.phony or real(i don’t care)at least these rappers are trying to make a difference when it comes to race.how many rappers are doing this??!!.probably a very small amount.this is saying something very good and important about these rappers and others who are saying to UNITE instead of FIGHT.thumbs up to all of them and all others!!!!

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