Cornel West Goes In on Barack Obama-Expresses Disappointment


Scholar, author Dr Cornel West, Professor at Princeton, University has gone in on President Obama. Shortly after last week’s state of the union he released a video where he questions Obama’s commitment to poor people. He points out that the improved economy the President touts still has an un-employment rate of 10% and that 10% is made up of real people who are in dire straits. West also noted that President Obama brought many people into the fold during his campaign, but now seems to have abandoned them to become a technocratic deal cutter.

In the video West warns that if Obama does not take the steps to be more of a leader in the vain of iconic figures like Martin Luther King who has often been compared to, then he will be nothing more than a mediocre President…

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3 comments on “Cornel West Goes In on Barack Obama-Expresses Disappointment

  1. The Dr eloquently speaks the facts. I would hope he is not labled a racist or sell out for challenging Obamas status quo.

    He says obama needs to make a stand and have a backbone. I hope he doesnt hold his breath for that one.

  2. Dr. Cornel West is the BEST!!!! Now THAT is what a leader sounds like. :o)

    But unfortunately, a true leader – one who seeks equality and just FOR ALL – will never be a president, because a president works in the best interest of the rich. The only one who dared not to was murdered in a convertible. :o(


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