When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong.. Crazy drama on AC Transit Bus..

Here’s a crazy example of where keeping it real goes wrong.. Crazy old 67 year senior citizen hands out a beat down.. on AC Transit bus..At the same time senior citizen said some racist stuff.. As my boy put it.. here’s the showdown between Willie Nelson vs Coolio



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20 comments on “When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong.. Crazy drama on AC Transit Bus..

  1. i’m not really sure why this is hip-hop “news”. this is something i would expect of DJ Vlad, not Davey-D.

  2. Willie Nelson did utter some things he shouldn’t have, but it’s hard to find much fault with him given that he moved to the front of the bus when asked and was swung on first.

    As a white East Oakland native I was punked and jumped many a time growing up because there is an assumption that white people wont fight back. I had to re-socialize myself to fit in with Oakland norms and realities so that I too would fight back. I accomplished that task, but the oft-picked on intimidated lil white boy in me still rejoices at something like this. He was just defending himself with a little East Bay attitude to boot. I can’t find fault with Santa here.

  3. Little dude had it coming.. I don’t know about the spit shine but I do know about beat down. And brother took one.

  4. LOL!!! this is pure comedy.

    That punk ass bitch got what he deserved. Madd props to the old man for puttin that racially sensitive punks sorry ass in check.

    These young lil punks need to start respecting their elders. He deserved to get his mouth bloodied up.

    i am a 37 yr old black male and that punk got what he deserved. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Young dummies, check yourself or get checked.

  5. Owned!

    BTW – he’s no young lil’ punk, he’s 50. How you gonna be wildin out at 50? Got what he deserved.

    Bring Amberlamps!!

  6. Love how dude says “next time i’m gonna fuck you up” as blood is gushing from his face. Nice pick up by the camera girl too, she scored old man’s groceries. In case you thought the old man wasn’t an equal opportunity offender, he got tasered at an A’s game last year after he pissed off some white cops:

  7. being 68 it just goes to show, seniors are not punks. his ass got what he deserved, also race is not an issue it was a olddude whipped a young one ass big time,you see while these thugs are up all night doing God knows what while we are healthy and also we know how to take care of ourselves and we have more game than the youngesters, so just because we are older dosen’t mean we are scared of these pun thugs outthere

  8. Iyanna Washington, the young woman who took the video, might have problems finding employment after her education at the Art Institute. Despite her Youtube apology, in the first video you can clearly hear her egging the youngblood on (“Kick his white ass!) and then later stealing the older man’s bag that he left on the bus (“Go through that sh*t”)

  9. Of course, you all didnt see that it was the BLACK guy that threw the 1st punch, so he got what he deserved, OR, are you against self-defense?

  10. Ur late to discussion ms.. return to your cave.. and before you speak get all sides of the story which has now come out.. there been a number of interviews shown from both parties.. Its not the simple self defense picture you painted..

  11. LOL naw ms u didn’t read, get the whole story and ur 4 months late in commenting… By the title of the piece u can see that I didn’t take up for dude at all.. But u not being able to read wouldn’t know that.. I said that he should never had hit that man.. 1-Because he wasn’t hit 2-the man was bigger 3-he let his ego rule is actions..

    At the same time we know that Tom is notorious for fighting.. thats been confirmed. His antics are well known and him mouthing off on that bus was not the first time he did this..

  12. NO.
    I have seen the videos at ALL angles.
    The THUG should NOT get a pass- he HIT first, he should NOT expect some older guy to take his crap.
    I am not 4 mos late. This is an everyday occurance in America, where the victim is made out ro be the agressor, thats the facts.
    I am WITH the victim.
    As for Tom liking a good fight?
    Seems that the bus-chair warrior likes to more, since he could not shut the hole in his face.

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