The Wisdom of Dick Gregory-Obama, Racism, White Supremacy & Haiti


Long time Civil Rights activist, author and comedian Dick Gregory made his rounds in Washington DC where he took in the State of the Union and the healthy Families USA convention. We caught up with Gregory and talked to him about the situation in Haiti. He pointed out some of ther glaring flaws in the relief efforts including the irony of having two men who don’t like each other, George Bush and Bill Clinton being the face for recovery operations. 
Dick Gregory also talked about why he is going on a 30 day fast and how that action is powerful and will help out those in Haiti..
In this clip Dick Gregory sat down with his good friend, long time radio show host  Bev Smith. Here is goes in on President Obama in response to his State of the Union speech.  Gregory talks about why Obama doesn’t flex his power and how the shackles of racism hold pyschological effect. He said Obama doesn’t flex because he knows he’s a Negroe in America.
Here Gregory talks about the meaning of racism and white supremacy.  

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Black History Month-Remember Gary Byrd & Stevie Wonder’s Rap Song-The Crown?


I wanted to kick off Black History Month with this song.. It’s a hard to find record that features well known radio talk show host Gary Byrd and  soul singer Stevie Wonder. It was one of the first message songs coming out in 1982. It was dope because Stevie Wonder bridged the gap between Hip Hop and R&B by producing the song. Byrd bridged the gap because he was able to tap into the young emerging Hip Hop generation by doing what he and Black radio jocks a generation before us had done which was spit rhymes.. He formed the GB Experience and wrote this dope joint.. Enjoy Black History month

People of the world wherever you be
welcome to Cosmic YOUniversity.
Where life is the journey and love is the trip

And the study of them will make you hip.
I’m professor of the rap and when I speak
I guarantee that my lines will not be weak.
They say a mind is a terrible thing to waste

That’s why I’m here and on the case.

Rapping up every mind with a special degree in socio-psycholo G.B.E.
The Gary Byrd Experience is my course

When you take my class you will feel the force.
‘Cause I know the roots that the rap is from

When I speak to you I am not dumb.
Hear my rap and begin to dance
and I promise you this you will advance.
You may have seen the Raiders of the Lost Ark

But you still lefl the theatre in the darkl
So clap your hands to the beat as the Wondersound

And the G.B.E. shine on the Crown.

You wear the Crown
I wear the Crown

So proud to say that we all wear the Crown
the Crown.

I do recall so very well
when I was just a little boy

I used to hurry home from school
I used to always feel so blue

Because there was no mention in the books
we read about my heritage.
So therefore any information that I got was education.
hobos at depot stations
I would listen with much patience

Or to relatives who told the tales that they were told to pass ahead.
And then one day from someone old
I heard a story never told

Of all the kingdoms of my people
and then how we fought for freedom

All about the many things we have unto the world contributed.
You wear the crown. – We wear the crown – we wear the Crown.

It’s not Star Wars
it’s not Superman
it’s not the story of the Ku-Klux-Klan.
The crown will appear in the G.B.E.
but it’s never seen on your T.V.
It’s in black and white in your gold mind
a picture so old it defies time.
Alex Haley drew it in his book
it’s what Kunta kept in his other foot.
Ghana Songhay and old Mali
they are the roots of your own family tree.
Kingdom so vast and knowledge wise

They removed cataracts from human eyes.
And yet today some refuse to see
and live in fear of their discovery.
Now in fourteen hundred and ninety-two Columbus sailed to ocean – true.
But years before in Alkebu a ship set sail with a chocolate crew.
2000 years before Columbo came
the Olmecs paid tribute to their fame.
Stone heads with faces eight feet high
that the Hulk could not lifl to his thig
Though the facts historians avoid
first to arrive was the Africoid.
It may shock the House and Shockley

And if you’re not prepared it may shock you

While some had doubts that the world was round.
In America guess who wore the Crown.
I wear the Crown
you wear the Crown

So proud to say that we all wear the Crown
get down.
You wear the Crown
I wear the Crown

So proud to say that we all wear the Crown
the Crown.

Lyric transcription courtesy:

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Hip Hop Loses Another Pioneer-West Coast Dance Legend Greg Pope aka Greg Campbellock Jr


On January 27, 2010 our dear brother, legend, pioneer and mentor transitioned into the hereafter. Greg Pope aka “Greg Campbellock Jr.” left an amazing legacy and historical impact in the world of dance and culture. His loving spirit and passion for dance and the power of movement will live in all who ever had the honor of learning from his talent. He will be missed dearly. Verily, through God’s grace, his spirit will live through us. Our sincerest condolences go out to his family and friends. Rest In Peace.”

Funeral Donations can be made via using the the email address: or by sending a check or money order to to Greg’s sister at:

Teresia Hudson
3382 N Orangewood Ave.
Rialto CA 92377-3600

Please also visit:

Thanks in advance for your generosity!

Jorge ‘Popmaster Fable

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