25 Joints to Get U Thru Black History Month


We gotten a number of request to do something for Black History month… hence we flipped our All day Play Radio show and dropped some nice gems for Black History month. Below are some classics that often skip us…along with some new joints like Stay Black and Die featuring M1 of dead prez and a number of Bay Area artists including the Jacka, Shamako Noble of Hip Hop Congress and D’Labrie..   Jasiri X has a new one-off his new award-winning album American X, this cut is called ‘Minstrel’… One of my fav’s is the revolutionary cut from Yo Yo called Girls Got a Gun.. It reminded me of just how hard people came during the Afrocentric era in Hip Hop.. Keep in mind there are literally hundreds of records to choose from.. I wanted to get a mixture of old and new and some b-side cuts that might make people perk up a bit..

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 01-Dismasters ‘Black and Proud’

02-Def Jef  ‘Black to the Future’

03-Jungle Brothers ‘Acknowledge Your History’

04-Queen Mother Rage ‘Slipping Into darkness’

05-Dead Prez ‘They Schools’

06-Paris w/Public Enemy ‘Winter In America’

07-D’Labrie ‘Stay & Black and Die ‘Jacka, Shamako, ‘m1’

08-Divine Styler ‘Word Power’

09-Professor Griff  ‘Jail Cell’

10-Kofy Brown ‘Playing Field rmx’

11-KRS-One w/ Channel Live ‘Free Mumia’

12-Jurassic 5 ‘Freedom’

13-Common w/ Dead Prez & Last Poets ‘Panther’

14-Paris ‘Escape from Babylon’ (Davey D Stokely Carmichael rmx)

15-Jahi ‘Realer than Real’

16-Yo Yo ‘Girls Got a Gun’

17-Ice Cube ‘Us’

18-2Pac ‘Panther Power’

19-Poetess ‘Best in Me’

20-Queen Latifah ‘Evil That men Do (MLK Davey D rmx)

21-X-Clan ‘Grand Verbalizer’

22-Kam ‘Never Again’

23-The Coup ‘20,000 Gun Salute’

24-Nas ‘I Can’

25-Wise Intelligent ‘genocide’

26-Jasiri X ‘Just a Minstrel

27-Akrobatik ‘Remind My Soul’

28-KRS-One ‘You Must Learn’

29-Public Enemy ‘Anit Nutting Butta A Song’

Below are a few videos to peep that will help u get through the day

NY Oil Y’all Should Get Lynched’


Public Enemy ‘Fight the Power’


KRS-One ‘My Philospohy


Killer Mike ‘The Pressure’


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5 comments on “25 Joints to Get U Thru Black History Month

  1. I just wanted to set the record straight that the song “Just a Minstrel” was the brainchild of Idasa Tariq who in my opinion is one of the next MCs to blow up coming out of Pittsburgh by way of Upstate New York. Idasa not only produced the track but also spits the second verse and the song’s hook. Just a Minstrel also feature’s another one of Pittsburgh’s finest coming out of Philly named Living Proofe who raps first. Thanks again Davey for providing a outlet to MCs like us to get across our message!

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