Breakdown FM w/ Davey D on ADP #6: This Thing Called House

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Breakdown FM w/ Davey D on All Day Play Radio #6

This Thing Called House

It’s been a while since I had a chance to dig into the crates and spin one of my favorite genres of music House, NY Club and Latin Fresstyle.. Yes, I go back to the days when what has now has all been labeled House was actual broken up into several genres.. NYC Club, Chicago House and of course Latin Freestyle. It wasn’t a terratorial thing where folks were beefing ala East vs West in Hip Hop, but simply a reflection of the iconic deejays and communities that helped brings these respective genres into the forefront. Weather it was Chicago deejays like Frankie Knuckles, Ron Hardy,¬†Bad Boy Bill and all those legendary cats that got down on WGCI as the Hot Mix 5 or Larry Levan ala Paradise Garage, Timmy Regisford who rocked late nights on WBLS, Dave Morales from 1018, Todd Terry, Latin Rascals, Shep Petibone and scores of others out of NY…House, club and all its spinoffs as was Hip Hop which were emerging around the same time in the mid-late 70s were rooted in a desire to move away from repetitive, formulaic disco and do something that took it back to basics.

The House and Club music I came to know and love was always more soulful, had gospel-like vocals, driving baselines and as it evolved was steeped in deejay culture and production. Listen to some of the Todd Terry joints and you can see House/ Club and Hip Hop are all cousins.

Back in the days when I was doing mix shows on KMEL.. I manned the 2 am-3 am slot..I caught the crowds as they were leaving out of nightclubs. Hip Hop heads were headed home while House heads were headed to after parties.. My speciality was combining the two genres in my mixes.. That’s not such an usual thing today and in many parts of the country but back in the early 90s, it was usual for a Bay Area crowd..House and Club for a New Yorker went hand in hand. House and Hip Hop in the Bay were foreign until people like DJ Dedan and Themba and everyone else folks that used to rock the Birdcage in Oakland came along props to them ’cause they broke major ground. Prior to that iconic deejays like Dave Moss, Neon Leon, Doc Martin, Mind Motion and his older brother were flipping the two genres back in the mid to late 80s..

Anyway enough of the history lessons.. Here’s the mix for today. Enjoy.. Lemme know what you think. There are some classics joints in there

-Davey D-

01-Soul II Soul ‘Keep on Moving’

02-Brooklyn Funk Essentials ‘We Got to Come Together’

03-Todd Terry ‘Made By The Man Called Todd’

04-Jestofunk ‘I’m Gonna love You’

05-Souls of Mischief ’93 to Infinity’

06-Mantronix ‘Do You Want My Love?’

07-George Clinton ‘Funked Up’

08-Cold Cut w/ Junior Reed ‘Jane Stop This Crazy Thing’

09-Trouble Funk ‘Trouble Funk Express’

10-In Too Deep ‘Last Nighta DJ PSaved My Life’

11-Nitro Delux ‘Lets Get Brutal’

12-Jomanda ‘If You Want It’

13-Masters C&J ‘Face It’

14-Bonesbreaks ‘Acid beats’

15-Carol Townsend ‘991/2’

16-Inner City ‘That’s The Way Love Is’

17-KC Flight ‘Summertime’

18-Al Naafysh ‘Chateau Vie’

19-Will To Power ‘Dading Away’

20-Midnight Fantasy w/ Nadia ‘is it me or Is It her’

21-Todd Terry ‘Bilah Bilah’

22-Deep Forest ‘Lullaby’

23-Ralph Rosario w/ Xavier Gold ‘You used to Hold Me’

24-Strafe ‘Set it Off’

25-Jive Rhythm Trax -‘Jive Beat 122’

26-Man Parrish ‘Hip Hop Be Bop’

27-Inner City “big Funn’

28-Labtekwon ‘Break It Down’

29-Meltdown ‘Feel Sweet’

30-Paul Johnson ‘Precious Johnson’

31-House 2 House ‘House Theory’

32-2 Puerto Ricans, A Blackman¬†& a Dominican ‘Do It Properly’

33-Bonesbreaks ‘Barcadi Beats 151’

34-J-Boogie w/ Lunar Heights ‘Inferno’

35-Jennifer Johns ‘Heavy….. Jungalistic’

36-Todd Terry ‘Scat Cat’