**Updates** (Feb 22) on AC Transit Fight in Oakland Intvs w/ Epic Beard (Tom) & Blackman (Coolio)


*Update* Feb 22 2010

Wild 94.9 the radio station tracked down Michael (Coolio) who got pummeled by Epic Beard aka Tom Slick.. Lots of eye opening information which has since been confirmed.. For starters Michael is not a murderer or on parole. he’s 50 years old and has some other things to reveal..

Apparently this racially charged fight between ‘Willie Nelson’ and ‘Coolio’ on an AC transit bus in Oakland has taken off and has become a national story… Below is a recent article and I am including more recent videos including one with the white dude… who we now know as Tom Slick aka Tom Bruso a former Vietnam vet who spent 14 years in prison and has a history of mental problems.

Aside from the salacious nature of this incident is a larger picture which has resulted in Bruso being heralded as a hero in spite of his reputation primarily because he beat a ‘Black guy who came across as a thug and for many this is a victory and some sort of vindication… Out of control Black inner city youth have become more frightening to the average American of all races including other Blacks, then Al Qaeda, organized crime  and vicious drug cartels. The image of the Black bogey man has been ingrained in the minds of Americans since the days of slavery. It came to fruition with Haitian slaves overthrowing their French slave masters resulting in Thomas Jefferson putting in place crippling policies that have continued to this day. It came to fruition with slaves turned preacher turned insurgent like Nat Turner resulting in government officials crafting laws and keeping special tabs on ‘Black troublemakers’ which has continued throughout the centuries under different names including Cointel-Pro… In short what should’ve been a simple fight has come to represent so much more within many people’s consciousness.

-Davey D-

Here’s the interview with Tom Slick aka Vietnam Tom


** New interview** (Feb 22 2010


Below is the interview w/ Michael.. The Brother who got into fight with Tom Slick... Seems like this story unfolds even more. Michael insist that Tom made a racist remark. Brother man also says he’s not on parole or a murderer…


Here’s a national news article and accompanying videos on this..


(Feb. 19) — From the YouTube video, this much is clear: It was a comment about shoe shining that sent the ugly set of events spiraling out of control, culminating in a racially charged fist fight between an older white man and a younger black man on an Oakland, Calif., bus Monday afternoon.

By this afternoon, more than 30,000 people had watched the fight unfold on YouTube. But the exact series of events leading up to the fight remained unclear. Because while the drama of the encounter — down to the racial epithets and the blood on the bus’s plastic blue seats — was captured on camera, the most basic facts of the event were not.

The video is confusing, incomplete. So viewers were largely left to piece together the facts of the bloody fight on their own, which they did through an interesting mix of competing YouTube videos, reporting and blogs.

According to witnesses, including Iyanna Washington, the college student who recorded the fight, the white man, who was identified by The Oakland Tribune as 67-year-old Thomas Bruso, taunted the younger black man and asked him to shine his shoes. “The white guy was asking the black guy for a shoeshine,” Washington told CBS. “And I guess the black guy took it as a racist comment, like, ‘Why’s a black guy have to spit shine your shoes?'”

In the video, the two men continue to exchange insults. Finally, the black man throws a punch. The white man then begins to pummel him until he exits the bus shouting “He hit me!” and leaves the black man on the bus floor with a bloody nose.

AC Transit Spokesman Clarence Johnson told CBS that both men were taken to the hospital and later released with minor injuries. He said the black man had a bloody nose, and the white man had been off of his meds.

“We hate for this sort of thing to happen,” Johnson said. “Our buses transport 236,000 passengers on a daily basis and these types of things are not commonplace.”

On YouTube, competing narratives of the fight began to take hold.

Racist comments, lots of them, began to pop up on the YouTube page. “Typical day in the Urban Jungle,” one commenter wrote. “Typical N*****. Always so full of hate and anger,” another wrote. “This is a perfect example as to why racism will never die. They do it to themselves. Won’t they ever learn?”

Zennie Abraham, a blogger for the San Francisco Chronicle, said the debate surrounding the video was “dominated by racists and nuts cases:”

“With all of that some observers have proven they’re just as much animals as the men in the video. The talk of some is to crown the old white man as some kind of hero, when it’s obvious he’s some kind of nut job. Some people report the AC Transit Bus Fight as if it’s a victory for whites against some boogie man who’s black. All of this has become a discussion seemingly dominated by racists and nuts cases. Since racism is a mental illness, it’s hard to tell them apart.”

Then, another video emerged. Bruso, the older man, had been featured in a hit YouTube video before, when he was arrested at an Oakland A’s baseball game in August for disorderly conduct and police used a Taser on him. “This guy is epic,” one commenter said.


Tuesday, Iyanna Washington, the student who taped the bus fight, posted an apology on YouTube.

“I am the filmer of the video AC transit police bus fight,” she said facing into the camera. “Lately I’ve been getting really hammered by the bloggers and the harsh YouTube and news critics about the video so I want to first clear a few things up.”

Washington denied rumors that she had stolen anything from the older man’s bag and apologized to “anyone who took offense to any part of this video.”

But she had another message for those watching as well.

“It’s a sad thing, but this is real life; people actually, you know, people say and do things like this every day,” she said. “It’s just the parts that we catch on camera that really get seen.”


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43 comments on “**Updates** (Feb 22) on AC Transit Fight in Oakland Intvs w/ Epic Beard (Tom) & Blackman (Coolio)

  1. This incident is exactly why I a black Hoosier never leave home without a large automatic pistol. Mr. Bruso could have been attacked by more than one loud mouth dope addict or this dope addict could have had some kind of weapon. I really feel sorry for law abiding Californians because in California only the rich and famous get pistol licsenses. In many states the dope addicts threats alone would have been enough reason for a law abiding citizen to legally defend himself with lead. All law abiding people of California need to stand up and demand that their second amendment rights be respected.

  2. Davey..
    you’re funny.. your ass done got caught in the beatdown crosshairs many times.. so don’t front.
    When the punches come in bunches and you screamin for help you are so not thinking of Co-Intelpro..
    so don’t try to make a “hero” outta this clown… he talked shit and got beat down. Period.

  3. Jose, awesome post.

    Tom Bruso defended himself BY ANY MEANS NESCESSARY. Everyone has this right.

    Amberlamps punk got a beat down for attacking a elderly mentally ill man. Walked right into a buzzsaw. I see aggressiveness and disrespect toward law abiding citizens of all colors every single day in Oakland.

    As far as Iyanna is concerned, she made her intentions clear on the first video when she, like so many bloodthirsty Lady Macbeths of the hood, egged the drunky on with “beat his white ass” and “say it again Pinky”. Then picked up Tom Bruso’s bag and, instead of attempting to return it to him outside the bus, brought it to the BACK of the bus. SHE HAD NO RIGHT TO TOUCH HIS BELONGINGS AT ALL!!! PERIOD!! She needs to, at the very least, apologize for her behavior.

    Punks of Oakland fuck off. Citizens are sick of your shit and we do fight back. We’re tired of the murder, assault, rape, robbery, burglary and lawlessness. Like Patrick McCullough, another hero, and heros of all colors, we will defend ourselves and our families BY ANY MEANS NESCESSARY.

  4. I’ll never forget when myself, a white kid from the suburbs had a high school football game against Skyline High in Oakland, and experienced first hand the racism in Oakland. When my team took the field it seemed as if the entire stadium was yelling kill whitey because my school was mostly white. They chanted this on and off throughout the whole game. KILL WHITEY! If anything this ridiculous happened at our school our administration would have shut down the game immediately but no, the game went on. We lost by 3 points in the last quarter and victory wasn’t enough for the Skyline High student body. They charged the football teams bus and the cheerleaders bus and stoned us with rocks breaking windows out on our buses. It’s sad that such hatred and animosity was directed at some young white kids, who I can assure you 99% were not racist and had been taught early on in the educational system that racism is wrong; who just came to play the best football game they could. Anyway, there are examples of racism still alive and well in many area’s of society, white on black, black on white….ect. Oakland is definitely a troubled area and I don’t see a change anytime soon.

  5. “In the video, the two men continue to exchange insults. Finally, the black man throws a punch. ”

    You forgot to mention that the white man moves away from the black man to the front of the bus. Then the black man FOLLOWS him and then punches him.

    Interesting omission.

    And yes, the bystanders (including the “student” filmmaker) egging them on etc.

  6. Jose u made my point..U made it by being quick to jump in and share with us ur zeal and obvious bias.. and then inadvertently revealing u never even read what I wrote.. or u don’t have the ability to fully comprehend.. Show me where I made a hero out of anyone.. If anything I posted up the interview from Tom Slick.. where he explains his story.. I also pointed out as did other articles and Topm Slick himself that he’s been down this route before, as former Vietnam Vet.. w/ mental problems, he was obviously more than prepared to handle himself….I also never villanized him even though his story does not add up at key points.. That is now being pointed out in other articles…

    However, if u had bothered to read the article.. the larger story was not so much the beat down, but the racially charged comments that have taken place afterwards..on message boards coast to coast.. to which I provided a historical context in which such defeats are celebrated and u of course being who u are.. underscored it.. followed by the one posted by Carlos…. I appreciate your honesty..You clearly showed it was more than a fight in Oakland.. its an opportunity for u to grind your own axe and angst..

  7. Isabel.. no need to describe what has been shown in the video and what Tom Slick himself explains in the interview.. let’s use some common sense..

  8. Clearly this white man isn’t a hero, and clearly the black dude got what he deserved and I’m black saying this. California has got to be the most segregated state in America. I’m not joking even worse than the deep south. Anyway my point is this the white dude walked to the front of the bus to avoid the guy; in addition, eventhough he said a boarderline racist comment he still walked away. As for them girls who taped it, I felt more embarassed because of them than dude getting his ass whipped. Did you here the ignorance? “Say it again, get’ em pinky” putting a battery on this guys back to fight. On the low every white person has got hassled by an ignorant “nigger” and probably walked away out of fear. You can hear them at home right now saying yes about time someone broke a foot off in a black person ass on the bus. I also remember a chinese women on youtube beating a black womens ass on camera it was the same thing but it garnered a different response. Why is that? Well both were ladies and minorities so it’s ok. Racism is here and stronger than ever because Obama is president and white people feel like racism disappeared. Why? Because the president of the “freeworld” and the most “powerful” country on the planet is a darkie. So according to closeted bigots racism in America vanished once Obama hit office. So all of a sudden whites are the “minority”. Go figure. Look you see they already tote this white crack pot a hero. RACISM IS HERE TO STAY ESPECIALLY IN CALIFORNIA.

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  10. Brother Davey I greatly appreciate your work and in depth detail of many occurrence especially this one because i like some others sub consciously fell in to this racial chasm. To the point that I felt that our brother earn that beating, but the racially charge media I see certainly pulled a number on me and us all.Because do to the brassiness of the situation I overlooked my normal routine whenever I view something like this which is check the comments for racial remarks made by little white devils or ignorant others. Which would have cause me to look deeper into the whole spectrum of the event. And judging from comments made on the youtube site that I now have review due to reading this article and even the responses here on your article brother I feel that those that house their hatred for Black people in the confines of their soul until a circumstance as this one justifies them in releasing those dormant internal feelings continue to allow themselves to be purposely mislead and will shortly find themselves in a misinterpret moment where the eyes of many will upon them as a villain or boogeyman. Much luv brother for bringing a clearer light to this.


  11. What do you expect when fools collide. I thought there was plenty of stupid to go around for everyone with second helpings included. That said, the old guy went to the other end of the bus. Both of them continued to talk trash. Only one of them got up and walked to the other end of the bus to strike the other. As I saw it, I believe that the person we only know as Michal only intended his punch to intimidate the guy we know as Tom, to just shut up. I don’t believe he ever thought that Tom would take any defensive action. I could see the look of total surprise on Michal’s face when Tom got up and fought back. It was over in two seconds, Michal was on the floor and done in two seconds. It doesn’t matter who said what. We learn as children sticks and stones will break our bones, but words can never harm us, don’t hit people, keep your hands to your self blah, blah, blah.
    When you physically strike someone, be ready to accept that they will strike back to the point that you are no longer a danger to them. This could mean until you are dead. The first punch determines who is the assailant and who is the victim. When you physically assault someone you take your very life in your hands. Don’t be upset if it doesn’t work out for you and you get hurt or killed. Keep your hands to yourself.

  12. I saw the video and I saw what happens on buses all the time from Muni and AC Transit. Young African Americans are the majority of the trouble makers. Not the only people doing the trouble making but stop making excuses and take personal responsibilty. Lets keep it real. It seems we have to defend every blackman who does something wrong. We even approve murders just because they are black. It seems whatever the situation is just because the person is black we have to support them in front of white people . We need to stop reacting and be proactive.

  13. Davey I’m usually with you, but you are on your own this time. The racial comments after the fact are just as ignorant as the incident. But I can’t help but feel like you are somehow defending Michael’s beat down by referring to Bruso a Vietnam vet and a nut job. Firstly, Bruso showed NO SIGNS of being a skilled fighter. He just flailed in defense. However, I wouldn’t care if he was an MMA fighter! Michael pushed Bruso to defend himself, therefore Michael got what he deserved. PERIOD!

  14. Alon: Don’t blame the media. Blame the person that made and posted the video on the internet to be viewed by millions in the first place. Michal don’t blame alcohol.

  15. As a teacher in our public schools I am witness to all forms of racism whether it be between students, teachers, in jest or in attack. I found out about this from some of my students who stated they thought the “black guy got what he deserved” among other comments. I quieted these kids and told them to think about what they were saying. Not because it perpetuates these social frames we have put around each other, but because violence only begets more violence. That can be physical or it can be verbal. I was not there, I do not know all of the details, but I bet it is a pretty safe assumption to say that the comments made by this white dude were racially charged. Of course this is unacceptable and terrible but what about the comments made by the girl filming this interaction, adding fuel to this already blazing inferno of racial battery by shouting “pinky” when she should have been telling her friend to chill out. I work hard in my classroom with kids from all sorts of backgrounds and strive towards teaching them that violence should never be the answer. Is beating someone down for making a racist remark going to beat the racism out of them? (Is it going to heal your proverbial wounds?) White dude was way wrong for saying what he said but how is it in any way acceptable for the black dude to react violently? It’s not. Even though black people have, are, and will suffer more from racism than white folks can even fathom, it still does not justify violence.

    To address the comments across the web on message boards, that isht is just ridiculous. Of course people are going to be as disgusting as they can because it’s faceless (and spineless) and people can express their inner racist without fear of being labeled a bigot. It’s a joke to think that there is a single soul in this country though that doesn’t have some twisted perception of a different race. We’re all guilty of it on some level (black, brown, white, yellow, purple, whatever). It’s just a matter of acknowledging it and being able to learn from ourselves. What can we learn from this video and it’s generated discussion? I see a country full of people that stand idly by with their iphones (or whatever) and film people hurting each other so they can be the first to post it online as opposed to stopping them before they can get out of hand. Be a citizen next time and stop this before it gets out of hand. Or don’t. The choice is yours.

  16. Chuck I agree..remember according to Michael he didn’t know the girl filming..so there was no way of really her ‘friend’ to chill.. because they werent friends. But agree with the rest of what u wrote..

  17. Carl if u listen to the interview.. Michael explains he thought he would lose because of size alone.. second.. dude is a nut job.. The police have him on re cord as a 5150.. plus he lied about everything in the interviews.. he said Michael was a murderer, on parole and had a weapon.. none of that is true.. lastly Carl I’m quite vocal of my opinions.. there would be nothing to ‘feel’ I would simply say what I mean very clearly..leaving little doubt as to how I feel.. What’s really going on here is that people had alot of things pent up and then projected them on these two men.. This is why this issue has generated far more comments and interest then everything else I posted.. This is why folks are so passionate.. Tom symbolized a good hapless guy who finally beat down the black bogey man that has ‘terrorized’ people on public transportation for years.. Thats why so many of y’all cheered..

    What’s hard to swallow is 1- the hero is not really a hero.. he’s actually quite thuggish and is known for going nuts as has been reported and was shown in the video where he got tasered…What folks are hanging onto is that Michael the black guy threw first punch.. But sadly as this story unfold so does the nice narrative that so many concocted in their minds..

  18. There u go John projecting.. what does the trouble makers on a bus have to do with this fight?? Are these folks symbolic so therefore reality goes out the window..? This wasn’t a young african american male.. He’s 50.. if he was the troublemaker why isn’t he in jail…

    What’s the personal responsibility your talking about? the one about hitting or the one about not making racist remarks even..though would should be striving for a world that doesn’t do this.. lastly John what statistics are u quoting from when u say the majority of trouble..? How much of a majority?

  19. What it looks like to me is that both of these guys were behaving badly. Epic Beard Man is clearly mentally unstable. Michael admits he was drunk and that he began the physical violence.

    Double stupid. No hero. However, legally speaking, and in regard to the ethics and tactics of self-defense, Epic Beard Man actually was completely within his rights.

    If you are physically attacked, you are entitled to retaliate with similar force until the threat is neutralized. Punches in exchange for one punch are legit. Tom also stopped punching after Michael went down, and then left the scene. He also, in the second video, is clearly maintaining distance from everybody as much as he can. This is exactly what you should do, strike back fast, and get away.

    What you shouldn’t do is walk around provoking people. Tom’s in the wrong for that as much as any crazy person can be in the wrong.

    But the most f’ed up people in this equation is the small army of suburban teenagers who posted multiple racist comments about all of this. Every single video site is rife with that shit. It’s depressing. Basically what it says is that a lot of people are still racist as hell if they can be anonymous about it. That cover racism is much harder to fight than the government sanctioned racism of yesteryear. Two steps forward, one step back. So it goes.

  20. You are trying to discredit the old man.

    With your descriptions and other videos you are posting.

    I am sure “the brother” has plenty of baggage.

    Its obvious who pursued the conflict, and your article is pointless.


  21. LOL see Jon.. now what video did I post? I posted the video of The interview.. The national article posted the video of him being tasered.. CNN, Time, AOL, CBS, KRON. Chronicle all posted the taser video with a description of him having a history of mental instability..Thats what mainstream news outlets reported.. based upon information provided by the police..

    This baggage the brother was described as having was
    1-He was on parole.. Not True
    2-He’s wanted for murder-Not True
    3-He’s ayoung trouble maker..not true he’s 50
    4-He admitted to being slightly drunk..

    what you’re gonna have to come to terms with Jon Tom is he’s not the hero you made him out to be..
    Time to let the fairytale go..

  22. I never called anyone a hero.

    Both of these gents are why I refuse to ride AC transit.

    I think there are more important issues you could write about with your following and position.

    And I don’t live in fairytales, I live in oakland.

    thanks for responding.

  23. Dave. Dave, Dave, Dave. My brother from another mother.


    Okay: a few basic truths –

    1) Black people are oppressed in America
    2) The media is populated by venal, sensationalistic people
    3) We’ll *never* know the whole story here
    4) Racist people (on Both sides) have seized on this incident in order to grind their own axes
    5) Both parties in this confrontation handled it badly

    Bottom line? There *is* no bottom line. Seems like everyone, the media included, wants to spin this as though there’s some basic message, or some easy way to categorize either of these guys.

    There isn’t.

  24. Jon.. u decided to respnd to this issue and not the ones I spent hours on including the guy who flew a plane into the building and how the news media neglected to talk about the guy who shot up the Capitol just two miles a way three weeks prior.. We put up the story of Obama’s Healthcare plan.. Theres a story about people running for office.. Another one on the state of the economy.. I gave a nice story on the history of Hip Hop and early gangs and the politicization that both had.. should I go on? I posted hella stuff, but u decided to chime in on this one.. and then suggest there’s more important things….

  25. I never said that you don’t cover important things.
    I listen to your show…I enjoy it.

    This article was sent to me, because I live here.

    We can disagree on this story right?
    But know, my thoughts are in context of your other work.

  26. I’m glad to hear the interview with the Michael, and the compassion he was able to extend in spite of the circumstance. It was also very clear from the initial interview that Tom offered with the radio station personnel that he was a mentally unstable person. People like him are part of the package of externalities of war. America’s culture of militarism has filled the ranks of the homeless with psychologically unstable people who are not getting the help they need.

  27. justlogic: lets use logic sir true it was a random person that film this but is not youtube bought and own by a British Baron by the name of Ruppert Murdock along with 90% of the other media outlets such as myspace and fox news so with that being said wouldn’t you agree that there are many many fights of this same nature that go on minute by minute hell just take a walk through any urban setting stick around long you’ll see many fights such as this and lots of others and a different scale. But my point is this the puppet masters that control the whole spectrum of what we view and read allow this arena of events to be propagated to surface the exact bitter and extreme race hatred to surface. I’m not completely disagreeing with you but I’m asking you to use the logic that you claim to have and ask yourself why did this one get so blown up through the whole nation I mean not even Kimbo Slice underground fights didn’t get that much play.

  28. 1) Black people are oppressed in America- Reaslly? How so? It’s 2010, not 1910… Oppressed people can’t elect their own representatives… ie Black Caucus, or President Obama..

    2) The media is populated by venal, sensationalistic people – So is hip hop.

    3) We’ll *never* know the whole story here- There is no “story”.. someone just took an ass whippin.

    4) Racist people (on Both sides) have seized on this incident in order to grind their own axes- True
    5) Both parties in this confrontation handled it badly – True

  29. Alon: The short answer is you, I and Davy made this one so popular. In this day and age we are the media. No one tells us what to view, post or comment on. All of us can have a blog. We are all reporters and commentators. Go to your local library for free computer access and you are in business. We need to look in the mirror on this. If the media is to blame, then we are all guilty. You, I and Davy. Our defense. None of us were on that bus. We did not make it happen. None of this is unique to urban areas. If stupid people would just stop doing stupid things we wouldn’t have these videos and all that comes with them. Reading through the comments, I don’t see anyone with a puppet master posting here.

  30. I think most of you are missing the point of why so many people liked seeing this guy get his ass beat. It’s not because Micheal is black and Epic Beard is white, it’s because a 67 year old man get’s harassed by someone almost 20 years younger than him, and he beats his ass. Epic Beard even walked away, and Micheal followed him.

    No one likes to see old people get harassed, and they think it is hilarious and justified to see one of them beat the harassers ass.

    Maybe Epic Beard said something racist. But if I tried to fight everyone that called me a cracker or talked shit to me specifically cause I’m white, I’d be in jail right now, deservedly so.

    As for the racist comments on youtube, who cares what acne-scarred teenagers surfing the web in between beat off sessions are thinking anyway?

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  32. Michaels interview made him out to look like a homosexual. I agree that Tom is crazy, but saying that he was justified in defending himself when he decided to walk up to him and throw the first punch. Tom’s nuts…. I’ve watched a couple of videos of him on YouTube, and he’s definately crazy. Michael got what he deserved, and Iyanna is getting what she deserves. People have posted her phone number, address, and even her parents information on-line. She is the “Epic Thief” that so many bloggers have labeled her. I feel sorry for Michael though, because I really don’t think that he would have walked up to the front of the bus if there weren’t people egging him on to fight Thomas. Oh well right, I’m sure there’s plenty more to come.

    In saying this, if there was the same situation, and a younger white guy who acted like a thug treated Bill Cosby the way that Michael treated Thomas, and old Bill put a hurting on a white thug, I would definately be applauding Bill Cosby. There’s a certain way I believe people should present themselves, whether they are black, white, asian, or hispanic. I can’t stand “wiggers”, and the asian and mexican thugs are just as bad. This is not a racial statement, I simply have a problem with all people that tend to act like this. So pull up your pants, and go get your GED. Go get a job, and surround yourself with people that don’t act like this. If that’s too much of a problem, the ARMY has a great way of taking the thug out of the thugs.

  33. Now lets all imagine, just for a minute, this scenario:

    An ugly, chubby WHITE girl is on a bus. She is filming a deranged, mentally ill BLACK Vietnam veteran getting into a verbal altercation with a younger inebriated WHITE guy. The older black guy goes to the front of the bus but the two men still keep arguing back and forth. The ugly, chubby WHITE girl can be heard inciting a fight between the two using comments like, “Say it again, say it again Brownie… Beat his BLACK ass… F*ck his…” The younger WHITE guy goes to the front of the bus and takes a swing at the older BLACK veteran. The old dude throws about 5-6 punches knocking the WHITE guy to the floor. The older BLACK guy shows restraint by not hitting or kicking him while down and says “I told you not to mess with me,” then exits the bus, forgetting his bag/belongings. Then the ugly, chubby WHITE chick notices the bag/belongings and snatches them up bringing them to the back of the bus. Then she can be heard saying “go through that sh*t.” The ugly, chubby White chick can be heard saying “I got it, I got it,” and her friend is shown smiling/laughing in delight.

    What would happen when this hit the news? I’ll tell you, there would be rioting in the street…

    But because it happened as it did, crazy “pinky” is at fault and is the racist antagonist!

  34. Why is this article and Michael aka coolio’s video trying to make it a race thing? The article going back to Thomas Jefferson. At the end of the day, you have a guy who admitted he was a little drunk, getting into a verbal altercation, then Tom got up and left, and Coolio followed to instigate a fight. Coolio got what he deserved. Simple as that!

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  36. I personally think both men in this video are scumbags and shouldn’t be on the streets. So glad I do not live in Oakland. I bet you the reason Oakland is so screwed up is that Oakland is filled with morons like these two.

  37. Personally I hate everyone equally I couldn’t care less what color a person is if they are a scumbag they are a scumbag regardless, every race has it’s share of scumbags. These two fools are the reason I have a concealed weapons license. No one has the right to lay their hands on another person exept for self defense. There is no difference between these two old men and teens today except they got old. A punk at 19 is the same punk at 50 just older. As far as I’m concerned this video shows exactly what I just stated. Two old scumbags each a different race who were punks when they were younger and just got older.

  38. LOL Why is that black guy speaking like that???,Pimp to a girl ?? Any who , Both was threatening each other ,running their mouths ,mad and tensed ,on fire .what do you think is going to happen ???STFU guys and sit the fuck down ,the white guy couldnt shut up ,provoking the issue .Both faking and lying .. Wasn’t even a hard punch ,just a good connect ….LOL .with that said ,One gets punched and the other gets tazed …and there you got

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