Breakdown FM w/ Davey D-All Day Play #8: There Goes the Neighborhood


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As we kick off our 3 day weekend  and with so many people snowed in, we decided to put some funk in your trunk with this week’s show.. We took it back to the old school and came with some vintage joints that’ll have you really appreciating this thing we call Hip Hop…Highlights include the Public Enemy. When you listen beyond their most well known hits you realize Chuck D and company have a pretty deep catalogue of songs.. Almost all of them address some sort of issue.. I think they are underestimated..

Had to dig deeper and pull out something from the late Pumpkin. he was Hip Hop’s first official drummer and of course we had DJ Cheese and his landmark cut ‘King Cut’

We kick things off with a special back to Africa remix I did featuring Malcolm X and music from the late J-Dilla..

Its all butter folks.. please enjoy

Breakdown FM w/ Davey D on All day Play#8

There Goes the Neighborhood

01-J-Dilla ‘J-Dilla Meets Malcolm X’-(DaveyD remix)

02-Dr Dre w/ Ice Cube ‘Natural Born Killa’

03-Public Enemy ‘Assault Mix’

04-Public Enemy ‘House of Rising Son’

05-Public Enemy ‘How to Kill a Radio Consultant’

06-DJ Punisher ‘The Cutting Edge’

07-DJ Pumpkin ‘King of the Beat’

08-DJ Cheese ‘King Cut’

09-Bobby Jimmy ‘We Like Ugly Women’

10-Digital Underground ‘DooWhatchalike’

11-MC Lyte ‘10% Diss’

12-Lost Boyz ‘Music Makes me High’

13-Ice Cube ‘The Mack’

14-Outkast ‘Players Ball’

15-Ice T ‘Colors’

16-‘Dr Dre w/ Snoop Dogg ‘Next Episode’

17-Marley Marl w/ MC Shan ‘The Bridge’

18-Ice T  ‘6 In the Morning’

19-Eric & Rakim ‘ The Ghetto’

20-Conscious Daughters ‘Something to Ride To’  ‘(Davey D Screwball remix)’

21-Snoop Dogg ‘Gin & Juice’

22-Mystical ‘Shake Your Ass’

23-Black Sheep ‘The Choice Is Yours’

24-Grandmaster Flash ‘Girls Like the Way he Spins’

25-Donald D ‘FBI’

26-Whodini ‘Friends’

27-Dogg Pound ‘Lets Play House’

28-Kool Moe Dee ‘Go see the Doctor’

29-The Doc ‘ It’s Funky’

30- MC Lyte ‘Cappucino’

31-Craig Mack ‘Get Down’

32-Heavy D ‘Black Coffee’

33-Mobb Deep ‘Shining’

34-Gang Starr ‘Words I Manifest’

35-KRS-One ‘Outta Here’

36-Kool G Rap ‘Road to the Riches’

37-Brand Nubians ‘To the Right’

38-Schooly D ‘Megamix’

39-Ice Cube ‘Megamix’

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Let us know what u think..

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